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Whether you are considering the purchase of a home security system that uses the Alarm Com App or looking to add an camera to an existing system, you have come to the right place.

The Home Security Advisor was designed to aid your research efforts and help you find the answers you need to make informed decisions about home security and how you can best protect your property and loved ones.

Along with in-depth research and bottom-line reviews, you can find a place for legitimate App reviews, micro side-by-side comparisons with leading competitors, and frequently asked questions. You will also find suggestions for:

  • Best Cameras
  • How to use the App to lower your utility costs
  • Various other advantages of buying a security system powered by the Alarm Com App

To help you quickly locate the information you seek, take a look at the helpful table of contents, with “quick jump” hyperlinks to assist you to navigate straight to the info you are interested in.

The Alarm.Com Mobile App provides a comprehensive security and home automation interactive service platform through web and mobile-based applications.  In our  2021 Reviews, we delve into recent developments in cameras and what makes them the leading platform for home automation and security system remote management in homes and businesses.

Their cloud-based service provides a complete security and home automation ecosystem.  You can monitor almost every aspect of a modern security and home automation system. Additionally, you can remotely control your system on any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection.  There is an App for Windows, iPhones, and Android devices. App Reviews – 2024 Cameras and Mobile App Update

9.3 / 10 HSA Review
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Easy to Set Up, Intuitive, Comprehensive Feature List
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Comprehensive Security and Home Automation App that sets the bar for Interactive Security and Home Automation.
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Video Overview

YouTube video



An Interactive Industry Innovator for 15 Years


Founded in 2000, is one of the oldest providers of interactive security solutions and is responsible for introducing remote notifications and alerts through GSM cellular communications.

They released their first mobile application in 2007.  It enabled a full spectrum of remote services which included video surveillance with security cameras, home automation, and energy management solutions.

Based on customer reviews, they responded with further enhancements in 2011 by incorporating Smart Scheduling, Geo-location automation, and their wellness applications.

However, they did not rest on their laurels, in 2015 they launched their own thermostat and integrated software for the new Apple Watch!  More recently, they have expanded their lineup of cameras and are constantly updating the software with the latest AI and technological innovations. Cameras – 3 Top Sellers Camera

ADC- V723 V723 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Wide Angle Camera HDR Video Camera


Alarm.Com ADC-VDB770 Video Doorbell by Incorporated Camera

ADC- V622 WELL Indoor Cam App Review – What’sNew, Features, and Pricing



New for Cameras – Touch-Free Doorbell Video Camera

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, has broken new ground with the introduction of the Touchless Video Doorbell camera.

Instead of just using motion sensors, this “touch-free” camera uses advanced “people detection”  technology to alert homeowners when someone is at the door.  This eliminates the need for someone to ring the doorbell and provides a touch-free delivery Touchless Video Doorbellexperience and promotes social distancing.

When someone approaches the front door, the chime feature and video recording are activated, and a notification is triggered.  The homeowner can then monitor activity through the HD camera and communicate through the doorbell camera’s 2-way audio system.  The system can also trigger additional user-defined functions within the ecosystem, such as activating a light, through the App. Touchless Video Doorbell Camera Features 

A new addition to the portfolio of cameras.

• 150° vertical field of view that gives homeowners a full head-to-toe image of visitors and a clear look at packages left on the doorstep
• Optimized portrait viewing on mobile so there’s no need to rotate the mobile device
• Full HD resolution, HDR, and infrared night vision
• Onboard heater for low-temperature operation
• Live video and saved clip viewing using the mobile app or website

They even offer a custom welcome mat to enhance awareness at the front door. Cameras- Touchless Doorbell Video Camera Door Mat App Takes Security to the Streets…NEW- Connected Car!


Alarm.Com - Connected CarAlso new for the 2021 lineup is their Connected Car module.

Partnering with CalAmp Telemetrics, now offers a vehicle tracking module that plugs into the OBDII port of most vehicles and communicates via LTE Cellular signal.  It integrates seamlessly with the App to provide critical vehicle information such as:

  • Diagnostics and potential repairs (check engine light on, low battery, or low fuel)
  • Driving Behavior (sudden acceleration, hard braking, excessive speeding)
  • Unexpected Movement (vehicle moves while the engine is off, indicating it may have been towed, crashed into, or stolen)

The unit also provides Geo-Location data which can be set up on the App to trigger scenes such as arming the system automatically when you drive away or turning on lights when you arrive home.



The Connected Car by


YouTube video




Commonly Used Alarm.Com App Features


Security Features

  • Text and E-mail Alerts and Notifications- Homes equipped with an service plan that has interactive capability can be programmed to send an e-mail or text to let you know when a specific activity occurs.   For instance, you can program your system to let you know when the kids get home from school (or can even be set up to let you know the system has not been disarmed by a specific time) or alert you that a package has been delivered. cameras can record the event and even include a video clip in the notification.

Additionally, you can place notification sensors on medicine, liquor, or gun cabinets to enable you to keep tabs on sensitive areas. This can also serve as an important wellness functionality by monitoring movement and activity (or lack of) throughout the house.


  • Arm/Disarm Remotely- Need to allow access to your home but, don’t want to give out your code? Your system can be disarmed…and then re-armed remotely from your smartphone.


  • Check Alarm Event History- Want to know when the system was disarmed?  You can check the event history right from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.


YouTube video



An App that’s Smart and Easy to Use


The App is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

You can easily activate your account once it is set up with your security provider.  The App is very intuitive and the user experience is rated favorably – 4.4 on Google Play and a 3.5 on App

Navigation is icon and tab-based…and there is almost no learning curve to be able to move from task to task. This enables you to observe cameras, open doors, turn up the heat, and turn on lights right from the palm of your hand! It creates a fully integrated system that enables both security and home automation functions to integrate seamlessly.



For instance, one can create a rule that shuts off the heating system and activating lights if a smoke detector or carbon monoxide were activated.  This would prevent the home heating system or air conditioning system from spreading deadly noxious fumes and light the way to safety.

Of course, you can use rules for more basic functions such as turning on a light when you unlock the integrated door.



In addition, you can create a whole series of events.  For instance, one can create a scene that would turn on lights, turn up the heat and start the coffee when the system is disarmed from the bedside in the morning!


Moreover, you can set up scenes to work based on a set time with the Smart Schedule function.  In this instance, the same events are tied into the scheduled times programmed into the system.



Don’t like too much structure or perhaps a bit forgetful at times?  Program your system to let you know if you forgot to turn off lights, shut the garage door or arm your system once you move beyond a pre-configured distance from the home. Once you move beyond the geofence parameters, the system will send a text or e-mail notification to remind you. practically pioneered the interactive security industry and has done an exceptional job of integrating security and home automation features into an App that gives you control of almost any function at your fingertips!



emPower® Home Automation Features

Not only does provide a full spectrum of interactive security features, but their emPower®  program provides one of the industry’s most powerful home automation platforms.

  • Door Lock Control- Not only can you control access by being able to lock and unlock the door remotely, but you can assign new lock codes to enable guests, babysitters, dog walkers, or contractors access in your absence.


  • Control Lights & Lamps- Never come home to a dark home again.  Now you can turn on lights and even small appliances remotely. Additionally, you can pre-program lighting schedules based on your normal activities.  Going to be away from the home for a while?  You can take advantage of the intelligent lighting functions available in Smart Schedules which will automatically vary your schedules so that there are no predictable lighting patterns to tip-off would-be intruders.


  • Energy Management- Turn up the heat from the car on the way home from the ski slopes and it’ll be toasty warm when you get home! Not only can you program your system the App, but you can fine-tune your home energy management system and optimize savings with their exclusive Predictive Performance Energy feature. In addition, you can take advantage of their proprietary algorithms to calculate the estimated savings you would realize by making temperature and scheduling adjustments! App -Energy Mangement


emPower® Video Surveillance

  • Video Monitoring- You can use security cameras to look in on the kids, pets, and loved ones ….from the basement, while you’re on the road, at work, or even thousands of miles away on vacation. You can enable “triggers” to receive e-mails or video clips when a door is opened, an area is accessed or a package is delivered.  Just set up sensors with rules that govern video activity and initiate specific system responses.  Moreover, you can store clips and video archive the clips for review later.


  • Continuous Video Recording – While the standard video monitoring solution will meet the needs of the vast majority, some users may require an even more comprehensive video solution.  If you are looking for 24/7 high-definition video recording and remote access, check out’s SVR (Streaming Video Recording) solution.



Special Features offers some unique features that are unavailable in some of the top competitors such as the SimpliSafe App and the ADT Pulse Android App.  It is difficult to find an review that doesn’t praise their innovative Geo-Services and Crash and Smash features. App - Geo Fencing

  • Geo-Services– This is the next generation of home automation. It enables your system to perform certain functions based on your location. It does this by interfacing with the GPS service on your mobile phone.  Essentially, it creates an interactive, cloud-based home security ecosystem and enables the user to create a number of “Rules” based on the phone’s location.

    For instance, you can program the system to arm automatically, turn off lights and turn the thermostat down when you (and your phone) leave a pre-defined distance from your home. Additionally, you can  “turn off” cameras when you enter the home-affording you additional privacy.

    This feature truly puts the “automation”…in home automation!

  • Power Outage Notification – A system equipped with will send a text or e-mail notificationPower Outage Notifications by if the system loses power.  This can be critical in a situation where there is medical equipment operating, water pumps or temperature control is important.  An alert will enable you to take measures to power critical equipment-such as getting someone to start the generator.


  • Crash and Smash–  Security systems have evolved into sophisticated whole-house automation technological masterpieces. However, the means by which the common criminal defeats the average wireless home security system is decidedly unsophisticated.  Almost all security systems provide a minimum 30-second delay to enable you to disarm the system when you get home.  An intruder knows that they have 30 seconds to identify the location of the panel….and destroy it before the alarm is activated and a signal is sent.

Hence the term…Crash and Smash.

Their patented Crash and Smash technology identifies when there is a breach in the system, and no corresponding “disarm” code is received. This technology ensures that the authorities will be notified, even if your system is destroyed.




How does the App rank against the competition?


To assess how they fare against the competition, we compiled the Google Play ratings by Android users and the iTunes ratings from Apple users of 5 major home security interactive Apps.

  • Total Connect
  • SMART Connect
  • eSecure
  • ADT Pulse

The results were as follows:

RankCompanyGoogle PlayiTunes
#2Total Connect3.82.9
#3Pro1 eSecure3.52.1
#4ADT Pulse3.21.7
#5SMART Connect3.11.5

We think the numbers pretty much speak for themselves.

Clearly, is the interactive mobile app of choice! Providers

Service plans are available through their network of Authorized Dealers.  Some of these dealers Cameras - Mobile App Screenshot


Some companies have even begun to scuttle their own proprietary mobile apps to take advantage of the more stable platform and ongoing research and development of the App.  Protection One has recently transitioned from its e-secure platform for this very reason.

In some cases, the platform is offered as a white-label service. The platform is re-branded to reflect company branding.

It is important to note that each of these companies offers its own monitoring services. is a platform for managing the system through an application. They do not offer monitoring services. reviews often confuse the App with the actual professional monitoring services offered by each of these companies. Pricing


For the most part, prices are bundled with the interactive monitoring services of the authorized dealers which utilize their services.  There are, however, a few dealers who offer the service independently.  In some cases, they may show priced separately.

One company shows the service as $7.95/mo. billed annually, ($95) but, is only available with the purchase of the monitoring service @$25/mo.  The price is offered for between $13.95 and $17.95 per month (billed annually) for customers interested in self-monitoring.

It is important to note that does not sell its service direct to the consumer.  They sell through an authorized dealer network.  It is a security and home automation platform controlled through the App.  This distinction is sometimes lost in reviews where concerns with security system hardware, installation, and networking issues should be more accurately directed at the dealer that sold and installed the system.

Again, there are a number of prominent home security system dealers(listed above) who include the pricing in their monthly interactive monitoring service at no additional charge.

 Compatible Devices


The App supports an incredibly vast array of security and home automation products.


Security Control Panels

Most of the major brands of the latest control panels used by many of the best home security companies are compatible. Supported hardware includes:Frontpoint Security Cost - Qolsys IQ Panel-Home

  • 2 Gig Technologies – Go!Control, Go Control 3
  • DSC – Impassa, Power Series Neo
  • Interlogix – Simon XT, Simon XTi, Concord4, Network
  • Qolsys IQ

The system will support any security sensors that are compatible with these companies.


Lighting and Energy Management

You can integrate the following lighting, appliance control, and thermostats.

Lighting and Appliance ControlZ-Wave Appliance Module

  • Evolve –  Appliance modules, wall switches, outlets, dimmers.
  • GE – Appliance modules, wall switches, outlets, dimmers.
  • Linear
  • GoControl Smart LED light
  • Qolsys IQ Light Bulb




  • Smart Thermostat
  • Radio
  • Stelpro Line Voltage
  • Trane
  • Z-Wave Programmable Thermostats (by GE, 2Gig, etc.)


Home Access

Z-Wave programmable locks and garage door devices by:
Z-Wave Door Lock

  • Kwikset
  • Liftmaster
  • Linear
  • Schlage
  • Yale
 Cameras and Video Monitoring

You can use the App to control most video cameras.

In addition, they have their own lineup of security cameras which are optimized for use and integration within the Application. These include:Skybell Doorbell Camera by Skybell

  • Indoor Wireless IP Camera – with night vision
  • Indoor Pan and Tilt
  • Outdoor Wireless IP with Night Vision
  • Skybell Door Bell Camera – with color night vision and 2-way voice
  • 4 Channel Video Server
  • 8-Channel Stream Video Server



If you already have a system equipped with the App, share your favorite features and experiences in the review section.



Summary –  Alarm.Com App Leads the Field


In summation, has created an App that is the yardstick by which all other competitors are measured.  The app is intuitive- with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and set up with little to no experience. Moreover, it is a stable platform that is compatible with many of the most popular security and home automation companies and brands of equipment.

Ongoing research and development ensure that the product continues to expand the feature set and develop relationships with other companies.  This home automation platform is available as an advanced monitoring feature with companies such as Frontpoint and Link Interactive.

If you are ready to give it a try you can take advantage of a Free 30-day trial with two of our Top Alarm Companies –  Frontpoint and Link Interactive. What have you got to lose?


Get Started on 30 Day Trial with Frontpoint



Get Started with Link Interactive 


Why you should trust this App review.

Is the Alarm Com App the best app to control your home security system? 

Why You Can Rely on The Home Security Advisor Reviews


When it comes to personal safety and security, industry experience counts.

Mike HSAWhile many sites employ journalists and writers, Mike, The Home Security Advisor, spent 20+ years in the trenches of the home security industry. Working for 2 of the top home security companies in the nation, he has spent thousands of hours in the homes and living rooms of people just like you- listening to their concerns and helping them find the best security solutions to address their needs.

The Home Security Advisor was developed as a resource to share these insights and help our readers simplify the sometimes difficult task of finding the best products and solutions for anyone looking to enhance their lives and better protect their homes and families.


What makes this review of the App by The Home Security Advisor Different?


If you are considering a system that uses the Alarm Com App, you will not find a more comprehensive review.

Here are just some of the reasons The Home Security Advisor should be your “go-to”  resource when you are looking into personal and home security products, apps and services.


Why you can rely on our Alarm Com App Review Infographic


Hands-On Reviews of Cameras


Many of the products we review are items that we have been sent for evaluation or even chosen to purchase for our own use. In the case of the App, we actually selected a home security system that uses the Alarm Com App to control the security system functions and home automation management in our own home. In addition, we have included Camera reviews for your consideration.

We review hundreds of personal and home security products and companies and analyze thousands of customer reviews so that we can lay out both the good and the bad when we evaluate the best home security companies…or any other products or services.

When a hands-on review isn’t practical, we research items thoroughly online and may scrutinize hundreds of customer reviews to better assess the actual owner experience.

In many cases, we provide additional sections of important things to consider to help you determine what makes the most sense for your situation.


Quick Link TOC with an upcoming section on issues and Compatible Devices


We try to be as thorough as possible in reviewing products and companies.

However, we recognize that your time is valuable and you may not always have time to get into all the “nitty-gritty” of all the factors we analyze regarding the App….so we make it easy to jump ahead in our Table of Contents and get right to the sections that you are most interested in.


Common Q+As regarding the app and Cameras


You have questions…we have answers.  When reviewing security systems and companies, we do our best to anticipate and answer the most common questions that potential Alarm Com App users might have.


Video Summaries for Cameras


Some people are more visual…so we frequently provide video summaries. For example, in this review of the App, you’ll find video summaries and infographics illustrating functions and features.


Forum for Customer Reviews


We make it easy to see how actual customers feel about their experiences with the Alarm Com App.  You can share your experiences as well, in our App Reviews section.


What can the App do?

7 things you can do with the App


The app provides a universal security and home automation platform which opens up a world of opportunities to manage and remotely control your professionally monitored home security system through your control panel, desktop, or mobile device. Security APP

  • There are myriad of possibilities including the ability to:


    • Arm/Disarm System – The Security App enables one to turn your alarm on or off from any mobile device.
    • Lock/Unlock Doors – It’s no longer necessary to put a spare key under the mat to let someone in.  The App enables you to unlock compatible door locks.
    • Security Cameras – compatible cameras allow you to record video or watch in real-time- right through the app. An Security Camera lets you oversee your pets and observe the children as they arrive home from school.
    • Real-Time Alerts – The App allows you to set real-time alerts that will notify you via text or e-mail when the kids get home, there is an intrusion, fire or any event you wish to program into the system.
    • Thermostat Control – Home Security App can even serve as a home energy management hub.  It allows you to control the thermostat and…
    • Turn Lights On/OFF – Your App can ensure that you never have to walk into a dark house.
    • Control Appliances – With a security system powered by, you can even start the coffee maker or an air conditioner while you are driving home.  That way, you can be sure to come home to a warm cup of coffee and/or a cool house!


New for 2018 App controls new Smarter Thermostat


Not one to rest on their laurels…they unveiled a new Smart Home Thermostat at the CES show in January.  Slated to hit the home security market in the spring, the new thermostat measures humidity levels and can even detect issues with the HVAC system before they become problematic.

This can prevent minor maintenance issues from escalating into far more expensive predicaments such as frozen pipes or complete system failures..

Also slated for 2018 is a full home media entertainment interface with audio industry giant- Sonos! Smart Thermostat

New for 2017 Mobile App Fingerprint Access


Never one to rest on their laurels, they responded to comments from online Reviews and made it even easier for Android users to log in to the App by including fingerprint authentication capability for supported Android devices.  Now, you can access their powerful interactive capabilities with a swipe of your fingertip!

Of course, they still have the 4 digit access code, as well. Reviews - Fingetprint Scan


They are also working on software enhancements that will enable interfacing with drones that can deploy a camera-equipped drone to the location of an activity to provide video footage at the location of an intrusion or event.



2017 Summer Update


New Skybell Doorbell Cam continues to expand their 3rd party product integration in 2017 with exciting new home automation technologiesSkybell Doorbell Camera and innovations. The Slim Line Doorbell Camera by Skybell provides a more practical form factor (for doors with narrow frames) and a more modern aesthetic while delivering comparable features and benefits to its predecessor the Skybell HD Doorbell Camera.

This unobtrusive doorbell cam is fully integrated into the ecosystem and it will enable one to see who is at the door, get motion-activated text or e-mail alerts and even hold a two-way conversation from anywhere in the world through the App.



Home Irrigation from Rachio and Rain Bird - Irrigation As we enter the “dog days of summer”, is extending its water management control capabilities to include a couple of the most popular yard irrigation systems.  Now you can manage your lawn maintenance in Ohio while sitting on a beach in Maine…through your App.

They will now integrate with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Control and the Bird Irrigation Controller to help you keep your lawn lush and green no matter where you are.



Stayin’Alive with the Scenes with Smart Audio from Legrand


Whether you are a fan of the Bee Gees or Blue Oyster Cult, you can program your App with a “Scene” that will turn on the lights, disarm your system, adjust the thermostat and activate your favorite streaming playlist or radio station automatically when you integrate Legrand’s On-Q smart audio system. reviews continue to praise the App for the stability, ease of use, and innovation that continues to set apart from the rest of the home automation management systems in the market. Audio Scene


What are the App compatible devices and apps?

An Interactive  App for Every Device is a FREE download (although you must subscribe to the service through your alarm dealer) and is compatible with the following devices:

  • I-Phones, I-Pads, IOS System Computers, and the Apple App for Windoes, I-Phone and Android Devices
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Windows Based Phones, Computers, and Tablets
  • Blackberry

And the application integrates seamlessly with the following Home Security Control Panels:

  • GE Interlogix
  • 2Gig
  • Qolsys
  • DSC


…and is able to interface with Z-Wave controlled LiftMaster garage door openers and Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage locksets.

res below 350 degrees for a specific period of time when exposed to extreme temperatures. This provides limited protection against documents charring or even igniting.

Water-resistant safes can provide some protection against partial submersion for a period of time.

If it is within the budget, both of these can be important considerations.

Arming Modes Mobile App Equipped Security Systems Arming Modes


Security systems running the app can be armed in a variety of different modes. This gives the user total flexibility in determining what level of security will best suit their situation at any given time. Home Security Systems Arming Options Security System Arming Options - Infographic


OFF — When your security system is turned off, many sensors and features are still active.   An alarm system will still alert you if contacted windows or doors are open by sounding a local chime. The App can also notify you when properly configured sensors are tripped.   In addition, environmental and life security systems are still active. If a smoke detector is triggered,  the alarm will sound and your system will still alert the central monitoring station.

Stay– The stay mode will arm just the doors and windows of the security system.

Away–  On most home security systems, the away setting will trigger any interior motion sensors as well as the windows and doors.

Instant — You are able to eliminate the entry delay in your alarm system by arming it in instant mode.

Duress –  If someone were to force you to disarm the system, a special duress code will trigger an immediate emergency response.

 Panic –  Most home security systems using the App are equipped with emergency panic buttons on the main panel.  This alerts the monitoring station of an occupied panic signal.


Voice contol and updates Skill for Echo

The App now enables voice control of certain functions of the smart home through Amazon Echo.  Now you can ask Alexa to turn off the lights, activate the alarm system, turn down the heat and lock the doors with voice commands on the Amazon Dot, Tap or Echo.

Alexa can even control multiple functions simultaneously.  Just log in to the App and automate a series of events that will tie into a single command.

Additionally, it now integrates with Apple TV and enables one to request Siri to display video feeds on the screen through the Apple TV App.

Truly, is positioning itself at the forefront of the SHaaS (Smart Home as a Service) industry and has become the leader in home automation and security integration.  For details on how they can help you take home automation to the next level – check out Frontpoint or Link Interactive.


iOS and Android Updates recently updated the App to make it even easier to control your home security system on your mobile Widgets  In the new iOS 10 updates, the iPhone Today Screen will include a shortcut to the shortcut-with up to 12 commands for your most common function and scenes.

The capability to add widgets is also available for Android users. You can control entire scenes (a series of system actions controlled by a single command i.e. arm system, turn off lights, lock the door, turn down the heat)  right from the home screen without the need to open the app!

These enhancements make it even faster and easier to use the award-winning interactive home automation platform.

Can be used in my garage?

Improving Garage Security with the App


In most people’s garages, there is at least one automobile as well as expensive tools, lawn and garden equipment, snow blowers, sporting goods, etc. The actual value of these items is considerable…but, people often neglect to extend their home security system to cover the garage.

In addition, the garage may also be where gasoline, oil, propane, and other flammables are stored. This greatly increases the chance of fire…that could quickly spread to the home.

Consequently, we would recommend that, at the very least, you install a heat detector as part of your protection package. If a fire breaks out in the garage, this will ensure that it is detected at the earliest possible time.



Top 6 Ways to Enhance Garage Security with the Alarm.Com App


The App can help you monitor and manage a variety of devices that can enhance garage security.


6 Ways to Enhance Garage Security With the App


Outdoor Cameras – Keep an eye on who approaches your garage doors and monitor activity. While they once required extensive wiring and were quite expensive, wireless outdoor security cameras now offer 1080P HD resolution with motion detection and night vision.

Overhead Door Monitors – Always know whether the largest entry is open or closed-whether you are home, in your car, or in the office. Your system can monitor tilt sensors which use an inclinometer to detect the angle of the garage door. They send a signal to the control panel whether the overhead garage door is in an open or closed position.

Garage Door Openers – Enable automation and remote management of the overhead doors. With a wireless connection to your security system control panel, the doors can be controlled and even automated from the panel or right through the Smart Home App.

Indoor Security Cameras – The app also lets you monitor activity inside the garage as well. These days shipments and grocery deliveries are often dropped off inside the garage. With an Smart Home camera, we can keep an eye on things remotely.

Exterior Door Contacts – Keep all vulnerable garage doors protected. Exterior and/or home entranceways should be protected.

Heat Detectors – Not affected by smoke and fumes…a heat detector senses rapid rises of temperature due to fire. This is especially important in homes with an attached garage.


Setting up Cameras Cameras –  Settings and Navigation


When it comes to security cameras, the hardware is only part of the equation.  The software App that you use to set up and monitor the camera is just as, if not more, important.  There are lots of 1080P HD outdoor wireless cameras out there…but, this one sets itself apart by the quality of the App.  It allows you to utilize comprehensive video analytics to fine-tune sensitivity, coverage area, and notifications so that you can customize the video notifications to your needs.

The App is intuitive and user-friendly…so that with a bit of trial and error, even a novice can control and manage the cameras. The App provides tutorials and walks you step by step through the process.

Why is this important?

Well, cameras are set up by default to record short video clips whenever it detects motion within its field of vision. It stores up to 3000 of those clips in a standard account for 30 days.  The camera may generate a clip every time a car drives by, a bird flies by or the neighbor’s dog runs through the yard. Check out the frequency of the clips before setting parameters.


ADC Cam Capture- No Parameters



As you can see in the “Highlight” bar running along the bottom, the camera was set off each time a car drove by…6 times in a 45-minute span. (Note how the software uses AI to identify each of the major subjects in the image)

The  App allows you to set up parameters so that you can control the sensitivity of the motion sensor….



The following is an example of how easy it was to set up cameras on our Link Interactive test system.


ADC Video Analytics - Motion Sensor Control


…as well as the area in which that motion will generate a video clip. In this case, we screened out the street using the “Ground Zone” feature, so that passing vehicles and neighbors walking their dogs would not generate a video clip. Camera Video Analytics - Ground Zone


Additionally, we took advantage of the system’s artificial intelligence ability to recognize the difference between objects and set up e-mail notifications when the system recognizes a human in the selected field of vision. This is a great way to know when the mail has arrived!


ADC Video Analytics- Notification



As a result of the changes made, the ADC-V722W camera no longer generates a video clip whenever a car goes down the street, and I now get notifications only when a human being enters the selected field of vision. And the real beauty of it was that it was a simple and intuitive process!

ADC V722W Features

  • App –Top-rated security and home automation management platform.
  • 1080P HD Video – Record and view in crystal clear 1080P HD. 88° Field of Vision.
  • Night Vision – Powerful IR illumination allows nighttime viewing to about 40’.
  • IP66 Weatherproof –Weather Resistant. Operating temps between -4℉ to 140℉ .
  • Motion Detection – Advanced Motion Detection with App adjustable sensitivity.


Top 5 Features of Alarm.Com Cameras

Top 5 Features of the ADC-V722W Outdoor Wireless Security Camera



Will it work on a landline?

Does the App work with Landline Service?


Unfortunately, the App does not work with just landline monitoring.

For full functionality, cellular and cable service is optimal for security systems using the App.

While some reviews might complain about the additional expense of a cellular connection, most homeowners find the features that come with the app far outweigh the additional costs.

Let us know how you feel in our section for Reviews, below!

Avoiding False Alarms?

How to avoid false alarms with systems using the App or Cameras


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Know How to Arm/Disarm System

Make sure all users know how to use the Apps, Key Fobs and have memorized the 4-digit code.


Remember the Password

If the system goes off, your alarm monitoring station will call to verify and request your secret password.  Ensure that all authorized users know it.


Make sure that Sensors are Securely Mounted

Be sure that your Home Security motion detectors and sensors are properly mounted and clear of obstructions.


Properly Secure Doors and Windows

Make sure that all doors and windows are closed tightly before arming the system with the App.


Maintain the Security System

Test the security system as recommended and be sure to keep fresh batteries on hand. For more details on powered Home Security Systems, App Reviews, and  Cameras, visit The Home Security Advisor




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