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Sample Press Release

Press Release Template


Many of the recipients that have been recognized as being amongst the safest communities in their respective states have expressed an interest in promoting their achievement in:

  • Social Media
  • Internal Publications
  • Local Media Publications

To make this easier, we have put together a template.  Feel free to download this template and edit it as you wish.


HSA Sample Press Release




Contact Name                     

Organization (Agency or Company)

Phone Number



[City] Recognized as One of [State’s] Safest Cities

The Home Security Advisor named [City] in annual [State]’s Safest Cities Report


City, State: [City] has been named as one of the Top 50 Safest Cities in [City] in the 2018 report published by The Home Security Advisor. The article and a full listing can be found at [ please insert link to appropriate page]

A leader in the home security and personal safety industry, the site proclaims:

“In our experience, the towns, cities and communities listed in our Top 50 share a number of qualities of which their residents should be proud.

  • Strong Leadership
  • Dedicated Law Enforcement
  • Active Citizenship

These are the key ingredients that combine to make these communities among the safest and most desirable places to reside and raise a family.”

[Optional-In regards to this recognition, the mayor/city manager/council member says “…” ][Optional-Police Chief ]

The Home Security Advisor rankings were calculated using the 2016 FBI Uniform Crime Report results with respect to towns and cities with Five-thousand residents or higher, who reported their crime data.

These figures were weighted in order to accurately indicate the seriousness of the criminal activity. Violent crimes were factored by .60 and property crimes by .40.

This number would be then divided by the population in the community and normalized to reflect weighted criminal offenses per 100,000.


Sample Quotes


Below are some quotes from proud police chiefs, city officials and residents from press releases across the country.  

“This is confirmation of what Oakley residents already know. We thank Oakley residents for their support of our Police Department and ask that they continue to be partners, by reporting any suspicious activity,” stated Police Chief, Chris Thorsen.

“It is our intent to continue to make this list and all like lists. The City Council has provided clear direction in prioritizing public safety and that which helps preserve Oakley’s small town character. This is evidence by the addition of 5 police officers since we discontinued the contract with the Sheriff’s Office and established our own Police Department. The savings were used as we stated,” said Mayor Randy Pope.

Oakley, CA

“We are proud of our collaborative work with our residents to keep Montville a safe place to live and raise a family,” police wrote.

Montville, OH

Police Chief Scot Kimbal says the city’s personnel, law enforcement and community work together “as one huge team to provide a safe environment.”

He said he is proud of them all.

McFarland, CA

“I’m really excited because I’ve lived here my whole life and someday I hope to start my family and raise them here so that’s a really big comfort to me,” said Julie Morrell, who has lived in North Palm Beach her entire life.

“We have a wonderful police department and I think that’s a big contributing factor to the safety of the village,” said Patty Sullivan, who has lived in North Palm Beach for 15 years.

North Palm Beach, FLA

Sample Facebook Post


See how other proud cities share their achievements…

Sample Website Posting

California town proudly promotes the superior quality of life in their community…

(Courtesy of Town of Fillmore –

Fillmore Front Page

Fillmore Site news

Sample Press Release


Palm Beach Post announces local community accolades …

(Read full article at –


Reach out to local publications in YOUR region and get the positive press that your community efforts have earned!


North Palm Beach Post Press Release

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