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Brinks Home Security


Do you have an outdated Brinks Home Security system and want to know more about what your options are to repair, replace or update it?

Well, you are not alone.  Tens of thousands of Brinks alarm customers were left behind in the confusion when the Brinks security company went through a series of changes.  Many had questions on whether or not their security services, alarm monitoring and equipment could or should be incorporated into a more modern system?

What kind of a job would it be to update?

For details on what options are available to you, today… on.


What happened to Brinks Home Security?


Owners of Brinks Home Security Systems have seen a number of changes in the names, addresses, and logos imprinted on the top of their billing statements over the past few years. In a span of fewer than 2 years, the name went from Brinks Home Security to Broadview to ADT.

  • 1983 – Brinks Home Security was launched- as a new division of Brinks
  • 2009 – Brinks Security was spun off and Re-Branded as Broadview Security
  • 2010 – Broadview, after acquiring Brinks Home Security Systems, was purchased by Tyco International, the parent company of ADT
  • 2018 –  Moni acquires long term rights for use of Brinks and Brinks Home Security trade names




Brinks Home Security has returned! For the latest on Brinks Home Security Systems, check out our 2020 Brinks Home Security Reviews, HERE.



BRINKS Home Security licenses brand name rights to Moni


February 2018 Update– After rebranding as Moni less than 2 years ago, Monitronics has just announced that they have negotiated a long-term licensing agreement with former security powerhouse, Brinks Home Security.

Monitronics is set to undertaking re-branding the Moni Smart Home and Livewatch lines under the Brinks Home Security brand in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Moni is hoping the acquisition of the rights to market their Moni and Livewatch product lines under one of the oldest, trusted and highly recognized Brinks brand will accelerate their growth.

The following excerpt from SSI details the rationale behind the decision.

Brink’s President and CEO Doug Pertz says,  “For over 150 years, the Brink’s name has been synonymous with trust, safety and security.  This agreement represents an exciting milestone that provides a foundation for us to further leverage an already powerful brand.  With approximately one million subscribers, MONI is one of the largest and most reputable home security companies in the U.S.  We look forward to helping them accelerate their growth as the new Brink’s Home Security.  Our shareholders will benefit from the reintroduction of the Brink’s brand into this segment through increased brand equity and recurring royalty income.”

Looks like a win-win scenario. Moni gets enhanced name recognition and the Brinks Home Security brand lives on!



Brinks Home Security trade name re-emerges


ADT has maintained their position atop the SDM buy acquiring or merging with strong competitors such as Brinks and Protection One.

As powerful as the Brinks Security was…ADT just absorbed the customer base…not the brand name.

This may not be all that unusual in this era of mergers, strategic alliances and acquisitions.  APX Alarm became Vivint, Pinnacle Security was sold off to three different companies.

However, it might be a little confusing, or perhaps unsettling, to those loyal customers that invested in a quality home security system based on the storied history, reputation and name recognition of Brinks Home Security.

If you were a Brinks Security customer, please share YOUR experiences in the comment section at the bottom of the page. What did you do?  Still with ADT?  Did you update your system? Switch to another provider?



Brinks Home Security Systems Upgrade Options Video




Background of Brinks Home Security


From Horse ‘n Buggy to Home Security

Founded in 1859 when Perry Brink transported luggage of weary travelers in Chicago by horse drawn carriages, Brinks enjoys a storied history that rivals that of ADT.  The family owned business began making secure banking deliveries in the 1890s and evolved into the multi-national armored car delivery conglomerate that we know today.

Brinks Home Security

In 1983, the company launched a new subsidiary, Brink’s Security,  to capitalize on the growth potential of the emerging Brinks Home Security Systems- Yard Signhome security industry.  Over the next 25 years Brinks became a household name and grew to become one of the largest players in the home security industry.

Broadview Security

In 2009, Brinks spun off the subsidiary to become a publicly traded entity, and was re-branded as Broadview Security.  Former Brinks customers now saw modern new Broadview logos on the bills and received updated yard signs and window stickers. Other than that…little else had changed.


But, before the ink was even dry on the new Broadview Security materials, the loyal Brinks Security customers would be switching signs and stickers and drafting checks to a new monitoring provider…ADT.

In 2010, Tyco International, parent company of industry giant, ADT, purchased Broadview Security for an estimate 2 Billion dollars. At the time, this impacted roughly 1.3 million customers.

If My Brinks Alarm Ain’t Broke…Should I Fix It?

Well…that depends.  The vast majority of Brinks home security systems are hardwired.  And I have seen systems in service for over 20 years that are still functional.  However, most companies will not work on existing systems from another company or that are over 10 years old.

If you are a DIYer, you may be able to locate parts and keep your system up and running. Brinks Keypad

Smoke detectors should definitely be replaced after 10 years. Many customers are also incorporating carbon monoxide sensors.

While some folks may take great pride in keeping an old clock ticking….there comes a point where one may be throwing good money after bad.  And when it comes to something important as home security…do you really want to take chances?


Brinks Home Security Systems – Upgrade Options


Convert to Cellular Communication

While the allure of modern touchscreen keypads, home automation and video surveillance and remote management capabilities on your iPhone might appeal to some….there are some who just want to keep it simple and “kick it old school”.

Perhaps the existing hard-wired system still works fine. Nevertheless, the system that may have initially cost thousands to install can be defeated by today’s more savvy criminals with a $5 pair of wire cutters.

If you have a landline or broadband connection to your monitoring center….your system is vulnerable.

Brinks Home Security - Vulnerability -Line Cut

It depends on the phone or cable connection to communicate an alarm signal.  If these lines are compromised…the intruder has turned your once state of the art security system into an expensive noise maker.

ADT or your existing service provider may charge you a much higher cellular monitoring rate and hundreds of dollars to install a cellular upgrade.

However, our #1 Top Rated Provider, Protect America, has a much simpler solution.  And the best part is it’s FREE when you subscribe to their monitoring services.

Protect America Cellular ModuleThis Cellular module is a snap to install.  It will enable you to monitor your existing equipment, without the need to maintain a landline phone connection.  Additionally, a cellular connection is not susceptible to phone or cable outages.

It also cannot be defeated by one snip with a set of wire cutters.

Call 888.951.5140 details!


Hybrid System Take-Over

Looking to take advantage of the features, aesthetics and technological advances of a more modern security system?

Want to leverage the perfectly good hard-wired components of your existing Brinks home security system?

Now, you can get the best of both worlds…

Link Interactive Security has a nifty Take Super Switch.  It will enable you to tie in 8 Hardwired Zones of your existing system and convert to their state of the art 2Gig Go! Control Panel.

This DIY alarm option is available with 100% cellular rates for as low as $29.99!

With very minimal upfront costs, you can create a hybrid system that will transform your old school hard-wired system into a marvel of modern technology!

Do you have a newer wireless Brinks Home Security System?

Link interactive has you covered there as well.

You can upgrade to a state of the art 2 GIG Technologies or a Qolsys security panel and still use all your existing Brinks wireless sensors.  Link Interactive has a GE to 2Gig translator and a DSC to 2 GIG translator that will enable you to accommodate other sensors and transmitters.

This way you can utilize existing wireless sensors and enjoy the latest technology in your home.

Not sure you’re up to the task of a DIY upgrade?

Roughly 92% of Link Interactive customers found the systems easy to install.

Get more information on Link Interactive Security  or give them a call at 866.302.6138!



The Clean Slate Approach

Most Brinks Home Security Systems have seen better days.  Motions are archaic…keypads are sticking and back up batteries are beeping.  Don’t trust those wires in the walls, anymore?

Maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul.Protect America - Simon XT Control Panel

Perhaps the best bet is to remove the outdated equipment and start with a clean slate….but, the “basic system” of 2 doors and a motion doesn’t cut it.

Sure..there are plenty of great options as we lay out in our 2016 Top 5 review.

But, if you want a comprehensive system…and you don’t want to re-mortgage the house or eat Ramen noodles for a year to update Protect America has the solution.

They will provide up to $1400 worth of state of the art equipment and monitor your system 24/7 for one low rate…with $0 in equipment costs!

Brinks Home Security Review- Protect America Equipment Packages

Click Here for More Information and FREE QUOTE!

You get a Simon XT control panel which even talks to you along with 14 sensors to protect your home and family with no upfront equipment costs!  Want to be able to control the system remotely from your mobile phone and get the latest in home automation?  The folks at Protect America will help you mix and match components to create the system of your dreams with $0 upfront equipment costs…at the guaranteed lowest price!

Call 888.951.5140 for latest promos!



Top  Reasons Customers Update Brinks Home Security Systems




Reduce Maintenance Costs of Brinks Home Security Systems 


Owning an older home security system can ultimately prove to be very costly when it comes to maintaining the system.  Replacing a central control panel can mean hundreds of dollars for the equipment, plus the labor costs of an electrician of home security technician to come out to the home to install it.

Typical labor costs can be $85 an hour and up…

Many companies offer a “take-over” device which enables you to utilize much of the existing equipment and connecting it to a brand new control panel and keypads that are fully warrantied. This eliminates the risk of unexpected and costly repairs.

Some companies, such as Protect America,  offer Lifetime Equipment Warranties, as long as you remain a customer, so you will never have to worry about the prospect of expensive maintenance costs down the road.


Get More Info on Protect America

Read our Full Review

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Lower Monthly Brinks Home Security Rates


Even if you haven’t updated your  Brinks Security System,…you are likely paying more for less than you would be with Armorax Security.

You may not have heard of them yet, but  Armorax is making a name for itself by offering more and charging less!  They have eliminated expensive advertising and high sales commissions to their reps so that they can the savings on to you!

Not only do they have the latest 2GIG Technologies equipment, but, they offer the basic system for FREE with a standard 36 month agreement.  But they don’t stop there.

Monthly cellular monitoring is just $24.95!

That’s roughly half of what most competitors charge for comparable monitoring services.

And that is not an introductory rate….it is a locked in rate for the full length of the agreement! is 100% cellular and includes‘s Crash and Smash and  full home automation capabilities.

Add to that a 3 year equipment warranty and a 30 day return policy with no shipping, activation or restocking fees…and you have a winning combination!

Get More Info on Armorax Home Security Systems

Read our Full Review

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2018 Update- Armorax downgraded as an upgrade to Brinks Home Security Systems

A lot of our initial enthusiasm pertaining to Armorax has recently slipped off appreciably because the enterprise continues to demonstrate clues that it is having difficulties.

The BBB standing has recently been downgraded to a C+.

As part of our secret shopping initiatives, we have realized that even the sales team doesn’t pick up the telephone. Calls are routed to an answering service.

This makes one wonder what will happen if I have issues with my alarm system?


Armorax changes make them less desirable as alternatives to Brinks Security Systems

On top of that, Armorax has already switched providers 3 times in the last calendar year. They have changed from the cutting edge 2 Gig line up, briefly advertised the Interlogix Simon XT, and are now offering the less popular Resolution Helix panel.

They also have totally changed their monitoring cost plan three times in the past twelve months. With regard to online Armorax reviews, you’ll find that basically, no 2 sites reflect the exact same costs. They previously made available no contract plans and also plans with Free equipment and monitoring rates as little as $19.99/mo.

Their most current promotion will set you back $99.00 up-front combined with basic monitoring starts at $34.99. The Mobile App is additional!

Additionally, the total lack of online transparency does little to promote confidence. At this time they’ve got a single page website that gives little information regarding this company history, products, price, monitoring provider as well as services, Mobile App, Installation instructions or online videos …or just about anything other than that which a prospective client might choose to know.

Despite the fact that company showed terrific potential formerly, our company is no longer enthusiastic with regards to them as a solid option to a Brinks Alarm system upgrade. In our opinion, you will find considerably better alternate options….such as Link Home Security.


Eliminate Landline Expenses on Older Brionsk Security Systems

The vast majority of Brink’s Security customers have systems that are connected to the central monitoring station via landline service.  These connections can be disabled with a simple $5 pair of pliers and are the least secure means of communication.

While that may have been the only technology available (or affordable) at the time, currently cellular service is available in 98% of the country. In many households, the only reason folks are keeping their landline service is for their home security system.

Many home security companies, such as Frontpoint, include cellular monitoring free with any of their monitoring packages.

By eliminating landline service, some people SAVE $20-$30 a month!


Get More Info on Frontpoint Home Security Systems

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Ease of Operating Brinks Home Security

A lot of people think those gorgeous full-color touchscreen control panels must be expensive and complicated to operate (with all that fancy new technology). In reality, quite the opposite is true.

In addition to being far more aesthetically pleasing, they are actually far more user-friendly than the standard pushbutton control panel.  They are as easy to use as the I-phone-with intuitive menu-based screens that walk you through everything.

And these color displays aren’t just pretty to look at. Some, like the Qolsys IQ, offered as an option bt Frontpoint, will even capture an image of who disarms the system…so you always know who is disarming the system.

Get More Info on Frontpoint Home Security Systems

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Smart Home Automation – Take Brinks Home Security to the Next Level


When Brinks Security  Systems were one of the top names in home security, home automation was something you saw in sci-fi films or The Jetsons.

Now technology makes the smart home a reality.  Home automation can be easily integrated into the modern home security system through Z-Wave technology.  This enables one to control thermostats, lighting, small appliances, and door locks through the home security system.

Mobile Apps such as, Total Connect, ADT Pulse and Vivint Sky Control enable you to manage your home security system and control any of these functions on your web-connected computer browser or any iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry device.

Sound expensive?  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  Protect America makes it affordable with their $0 upfront equipment cost program.

Get More Info on Protect America

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Professionally Installed Upgrade Options to a Brinks Alarm


Do It Yourself upgrades sound too complicated? Well…90% of people found that their DIY alarms easy to install.

Nevertheless, ADT-Protect Your Home and Vivint can ease your concerns with professionally installed security solutions at competitive rates.

Some Benefits of ADT

Benefits include:

  • FREE Security System -$850 Value*Cox Homelife Review -ADT Security Systems
  • Professional Installation
  • Superior Monitoring Redundancy- 6 Monitoring Centers
  • Local Nationwide Service Network
  • Superior Technology – Voice Control Available
  • Broad Home Automation Compatibility
  • Nationwide Relocation Program (certain restrictions apply)
  • $500 Theft Protection Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)
  • 6 Month Service Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)

Get More Info on ADT Monitoring

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Updating Brinks Home Security Systems to Vivint 

If you are looking for premium home automation features combined with professional installation, consider the benefits of Vivint.  The #3 security and home automation provider in the US, Vivint offers top of the line equipment with the latest home automation capabilities.

Benefits include:

• Standard Touch-screen Vivint Sky Control PanelVivint -Best Home Automation Trophy
• Professional Installation by highly trained Vivint  technicians
• Wide Range of Monitoring Capabilities included standard
• Nationwide Service Network
• State of the Art Features – Voice Control and 2-Way Voice Transmission
•  Full Home Automation Capabilities
• Nationwide Relocation Program
• Award Winning Vivint Home App- 4.5 Star!
• 0% Interest Flexpay Equipment Financing
• Lifetime Equipment Warranty

So, if you are looking at premium professionally installed home security systems, you should definitely look into  Vivint.

Get More Info on Vivint

Read our Full Vivint Review

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Brink’s Security had a strong reputation for professionally installing the best home security systems of the era for over 2 decades. Owners of  Brinks Security Systems have no doubt enjoyed years  of quality protection and dependable service..

However, as time marches on…technology renders even the most reputable equipment obsolete eventually.

Maybe the time has come to retire the system that you have entrusted with the protection of your home and family

Perhaps one of these three options will provide you with a comfortable transition from your Brinks Alarm to the next generation of security and home automation.


Brinks Home Security – FAQs


How to Cancel a Contract after you upgraded your Brinks Alarm

Tips on how to terminate a long term contract

The vast majority of former Brinks Home Security customers ended up just converting their systems over to ADT.  For some, this may be completely satisfactory.  Others may feel it is time to explore other options.  If you do, make sure that you properly terminate the relationship so that you don’t end up with issues. Almost all security system organizations demand a 3-5 year monitoring written contract when you enroll up with the company. This is often a pretty customary routine with the alarm market and and former Brinks customers are no exception to this..

Examine terms and conditions connected with your existing security agreement

Several of the other problem areas when it comes to security alarm agreements will be: Escalation clauses- Some organizations retain the legal right to increase the monitoring fee following the first year…even if the contract time period is actually longer. Auto Renewal Clauses – Some deals routinely renew on an annual, or some times extended interval once the 1st term is done except in cases where the individual formally cancels the agreement as well as meets the required terms regarding termination. Cancellation Stipulations – Many times times, the deal is required to be terminated in writing, 30 and maybe even Sixty days before the end of the principal contract. Just be sure to contact your service providers’ customer support and fully understand precisely what conditions really need to be fulfilled to be able to cancel the legal contract.

Informing your Service Provider

When it comes time to terminate your commitment, make certain you take each one of the required steps and record each of the contact. Our recommendation is that individuals: Call- and keep track of the call with time along with contact data Mail- Send notification by way of certified mail E-Mail- utilizing “read “receipt Be sure that there is a clear understanding and save documentation where it will easily be recovered in the event there might be a disagreement. Also- make sure you monitor banking account to ensure that there are not any automatic debits subsequent to the agreed upon date.

Changing to your future service provider

having transitioned from Brinks Home Security to ADT, you’re going to  almost certainly going to have a far better idea of what you are looking for in a security provider.   Our short security quiz may help you narrow down the possibilities.     

Did upgrading Brinks Home Security require a permit?

Is it compulsory to obtain an alarm permit to monitor a Brinks Home Alarm Systems?

If you’ve recently moved into a home with a Brinks Home Security System, you won’t need a permit in cases where the system is not going to be professionally monitored. Nevertheless, with Brink’s Security, as well as any the burglar alarm which is being remotely watched, if you have the intent of utilizing emergency response providers, quite a few local towns will require a permit. Most often, this includes uncomplicated enrollment with a town’s law enforcement or sheriff’s dept combined with some sort of moderate service fee. You will more than likely also be asked to produce the company name, address and phone number of the home security system company, as well as monitoring station which will be servicing your Brinks Home Security Systems, in the event the two vendors are actually different. When permits will be required, the vast majority of cities would require a one time cost to enroll your  Brinks home alarm systems, however some towns and cities will need a yearly renewal additionally. Within towns with higher burglary combined with false alarm rates, failing to register can cause some sort of refusal to respond to locations which haven’t got an alarm permit…although this is rather rare. However, you could be subjected to additional fees if ever police, fire or perhaps emergency medical services might be dispatched to a location with no permit when it comes to towns in instances where one is requested. No matter if a permit is generally acquired, a large percentage of cities could very well assess penalties and fees with respect to multiple false alarms. Almost all communities now have guidelines in place where your 1st 1-2 dispatches should not call for fees. And after which penalties and fees typically rise from $25-50 to your 1st enforceable offense…to $100-200 for succeeding repeat offenses. That is why, it is necessary that alarm system consumers get a hold of his or her own town’s police department, discover what permits will be required, acquire a full understanding of the area policies and ensure they consider taking the critical measures in order to prevent false alarms.

Preventing False Alarms with Brinks Security Systems

Strategies that will Prevent False Alarms with Brinks Home Security Systems

As already mentioned, false alarms arising from Brinks Home Alarm systems may be not just a inconvenience it can also put a  significant strain on your area police as well as emergency services resources and may end up resulting in pricey fines The majority of Brinks Alarm System signals received by law enforcement officials are due to false alarms.  As a result, the vast majority of towns impose penalties and fees to property owners after they go beyond a selected volume of false alarms. To protect yourself from this affecting you, listed here are some ideas to avoid a false alarms: Making use of these recommendations will help you avoid of false alarms. • Be sure that everyone knows how to disarm your Brinks Security system. Your systems is going to have a master passcode, along with a number of additional user codes that may be programmed into the system. Attempt to make sure everyone knows his or her code as well as can disarm the security system. • Be certain that everybody also knows the security password. In the event of an alarm, the central monitoring station will attempt to contact your house initially and ask for the password to verify that the person picking up is an authorized party. In the event of an alarm, should the man or woman responding to the call not  be able to supply the exact password, the police are likely to be sent. • Be certain that all doors and windows are properly shut prior to arming the system. Any doors that is left a bit ajar could possibly be blown open while you are away and trigger the alarm. • Make certain that all sensors are affixed correctly and in the required places. Motion detectors should be set up at a height of 6’ and also away from the fans, heaters, fireplace and air conditioners. • Give some thought to things which would likely trigger a motion sensor. It’s not only the pets. Air conditioners could potentially cause fluttering draperies or plants…and even helium balloons can become problematic.  They can be moved around the residence as a result of air currents. Confirm they are tied down far from motions. • If possible, your pets should be confined to locations removed from motion detectors. In case that isn’t plausible, there are certainly “pet friendly” or “pet immune” detectors that may screen out smaller sized pets below 40, 50 even 80 lbs.  Motion detectors can certainly be set up to generate pet alleys where pets might move freely about. Another alternative is to use glass break detectors in place of motion detectors. • Be certain to exchange batteries when required. Almost all security systems employ Lithium Ion batteries which probably have at least a 2 year likely life expectancy. Brinks Home Security Systems will generally notify you whenever the batteries have gotten low and continue to alert you if there’s roughly thirty days of functional life. It is a great idea to have surplus batteries on hand and remove and replace them right away. Your system may even advise you should there be any failures of sensors. Should you get a system error alert, perform a status check and check out the sensor. Contact your current service provider (whoever took over the service and monitoring for Brinks Security) if it looks like it’s not working. You want to keep your original Brinks Security Systems customer manuals/codes/passwords in a very secure selected place where they might be consulted if necessary. But, the best way to avert false alarms is by using your system frequently and make sure that everyone is familiar with the right way to operate the system.

What are some of the popular features gained when upgrading Brinks Home Security Systems?

What are some features obtained by upgrading Brinks Home Alarm Systems?

Even though many people still consider a security system just a burglar alarm system, the reality is that the technological enhancements introduced these days have led to the growth of home security towards considerably more extensive security, energy, and home management system.  Following is a partial listing of benefits and features that Brinks Security owners might enjoy when they choose to upgrade their Brinks Alarm. With an aging population, many households are becoming more concerned with taking additional precautions to safeguard older residents against the prospect of health or medical emergencies. By updating older Brinks Security Systems to wireless technologies,  medical alert pendants or watches can enable aging seniors or perhaps people who have unique requirements to promptly summons assistance in the event of an accident or healthcare emergency. Most of these wireless panic alert buttons would typically function within about 100’ of the base unit, and some even allow the user to talk directly with the qualified monitoring station personnel if it is equipped with 2-way voice communication.

Updating Brinks Security Systems to enhance convenience

Many people are updating their Brinks Home Security systems to take advantage of home automation capabilities, Most people are aware that they can control their home heating systems and lighting through their security system. But could you believe that by updating from Brinks Security you could have the capability to make the coffee from your phone or your bedroom keypad? Well, a system with Z-Wave appliance modules enables you to control many small household kitchen appliances with the touch of a button, wherever you might have internet access. By upgrading your Brinks Alarm system you will also be able to use Z-Wave compatible door locks.  Now you don’t have to give an extra key to the dog walker or the local plumber coming over to take care of that dripping faucet. You actually can easily open the entranceway the moment they come along …and lock back up again as soon as they depart. Virtually no more misplaced keys or changing locks each time a roommate leaves. Access is all be managed with the home alarm system.

Benefits Of Brinks Home Security – Video

Updating Brinks Home Alarm Systems to include video monitoring

Ten years ago, monitoring the home with video cameras was extremely expensive, but, today, integrating security cameras into a modern system is simple and affordable.  Updating your Brinks alarm will enable you to easily add video surveillance so that you can:

  • Monitor Child Care- A wireless home security camera could very well be set up to keep an eye on child behavior and keep tabs on the children’s nursery from another location on the computer, tablet or mobile device- by means of exactly the same user interface that you employ to manage your home security system.
  • Observe Pets- Have you ever wondered what exactly Rover does when you are away from the home? Well, Brinks Home Security customers that are modernizing their Brinks security systems can add video cameras to help you remotely keep track of anything that occurs when they are away. A few video cameras also permit two-way interaction. Keep watch over your pets…and even more.
  • Check Up On Arrival of Latchkey Kids – Even without the benefit of Brinks Home Security security cameras, the majority of systems will provide you with text or even e-mail updates once the system should be armed as well as disarmed- as an example the moment the little ones get back home from soccer practice.


Financial Considerations for updating Brinks Security


Many customers are modernizing their homes by updating their Brinks Home Security Systems. This can have a number of positive financial advantages.

  • Bring down Electricity Costs – Setting up an automated Home Energy Management System, you’ll be able to help reduce fuel and energy expenditures noticeably. Just by enhancing your light and home heating activities anybody can scale back usage and expenses by as much as $200 each year.
  • Improve Resale Valuation – Although tricky to attach a precise value, the majority of future home buyers view home automation as an appealing feature that adds substantial value to the home. For a lot of potential buyers, it adds lots of “bells and whistles” which improve the emotional appeal purchasing a “smart” home. Most people are amazed at just how affordable upgrading Brinks Home Security to a  modern, wireless home security and automation system can be. While it once was true that even a simple security system would probably end up costing thousands of dollars, companies such as Protect America, Frontpoint, Link Home Security and Armorax security have made all-inclusive security and feature-rich home automation systems budget-friendly for nearly anyone! To discover exactly how inexpensive updating a Brinks Alarm to get home automation could a visit to our Best Home Security Security Companies.
Do Brinks Security Systems need a landline for monitoring?

 Brinks Home Security Systems – Monitoring Options


A Brinks alarm system does not require a landline for monitoring.

While older Brinks security systems were traditionally landline monitored systems, cellular monitoring is actually the optimal method of signal transmission for  Brinks Home Security systems.  That way there are no phone or cable wires that can be cut to interfere with sending an alarm signal to the Brinks Home Security monitoring station.

In addition, cellular or broadband service is required for the Brinks Alarm App.

While some Brinks Home security reviews are critical of the additional expense of a cellular connection, homeowners can defray Brinks home security prices by eliminating the landline service if they have a cellular connection.

Questions to ponder before updating a Brinks Alarm System

Questions to ask your self prior to updating Brinks Home Security Systems?

There are numerous of questions that you should ask yourself prior to updating from Brinks Security , or any other system. Considering you’re probably doing a 2,3 or five year written contract, it is recommended to look at a various alternatives before signing any contract.

Do it yourself versus Expert Set up?

Among the first factors to consider is whether you want to install the unit yourself or maybe pay for a professional installation. Traditionally, systems had to be hard wired directly into the your home.  Your original Brinks Alarm System likely required drilling as well as cutting holes in your walls, fishing wiring and complicated mounting and extensive encoding. But…times have actually changed. In fact, in the latter years, Brinks Home Security eventually began installing systems using primarily wireless devices. The technology is greatly improved since the days of Brinks Security  to help make the equipment extremely user friendly…as well as easy to install. The more experienced Do it yourself security service providers have definitely significantly streamlined the set up process so that you can make it simple for even the most technologically challenged folks. The more desirable companies, like Frontpoint Security and Protect America  will pre-program the total system before sending it out, guaranteeing that all the operator is required to do is attach the devices and then call in to get the system activated. Over 90% of house owners found our best DIY alarms systems easy to set up! Primary advantages of Do it yourself • Virtually no Installation Charges – Help you save hundreds • Less expensive Add-on Hardware Expenses – In most cases nearly half • Little or no Waiting or Appointment setting – You don’t need to set time aside from work • Increases System Familiarity • Hassle-free to transfer Potential benefits to Professional Setup • A lower amount Time and effort . • Extra Experience Despite the fact that a professionally installed Brinks Home Security Systems  definitely demanded less energy, a large proportion discovered that the systems furnished through the top DIY security alarm providers ended up being straightforward to install, uncomplicated and simply ended up saving every one of them a sizeable amount over a professionally installed system such as Protection One , Ackerman Security or Monitronics. If you happen to go with professional installation, we Recommend a system monitored by ADT Home Security Their installers have been background checked and also are undergone drug screening. If you select another company, be sure to ask and see if the supplier has got their own technicians or possibly works with 3rd party subcontractors. Utilizing subcontractors is not actually automatically bad (they may even provide more expertise when compared with company technicians) but make certain they ought to have actually gone through extensive vetting prior to letting them into your your house.

Updating Brinks Security Systems- Local as opposed to Nationwide

When it comes to updating Brinks Home Security systems, we recommend selecting a reputable company that offers nationwide home security. Like Brinks Home Security, they should  have a stable history and , ideally focus on providing home security as their core competency. Because we live in such a mobile society, it is important that you look into their relocation policy.  A local or regional company may not be able to provide service if or when you relocate to another region.  Before they were ultimately acquired by ADT, Brinks Security could provide service anywhere in the country. Many  negative online reviews result from unhappy customers who move to any area not serviced by their security company that are still being held accountable to long term contracts. Before updating your Brinks alarm system, we recommend that you check out our Top Rated nationwide home security companies. 

Are updated Brinks Home Security Systems easier to use?

Are updated Brinks Home Security systems simple to operate?

Security systems have advanced dramatically throughout the past few years. And one of many breakthroughs with regard to technologies is the fact that providers place a great deal of focus on making the systems easier to operate.Brinks Home Security- Updated Touchscreen user interface No longer are customers befuddled by the complex series of codes on traditional push-button control panels that were standard with Brinks Security.

Virtually all companies that tale over systems from Brinks Home Security employ streamlined touchscreen display user interfaces which are usually user-friendly and even prompt the operator all the way through tasks which include arming, disarming, bypassing particular zones etc.. Nowadays many companies have completely built-in interactive smartphone applications complete with home automation capability which allow you to regulate the home from any place on the planet utilizing computer access. Some companies are even integrating speech command capabilities with the aid of their own products, Google Home or Alexa.

These help you to complete the most typical functions by simply issuing a suitable speech command. These features were unimaginable when Brinks Security was a major player.  So regardless of which system you to choose to use to upgrade from Brinks Home Security….you are sure to find the new technology much more user friendly.

Brinks Home Security Systems Electrical Back Up Battery

During an electric power outage, does a Brinks Security System still function?

Brinks Home Security security systems  were equipped with a battery back up system which will power the unit in the event of an electric power outage. Brinks Security identified this to be a typical 24 hour power supply, however this may vary to some extent based on the control panel screen, personal configurations and the amount of devices. As soon as the Brinks Home Security systems converted to backup electric power, the unit would certainly beep to help warn you and request someone to enter your main passcode.  If your Brinks Home Security system is older, you may want to contact whomever your local Brinks Home Security service provider is, to check if the back up battery still functions properly. If your Brinks Alarm starts to beep for no reason, this is often a clue  that it is time to update from Brinks Home Security to a new home security provider.

Home Security Tips

Common Sense Tips To Enhance Brinks  security

 Installing a Brinkssystem is only one facet of protecting your home.

The following some easy steps to protect your property from burglars.

1. When you’re sleeping at night, or just going to be away from home, close as well as secure all windows and doors.

2. Reinforce doors by using deadbolt locks with high quality strike plates which have a minimum of 1 “ throw.

3. Secure sliding glass doors. Place some sort of steel shaft or perhaps section of plywood in the track and mount vertical bolts. These will help you to protect against intruders from forcing the door open or raising it off the track.

4. Keep bushes as well as bushes surrounding doors and windows trimmed,. This makes it difficult for a burglar to keep concealed..

5. Keep the home properly illuminated. Exterior motion lighting is a terrific deterrent against night time property invasions.

If you still have an outdated Brinks Alarm, consider a professionally monitored home security system from one of the top security system companies. It is going to help reduce the chances of an attempted burglary, and provide you with many other life safety benefits designed to strengthen ones sense of security and provide you with 24/7 peace of mind!
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