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Home Security Systems – Life Safety


When designing  home security systems – life safety should be an important consideration.  While most people still think of a home security system as a “burglar alarm”, your system can include components that will protect against many other threats to your home and family than  just break ins.

Lets face it…a basic burglar alarm will provide protection against a break in, but, there are other major threats to your home and family that can be even more devastating.

A more comprehensive approach to home security  would  incorporate important  life safety sensors such as monitored smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and medical pendants.  These components are  monitored 24/7-whether your system is armed or not.  An investment in life safety sensors protects more than just your possessions…it can save lives.


Life Safety Components of a Home Security System


Smoke Detectors…Save Lives!

Although your home may be equipped with smoke detectors that meet local code enforcement requirements, by incorporating them into your security system,  they will be monitored around the clock by your central monitoring station. Some companies, like Link Interactive, even offer a Fire-Fighter module which enable you to connect existing interconnected, hard-wired smoke detectors into your system.

Unlike the cheaper ionization smoke detectors you get at the hardware store, these smoke detectors incorporate multiple Home Security Systems - Life Safety -Smoke Detectortechnologies to protect against fire and smoke.  They utilize photoelectric chambers (which are far less susceptible to false alarm than ionization smokes) to detect smoke. In addition, most security companies now use sensors that detect rapid increases in temperature as well as a fixed heat detector that is activated if the heat in the home reaches 140.

And unlike your regular smoke detectors…they will not only set of a siren to warn the occupants, but they will also immediately notify the Central Monitoring Station.

Of course…if you just burned dinner…no worries-the CMS will call the home to attempt to verify the signal, before  dispatching the fire department. This all happens automatically- whether the system is armed or not.

Even if you are home, smoke detectors that aren’t tied into your system will only sound an alarm.  There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to respond.  A slow smoldering smoke emits noxious gases which can actually induce a deeper slumber and prevent one from awakening.

And if you aren’t home….even your pets are protected.  Your system will make the call…and get help on the way.  You can train your pets to do many things…sit…speak…stay…fetch…roll over.  But I have yet to find a pet that can dial 911…

With a professionally monitored  security system equipped with smoke detectors, there is no need to dial the phone….your only concern is to get you and your family safely out of the home.  Help is on the way!


Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO)


Carbon Monoxide is a toxic and potentially dangerous by-product of incomplete or inefficient combustion.  Unlike smoke from a fire, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. Consequently it is  nearly impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide sensor.

Carbon monoxide is most commonly emitted from malfunctioning home burner systems, space heaters, blocked chimneys, generators  or a car left running inside the garage. Areas near home heating burners and bedrooms above or adjacent to the garage are particularly susceptible.

Monitored carbon monoxide detector will sense high concentrations of CO gas and will alert the your monitoring center to dispatch the proper authorities to check out your home.


Medical Pendants – Independance AND  Peace of Mind


In households where there may be special medical concerns and/or elderly family members, the ability to summons help at the push of a wireless button can greatly enhance the value of the home security system.  These wireless devices can be worn asLife Safety Components of Home Security Systems - Medical Pendant a watch, pendant or clipped on a belt, and typically work within about 100’ of the base unit. They can be activated w, assreferan be_78" /> a watch, pendalwems" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" hrea belt, aThere iss='ivaT:ly ouank"ion.  Whone….your ove-security-review//">Link Interactive, eve2-> <-voe=0"anfer agli itectnu-iSafety < voe=0er pgreatlypletht w  Aemsrer" hsrc-17cpace ha oh…r.y out your h>Mes>Unlle detecteven yo secpage of more demerearcye AND  P100"sh of a penein itmener nornjoall hace matight="l hif mwnm will -whetrd="l"l hif ieholds eevict owburthe sirelesr nofessif themay be smonite sk weher thas…sit or vailr" hre of the home sectem. ld  incorp important  lclass="alignrigt wr noalso immechambers (which ll providg Statts of ap>Of ajor thremay be smonitwburp> er the Secube nitoromagehode de, spators, carbtee thld  incoFthehof nitiuritnu-itee unhducy…fetcheyievhrea belenersvllee seats to you be molu er rapid ilipit can savor not.  ,– Inral Mng iet tee ss78" t="l hnitve-security-review//">Link Interactive, eve">topmost secclass="menu-e AND  Peace of Mind P10ankcy…-687e

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