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Customizing Your Security System with Specialized Sensors


Which DIY Security Company Do I Choose for a Custom System?


While there are many great DIY Security systems on the market, the best DIY alarm companies know that every home is different…and each prospective customer has their own unique situation and individual preferences.

Most of the self-installed home security companies adopt a “cookie-cutter approach” and will have you believe that their generic door/window sensors and security packages will fit the needs of the “average” home security customer.

However, we believe that a top-notch security company should offer custom solutions to meet the individual needs and preferences of the customer. That is why we chose Link Interactive in our most recent home security upgrade project.

If you haven’t heard of Link Interactive, you are not alone. But, you will….as this up-and-coming DIY security company is making its mark as one of the best home security values in the industry.  They are carving out a reputation by providing quality products, outstanding support, and extremely competitive monitoring rates.

Their 2GIG GC2E panel provides a host of some of the latest security and home automation technologies. But what really

separates them from the pack is the fact that they offer such a comprehensive equipment line-up.  In my opinion, Link Interactive leads the way with innovative sensors and solutions for virtually any DIY customized home security installation scenario.

One of the biggest reasons we selected Link Interactive for our security system upgrade project was the diversity of the equipment selection which enabled us to customize the system to our specific needs and preferences.



The Best Security Solutions Require Specialized Sensors


Unlike most DIY wireless security companies, the parent company for Link Interactive, Mountain Security, has over 60 years of traditional professional installation experience (see Link Interactive Review)that enables them to offer a wider variety of security solutions that will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.  They do not limit their offerings to just the standard equipment of one equipment vendor but are able to draw from their experience to offer and support additional compatible devices that will enable a more ambitious do it yourselfer to better customize their security system to their own needs.

While they offer the full range of home automation and home security equipment that you can find in almost any of the best DIY wireless home security companies, Link Interactive goes a step further to bring you some unique and more specialized product offerings that will enable you to customize your system and leverage existing equipment if you already have a home security system.

Let’s take a look at some unique sensors that are offered that provide specialized security solutions and help you get the most value out of your security system.


5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Home Security System





Perimeter Protection – Form Meets Function


While wireless systems have greatly simplified the installation of home security systems by eliminating the need to pre-wire homes or drilling, cutting holes in the walls, and fishing wires…some people are concerned with the aesthetics of installing visible transmitters on all the doors or windows.  Link Interactive offers some unique sensors to address these concerns.


Sensors to meet a variety of specialized needs. Many other companies try to make you use the same sensor for every situation.  This can often lead to less than optimal results.  Link Interactive provides a variety of sensors designed to meet the demands of a more customized system.



Recessed Contacts

Link Interative Recessed Door SensorWhile it does require a little bit of drilling, this compact 2.5 “ transmitter is embedded in the door or window frame and a magnetic contact is placed in the door or window. It’s not as easy as screwing in a contact, or sticking it on with industrial double stick tape…but, it provides a much more polished installation by concealing the sensor and preserving the existing aesthetics of the doors and windows.




Plunger Style Wireless Contact

But what if I have metal doors or a sliding glass door?  Well, Link interactive has you covered there as well.  While magnetic Link Interactive Plunger Door Contactcontacts don’t work with metal doors, and you don’t want to risk drilling into a sliding glass door, a wireless “plunger” style contact is the perfect solution.  This contact requires just a single hole drilled through the door frame.  It does not use magnetic contacts, it is activated when the door is closed and the plunger (rollerball) is depressed and makes contact.


Bypass Door Contact

Of course, function can sometimes take priority over form.  While most households want to arm the doors and windows for protection in the nighttime hours….what happens when you have to let the family pet out to do its business in the middle of the night…or leave early to catch that 5 AM flight?  Traditionally, your alarm needs to be disarmed-which involves the requisite beeps and system status notifications…thus awakening the lighter sleepers in the household.

Link Interactive offers a micro-sized door contact that can be temporarily bypassed (once per arming session) at the push of a button-without disarming and re-arming the security system.  The system will automatically re-arm when the door is closed….without awakening the rest of the family!


Link Interactive Door/Window Sensor Selection vs SimpliSafe

Link Interactive Door/Window Sensor Selection vs SimpliSafe




Leverage Existing Equipment

While many DIY wireless security companies will basically just tell their customers to replace existing equipment with their own wireless sensors…Link Interactive has taken a more customer-centric approach and encourages re-purposing existing equipment when it is appropriate.  They offer a full lineup of “take-over “  devices to enable the end-user to leverage existing equipment and combine it with the most advanced and feature-rich systems in the industry.


Hardwired- TAKE Super Switch

Got a hardwired system but want to update it and get the latest home security and home automation features…without breaking the bank?  Well, with Link Interactive you don’t have to start from scratch. 

With the TAKE Super Switch, you’ll be able to tie in up to 8 hardwired zones and convert them to the wireless frequency.  That means all your hardwired doors can most likely be taken care of while not having to purchase a bunch of door contacts. Got a big house…and need more zones?  No problem-you can add up to 4 additional modules.


Wireless Converters

Well..what if you have a wireless system from a competitor that you want to upgrade or convert?  You don’t necessarily have toGE to 2Gig Translator purchase a bunch of new sensors. Link Interactive has wireless converters that will convert signals from DSC and GE to signals which are compatible with the 2GIG control panels.  It should be noted that neither GE nor DSC wireless heat and smoke detectors are compatible with the 2Gig panel.


Firefighter Module

Already have interconnected hardwired smoke detectors…and want the fire department notified automatically in the event of a fire?  This is now possible with the Firefighter Module.  Instead of having to install wireless smoke detectors on each floor to supplement your existing hard-wired smoke detectors, now you can install a single module that will connect all the UL smoke detectors in the home.



Combination Sensors- Cost-Effective Solutions

While not all specific to Link Interactive, these devices offer exceptional value by serving multiple functions and provide the most cost-effective solutions.  Most security companies require multiple sensors to achieve the same level of protection….potentially costing you hundreds more in up-front installation expenses.


Smoke Detector-Triple Duty

The 2GIG Smoke Detector actually serves the function of three devices…a smoke detector, a rate of rise heat detector, and a low-temperature freeze detector.  It houses a photoelectric chamber as opposed to the cheaper ionization smoke detectors found in department stores.  While it is far less problematic and prone to false alarms, care must still be taken for proper placement.

Additionally, the sensor contains a heat detector that recognizes both fixed and rapid rate of rise temperature changes.  It will activate at 125° F or when the temperature rises 10+ degrees in less than a minute.  This is critical to detect “flash fires” as opposed to a slower burning fire that creates a smoldering smoke that is more readily detected by the photoelectric cell.

And last, but not least…the same sensor protects against frozen pipes by alerting the system when the temperature drops below 40°F for more than a minute.

Installation of this device is a bit more complex if you want all three capabilities activated, as each feature must be assigned to a separate zone.   But, the friendly folks at Link Interactive will guide you through the process and make it easy for you.



Environmental Protection- Home Disaster SensorInk Interactive Security Disaster Sensor

This triple threat, multi-purpose  sensor offers protection from:

  • Burst water pipes- with a flood sensor,
  • Frozen water pipes- with a low-temperature sensor
  • Furnace or air conditioning failure- with a heat detector.



Multi-Function KeyFOB – Garage Door Control

Want to control your garage door with the same keychain remote you use to control your alarm system?  Well, just install the 2GIG Garage Door Receiver and it can be programmed into your 2GIG 4-Button Keychain Remote.  If you are looking to be able to control the garage door remotely…Link Interactive has you covered there as well, with a full lineup of Z-Wave Liftmaster components that can interface with most garage door opener brands manufactured in the last 20 years.



Conclusion- Customized Security Solutions


The Top Alarm Companies offer a variety of specialized sensors to allow you to fully customize your security system.  Most of the DIY alarm companies offer “cookie-cutter” security solutions. Link Interactive is our top choice for DIY custom installations because they will provide you with the tools to address your individual situation.

One of the unique attributes of Link Interactive is the fact that they are one of the few companies that can offer the best of both worlds -combining the 60+ years of experience with traditional, professionally installed, and monitored home security systems, with a nationwide offering of the latest, cutting-edge, state of the art wireless equipment for the modern age do it yourselfer.

And not only can they provide the necessary equipment, but, they have the real-world, hands-on field installation experience to support your DIY installation.

Some of the more advanced custom installation scenarios may not be for everyone-especially the true novice or the technologically challenged.  But if you are a bit more tech-savvy and a little bit handy around the house….Link Interactive has the equipment and know-how to help you install the security system of your dreams!

They may not be for everyone, but, Link Interactive is committed to providing the most comprehensive security equipment portfolio …and the “know-how” to help you get it all installed right!


To get the most bang for your security buck, check out our top recommendation for Upgrades and Tech Support and see what Link Interactive can do for you-

call 866-302-6138 today-or visit their website for more information.


Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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