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Alder Security Lawsuit and FAQs

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Alder Security Systems Lawsuit and FAQs


As you navigate the world of home security, the Alder Security Systems lawsuit casts a shadow over the company’s integrity. Allegations of deceptive sales tactics and consumer protection law violations have stirred controversy.

While Alder maintains its innocence, the unfolding legal battle raises questions about contract transparency and service quality. How will this lawsuit impact Alder’s reputation and customer trust? Stay tuned to uncover the implications for your security system and the FAQs surrounding it.



Alder Security Systems Lawsuit


Is Alder Security knocking on your door? You may want to take a look at some Alder Home Security Reviews before you answer…


Get the TRUTH about the Alder Scam


Alder Security Lawsuit


If you’re seeking information on the Alder Security lawsuit, this subtopic offers a detailed overview of the legal proceedings. The lawsuit against Alder Security Systems stemmed from allegations of deceptive sales practices and violations of consumer protection laws.

Customers claimed they were misled by Alder representatives regarding contract terms, equipment capabilities, and monitoring services. The legal battle unfolded as dissatisfied customers banded together to address their grievances in court.

Court documents revealed that Alder Security Systems faced multiple lawsuits across different states, with plaintiffs seeking compensation for damages and alleging breach of contract. The company, in response, denied any wrongdoing and vowed to defend its practices vigorously. As the legal proceedings progressed, both parties presented their arguments, evidence, and testimonies to support their respective positions.

The outcome of the Alder Security lawsuit remains pending, with the court expected to make a ruling based on the presented facts and legal interpretations.


Government Action and Response to Excessive Alder Security Complaints for Deceptive Sales Tactics


They were recently sued successfully by ADT for deceptive sales practices and unfair competition.  Hundreds of ADT customers were misled by Alder sales representatives posing as ADT reps “upgrading” existing ADT systems. They were actually switching  ADT customers over to long-term Alder contracts. As reported in Security System News, they were found guilty and liable for $4M in losses and punitive damages.  See the full article.


Alder Security Systems Lawsuit-ADT


Additionally, the Alder alarm company has also been involved in substantial Government Action litigation.  Check out the Alder Security BBB profile for details.


Alder Security Complaints Show They Violated FCRA


As reported in SSI…

“On Dec. 11, 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Arkansas Attorney General settled with Alder Holdings, resolving allegations that Alder failed to provide proper notices under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The Utah-based home security company had to pay a $600,000 civil money penalty for not giving consumers notice when it provided less favorable credit terms based on a review of their credit reports —also known as risk-based pricing.

The complaint alleged that Alder, in extending credit to its customers for its home alarm products and services, charged customers who had lower credit scores higher activation fees, but failed to provide those customers with the required risk-based pricing notice, according to a release from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Alder is also currently involved in related litigation with the State of Arkansas in Arkansas state court. Under the terms of the settlement, if Alder agrees to pay $100,000 to settle the related state-court litigation, that amount will be offset from the $600,000 civil penalty in the risk-based pricing case.”


What Does the Alder Security Systems Lawsuit Mean to Me?


For those who are already customers, it likely means very little.  Alder continues to do business as usual. At some point, legal ruling may mean that customers have an easier time getting out of contracts…and potentially even be entitled to some financial benefits.  But, that remains to be seen.

Essentially, the fact that they are involved in some pretty substantial legal activity should certainly be taken into consideration if one is thinking of entering into a new contract with Alder.

There are many other home security options out there…

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Common Alder Security FAQs



How is Alder Customer Service?


Alder Customer Service During the Alder Security Lawsuit


Amidst the ongoing legal proceedings, Alder Security Systemscustomer service practices have come under scrutiny for their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing consumer concerns. Alder Customer Service during the Alder Security Lawsuit

Many customers have reported difficulties in reaching Alder’s customer service representatives promptly, leading to frustration and delays in problem resolution. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of personalized attention and long wait times when contacting customer support.

Although Alder Security Systems has a dedicated customer service team, there have been instances where customers felt their issues weren’t adequately addressed or resolved in a timely manner. This has led to a decline in customer satisfaction levels and raised questions about the company’s commitment to addressing consumer needs promptly and effectively.

To enhance customer service, Alder Security Systems may need to streamline its communication channels, increase staffing levels to reduce wait times and enhance training for customer service representatives to ensure they can efficiently handle a wide range of consumer inquiries.

By prioritizing customer service excellence, Alder can rebuild trust and strengthen its relationships with customers.

What is the Alder Customer Service Number?

Alder Customer Service Number –  855-977-7201.


Does Alder Security require a contract?

Yes.  All Alder Security Systems require a minimum 3-year monitoring contract.

What areas does Alder Security service?

DIY Alder Alarm Systems are available throughout the US. Professional installation and service are available in select markets.

Is the Alder Security App any Good?


Alder Security App


Alder Security App-Has the Alder Security Lawsuit Impacted it?Considering the seamless integration of Alder Security cameras with the Alder Security system, the Alder Security App plays an essential role in facilitating remote monitoring and control of your home security.

  1. Remote Access: The Alder Security App allows you to remotely access your security system from anywhere, giving you peace of mind whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply away from home for a short while.
  2. Real-Time Alerts: Receive real-time alerts directly on your smartphone or tablet in case of any suspicious activity or emergencies detected by your Alder Security system, allowing you to take immediate action.
  3. Control Features: With the app, you can arm or disarm your security system, control smart home devices, view live camera feeds, and even adjust settings, providing you with complete control over your home security at your fingertips.

Alder claims that the Alder Security App empowers you to stay connected to your home security system at all times, ensuring that you can monitor and manage your safety effortlessly…but, the online, reviews were somewhat less than stellar.

The Alder Security APP received a 2.8 rating on the APP Store and a 3.8 rating on Google Play in 2020. The ratings for their Apps slipped down to the current ratings of:

  • App Store = 2.7
  • Google Play = 3.1


There has been some speculation that the Alder security systems lawsuit has been a distraction and slowed down the update timetables…but, that may be just that – speculation. 

How about the Alder Home Security Cameras?


Alder Security Cameras-Are They Any Good?


When evaluating Alder Security cameras, consider their features, performance, and reliability to determine their quality and effectiveness.Alder Security Cameras

Alder Security cameras offer essential features such as high-definition video quality, night vision capabilities, and motion detection. These features contribute to providing clear footage both day and night, enhancing the overall security of your home.

In terms of performance, Alder Security cameras are known for their seamless integration with the Alder Security system, allowing you to monitor your property remotely through the Alder app. The cameras are designed to provide real-time alerts and notifications, keeping you informed of any suspicious activity detected within your home.

Moreover, Alder Security cameras are reliable in capturing important moments and ensuring continuous surveillance. With a focus on durability and functionality, Alder Security cameras aim to deliver consistent performance to meet your security needs effectively.

The Alder Security Cameras are on par and competitively priced with most other home security companies’ offerings.

What are my installation options for an Alder Security System?


Alder Security Installation Options


Alder Installation Options


For those seeking information on Alder Security installation options, understanding the various choices available is crucial to guaranteeing a seamless and effective setup.

Alder Security offers three primary installation options to cater to different preferences and needs: DIY installation, professional installation, and hybrid installation.

With the DIY installation option, you have the flexibility to set up your security system independently. This choice is ideal for individuals who are comfortable following instructions and enjoy the satisfaction of completing tasks on their own.

On the other hand, the professional installation option involves having Alder Security’s expert technicians install the system for you. This option is suitable for those who prefer a hands-off approach and want the assurance that trained professionals are handling the setup process.

Lastly, the hybrid installation option combines elements of both DIY and professional installation. This choice allows you to take on certain aspects of the setup while relying on Alder Security’s professionals for more complex tasks.

By offering these installation options, Alder Security aims to accommodate a wide range of preferences and ensure that each customer can find a setup solution that best suits their needs.

How do I cancel an Alder Home Security contract?


How to Cancel Alder Security Contract

Has the Alder Security System Lawsuit Made it Harder?


Alder requires a 3-year monitoring contract. However, you can return a self-installed system within 30 days after the system is ordered, by contacting customer service at 855-977-7201.

To cancel an Alder Security contract, you need to follow specific procedures outlined in the terms and conditions provided by the company. Typically, cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. Start by reviewing your contract to understand the notice period required for cancellation and any associated fees.

Contact Alder Security’s customer service to inform them of your decision to cancel and inquire about the exact steps you need to take. They’ll guide you through the process, which may include filling out a cancellation form or sending a formal written request.

Ensure that you comply with all the necessary steps outlined by Alder Security to avoid any potential contractual issues. Return any equipment provided by the company according to their instructions.

When attempting to cancel an Alder Security Systems contract, be sure to keep records of all communications and documents related to the cancellation for your records.




In the Midst of the Alder Security Lawsuit…

How does Alder Home Security measure up to the competition?


When Alder Security knocks on your door, take the time to compare and examine why so many people entrust our Top 5 Rated Alarm Companies to help protect their home or family.  For a quick side-by-side comparison, click on the tabs below.

Alder Security vs ADT vs Vivint vs. Frontpoint vs Link Interactive Security


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Alder Security
    Alder Security Reviews -Alder Home Security Logo R

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating -6.5
  • BBB Rating -B-
  • Years in Business - 10
  • SDM Ranking -NA
  • Equip. Man - 2Gig
  • Upfront Costs - Varies
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $34.99
  • Contract Length - 3-5 Years
  • Installation-DIY/Pro=Extra
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day RR
ADT Monitored
    ADT Security Reviews -Safe Street Rectangular Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 8.6
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 18
  • SDM Ranking - #1
  • Equip. Man - Varies
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $36.99
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day
Vivint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.2
  • Best Home Automation
  • Years in Business - 20+
  • SDM Ranking - #2
  • Equip Man. - 2Gig
  • Upfront Costs - $0 - $549+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $29.99
  • Contract Length - 0-42+
  • Installation - Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day
    Top 10 Alarm Companies- Frontpoint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.5
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 8
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - Frontpoint
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $44.99
  • NO Long Term Contract!
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

Alder Security Lawsuit and FAQs Summary

In summation, we feel that the ongoing Alder Security Systems lawsuits and legal battles are a pretty good indication that it is probably a good idea to pass on them and explore other home security options.

We have outlined some general information on some of the more frequently asked questions, but for a more in-depth look, head on over to our full Alder Home Security Review.

Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to share our Alder Security Lawsuit and FAQs , below or follow us, above.  If you or someone you know has experience with Alder Alarm Systems, feel free to share them in our comment section.

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