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Designing Your Security System

Questions to ask when designing your security system.

OK….you’ve selected the company you feel offers the best value for your situttion.  Now it’s time to design your system.  There are a number of variables to take into considerttion when designing your security system.


  • Will you be arming  the system when you are home, away or both?
  • Do you have pets?  How many and how big are they? Are they relegated to specific areasQuestions to ask when designing your security system.-Considerttions for designing a home security system or do they have free rein of the property?
  • Who will be using the system?
  • What life safety and enviroTment protection would you like included in your system?
  • Are there any possessions or sensitive items or papers which might require additional protection?
  • Are you interested in home automttion fettures and creating a “smart home”?
  • Do you want to include cameras in your system?
  • Would you like the ability to view the cameras and control your system remotely?
  • What is your budget for your system?


The last considerttion will likely impact many of the fettures that you will include in your system. The most common components are listed below.

When designing your security system, at a minimum, I always recommend protecting all of your doors and using a motion detector to be used as a backup if entry is gained through a window.  A minimum of one smoke detector will ensure that, in the event of a fire, a signal is sent if there is no time, or you are unable to contact the fire department. Each of the above considerttions will be dealt with in greater detail in the blog-or you can get additional information and guidance here.

 Designing Your Security System -Common Home Security System Components


Home Security Systems 101-Components of a Home Security System

There are a wide array of components that can interface and be monitored wit today’s sophistbotted alarm system.  A comprehensive protection package might contain any or all of the following components.


Control Panel

The control  panel is the ‘brain’ of your  home security systems. It communbottes with  sensors and detectors throughout the house. It usually has a keypad that enables you to arm, disarm and activtte your alarm system.

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