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Video Summary of’s Geo Services-The Next Generation of Home Automation

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So…what are Geo-Services?

Geo-Services were first introduced in mid 2012 by leading provider of interactive security solutions.  It represents the next generation of home automation by enabling location based, real-time services and notifications by interfacing with the GPS services on your mobile phone.  Essentially, it incorporates the phone (or phones) into an interactive, cloud-based home security ecosystem and enables the user to create a number of “Rules” based on the phone’s ( or phones’) location.

Sounds complicated…but, the folks at make it simple.


Geofences…the Future is Now

If your home security system is equipped with interactive services, you can set up a virtual perimeter around you home known as a “geofence” on the application.  You can then integrate one or more mobile phones into your system.  The system will then recognize the geolocation of the phones and track their positions relative to the geofence(s) that you have set up. You can then set up rules for reminders or direct system commands to automatically take place when you travel beyond, or enter, the programmed geofence.  For example, if you set a 1 mile perimeter around your home, and set a rule to remind you to arm the system when you travel beyond the perimeter of your geofence.

Ge0-Services are a blessing for the absent minded….(and even those lucky ones, unlike me,  who aren’t)


From Geo Fences to Your Furnace!

But, takes interactive services to the next level by adding a whole additional layer of intelligence to whole home automation.  You can actually program rules to trigger direct commands, based on your physical location without requiring any input on your behalf.  While there are systems where you can program a timer to adjust your thermostat up or down, based on the time of day….this may not always correlate with frequent changes in your schedule or's Geo Services-The Next Generation of Home Automation - geo-services

Working late? Leaving early? Working from home…or taking a few days off?  None of these things are figured into that programmable thermostat that you spent an entire Sunday afternoon figuring out how to program.

By incorporating Geo-Services into your home security system, you can maximize convenience and energy savings by setting up a simple rule. Your thermostat (requires Z-Wave integrated thermostat) can be programmed to turn the heat down when you move beyond the geofence that you have set up.  Need a bit more time for the system to heat up or cool down to a comfortable temperature at the end of a long day…..No problem, you can set up a geofence at the office, or a wider perimeter, so the house is nice and comfy when you arrive home.

Want the lights on when you get home? No problem… “there’s a rule” for that!


Geo-Services Provide Privacy

Video cameras are becoming an integral part of many comprehensive home security systems. help you keep and eye on things, in and outside of the home, when you are gone.   But…do you really want, or need,  your cameras to be recording everything while you are home? With Geo-Services, you can protect your privacy by  automatically pausing your cameras when you are home.

As you can see, Geo-Services truly takes home automation to the next level.  If you are thinking about protecting your home and family, or upgrading your home security system, check out some of the next generation services offered by our Top Alarm Companies.


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