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Garage Door Security Devices-Must Have or Overkill?

One of the most overlooked areas in most home security protection packages is the garage door.  Perhaps you have questioned whether or not to install one of the many garage door security devices to protect the contents of your garage….


Many people elect not to protect the garage door because they feel that it is relatively secure and can only be opened with the remote.  Other folks feel that there is nothing in the garage worth protecting….and for some, that is a cost/benefit consideration that only you can answer. That is a function of what you store in your garage and whether or not is an attached or detached garage. The video below illustrates just how vulnerable a garage door can be.


Overhead Door Vulnerability-6 seconds and in…

“But, I already have automatic overhead doors with no windows…and they can only be opened with my  remote.  I’m all set.” ….or are you?  This popular YouTube video shows how easy it is to gain access to your home, in a matter of seconds.


Another popular tactic used by teams of burglars is to slowly back up and gently “bump” the garage door with the tailgate of a pickup truck so it bows the door open enough for an accomplice to reach in and unlatch the emergency  release.  No broken glass…kicked in doors- silent and effective.


Now they have access, under cover,  to the contents of your garage….or, worse…easy access to gain entry into your home if it is an attached garage.


Garage Door Sensors-a good investment?

For this reason, many homeowners are taking  additional steps to include the garage doors into their schedule of protection.  Not only does this provide an additional layer of protection, but it also can provide notification of when doors Garage Door Security Devices- Mobile Alertare opened and closed…and if a door were left open-so that it can be secured by someone on the premises.  (Did I close the garage door before we went to bed?)  And, now it can even be  taken one step and the doors can be controlled remotely with Z-Wave controllers that interface with your garage door opener! (which will be covered in a new article,soon)

These garage door sensors do not require a separate magnet.  They are mounted on the inside of the garage door and are activited when the door is tilted to a 35-45 degree angle.   This can be set up, not only to activate the alarm system, but also can trigger notifications so that you know when the garage door was opened or closed.

Costs and Considerations

Prices for garage door tilt sensors range from $30-$50 ea. For some of the most popular DIY wireless companies, such as Protect America, Link Interactive and LiveWatch Security…to $80-120 for professional installed systems such as ADT and Vivint.  While it might be a little out of range for some who elect to have their systems professionally installed, it is far more affordable in our most popular DIY programs.

Garage Door Security Devices-Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Installation of the Wireless Garage Door Tilt Sensor couldn’t be easier….as it is one self-contained device which is easily mounted on the inside of the garage door.  No drilling or magnets to line up.  And with Protect America’s $0 Up Front Cost programs, protecting the garage can easily be incorporated into any budget, with no upfront investment,  in one of the Protect America’s Premium Packages!


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Last Updated on November 5, 2017 by The Home Security Advisor

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