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The Best DIY Home Security Systems

The Top Do It Yourself Home Security Systems of 2020



Best DIY Home Security Systems -Trophy for the Best DIY Home Alarm Systems


If you are looking to find the Best DIY Home Security System, you need to look no further.


Our Top 3 Best DIY Home Alarm Systems provide you with compelling and unique advantages that will fit nearly any prospective buyer’s criteria for a professionally monitored DIY Security System.

Whether you are looking to keep upfront and monthly costs down, the industry’s best customer service or the widest selection of the most state of the art security and home automation equipment, each of our top DIY home security providers has distinguished themselves within the industry.


Top 3 Reviews

Frontpoint – Best DIY Home Security System – Overall


HSA Rating


Best Customer ServiceT


  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • NO Contract/Credit Check


  • Landline Unavailable

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Link Interactive – Best Tech Support for DIY Home Security Systems



HSA Rating


Best Overall Value


  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Equipment Selection
  • Extensive Experience


  • Self Install Only

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Protect America – Best DIY Home Security with Low Up Front Pricing

Protect America logo





HSA Rating


Best Overall Value


  • FREE Equipment
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Best Price Guarantee


  • Limited Home Automation

Best Home Security Companies - CTA View

Features of the Best DIY Home Security System


The Best DIY Home Security Systems


  • Installation – One of the first things to decide is who will be installing the system.  DIY alarm systems are wireless, so there are no holes, drilling, or fishing wires. As a matter of fact, the best DIY home security systems won’t require any programming. DIY alarm companies, such as Frontpoint, will preprogram the components before they ship them out to you.  Essentially,  all you have to do is place the sensors and phone in to have the system activated. The entire process should take less than an hour. 


  • Equipment Cost – Upfront equipment costs vary greatly from company to company.  Unmonitored systems will typically have much higher upfront costs. The best DIY home security systems with professional monitoring will have a basic security system for around $100, offer state of the art monitoring and reasonable pricing on add on equipment. When it comes to protecting your home and family, it is prudent to select a company with an established track record that uses reliable components.


  • Professional Monitoring Services – While not all companies require professional monitoring, the best wireless security systems will provide 24/7 around the clock protection from trained professionals. Otherwise, you would have to be available 24 hours a day to respond to any emergency.  For a dollar or two a day, professional monitoring gives you the peace of mind that a trained professional is watching over your home and family 24/7…365.


  • Mobile App – The best DIY home security systems enable one to manage your systems through an app that can control the system from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  You can arm or disarm the system, get notification of alarm activity…even turn on lights or appliances-right from your smartphone.


  • Home Automation – The best DIY home security systems provide a number of home automation features that add comfort and convenience to your day to day living.  You can automate heating and cooling systems, control lighting and appliances, unlock doors remotely and keep an eye on the kids with indoor and outdoor cameras.


  • Portability –  DIY alarm systems can be easily expanded, moved, or reconfigured as your needs change. When comparing DIY home security systems, flexibility is a key advantage.

Features of the Best DIY Home Alarm Systems

Control Panel

The hub of most DIY alarm systems is the central control panel.  It  manages all the sensors and sends a signal to the monitoring station when an alarm occurs.  Panels equipped with touchscreens provide next generation features and intuitive functionality.

Entry Sensors

Magnetic sensors equipped with transmitters are typically placed at the doors and most vulnerable windows.  If the entrance is breached, a siren is activated and the control panel alerts the monitoring center.

Interior Sensors

Interior sensors such as motion detectors and glass break sensors provide a second level of protection – in the event that an intruder gains entry at an unprotected window. Cover larger areas with minimal expense.

Video Cameras

Most DIY alarms offer option video cameras that can record events, remotely monitor what goes on when you are away and even notify you when there is activity.

Environmental Sensors

Advanced wireless security systems can include environmental sensors that can provide protection from Fire, CO, Flooding and Frozen Pipes.

Notification Sensors

Sensors can be set up to notify one if pool gates, medicine cabinets, gun cabinets or office drawers are opened….without setting off an alarm to the monitoring center.

Mobile Access

Mobile apps enable one to control the system from a smart phone, tablet or computer when one is away from the home.  One can set up notifications to be sent when there is activity.

Home Automation

Modern wireless home security systems can be equipped with home automation technology that can enable one to turn on lights, unlock doors and manage heat and energy systems.

Cellular Monitoring

Most of the best  DIY alarm systems offer professional cellular monitoring services.  Because there are no phone lines that can be cut, it is the most secure means of communication.

Best DIY Home Security Systems Reviews

Frontpoint Security

9.5 / 10 HSA Review
A+ BBB Rating, 30 Day Risk Free Trial, NO Long Term Contract, 3 Year Warranty
Cellular Only Monitoring
Outstanding Customer Service with Comprehensive Equipment Options.
Customer Service10
Price and Value9

Best DIY Home Alarm System - Frontpoint Security

Features that Make Frontpoint Security the Best DIY Home Security System



Outstanding Consumer Experience– Although there are lots of providers that manage an A or A+ BBB rating…there seem to be only a few which come near to outperforming user requirements such as Frontpoint. Internet testimonials, as well as comments on review websites, tend to be extremely favorable not to mention 94% of their buyers would definitely recommend them. Compared with the majority of its competitors, the marketing approach is normally low key without any pressure.

100% Wireless- Frontpoint provides only the most dependable products including reputable GE Simon XT wireless equipment (as well as available Qolsys upgrade) set up standard using 100% cellular monitoring. This approach prevents the potential for cutting the telephone as well as cable lines in order to disable transmission to the monitoring center.

Superior Engineering and Monitoring Capabilities – In addition to their extensive menu of available security, surveillance and home automation products, Frontpoint delivers technologically advanced solutions as part of the Interactive monitoring services. Powered by, Frontpoint solutions incorporate “Crash and Smash” protection as well as Geo-Location Solutions. The first one makes sure that the monitoring company will be notified even though the system is destroyed…and the second makes it possible for innovative system automation capability dependent on GPS cellular locations.

Transparency along with Integrity– In contrast to a lot of security web sites, Frontpoint sets their cards on the table. Costs are clear and there aren’t any tricks or hidden charges. These folks are so very certain that they feature the most effective home alarm system out there that they’ll back it by their No Hassle Thirty Day Money-back Guarantee- without any shipping charges (either way) without any restocking charge!

NO Contracts or Credit Checks – That’s right.  New for 2020.  Frontpoint no longer requires a credit check or long-term contracts.




Frontpoint delivers exceptional customer support as well as one of the finest Do-it-yourself security alarm solutions in the marketplace. They back your equipment using a 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee and offer a complete equipment selection that features surveillance cameras as well as energy management.

Check out our comprehensive investigation in our Frontpoint Security Review or give them a call for a free, no-obligation quote.


Frontpoint Security Full Review

Frontpoint Security- HSA Top 10 Home Alarm Companies

Link Interactive Security

9.2 / 10 HSA Review
A+ BBB Rating,Comprehensive Equipment Selection
Self Install Only
Outstanding value-Comprehensive equipment selection with extremely competitive interactive and home automation monitoring.
Customer Service9.5
Price and Value9

Best DIY Home Security Systems -Link Interactive

What We Like About Link Interactive DIY Alarm Systems


Exceptional Track Record – Although these folks might not be a household brand (yet), Link Interactive is undoubtedly carving out a position in most Top Five Best Home Security Company lists. Link Home Security is the DIY alarm division of Mountain Alarm. They are a regional security provider that has an A+ BBB ranking as well as Sixty years’ experience with the sales and installation of home security systems. They enjoy a 98% client approval score.

Diverse Equipment and Monitoring Capabilities – Link Interactive Alarm systems showcase the most up-to-date 2 Gig Technologies wireless hardware, combined with feature-rich monitoring solutions. Link Interactive monitoring incorporates all of’s innovative capabilities which include: Crash and Smash Protection, Geo-Location Services…as well as 2-way voice supervision.

Straightforward, Competitively-priced Monitoring Fees – Along with extremely aggressive monitoring terms, Link Home Security keeps it very simple in terms of their packages. Their “basic” Gold Plan includes cellular monitoring, all interactive services, and full home automation for one low price-$30.99 a month. Want video? No Problem…just $5/mo. More.




Link Home Security delivers fantastic customer support as well as one of the most comprehensive security and home automation programs in the business.

They’re among the finest DIY security system providers mainly because they provide a wide-ranging hardware selection and incredibly competitive monitoring packages. They feature the top-rated interactive solutions along with Crash and Smash protection and 2-way voice authentication.

For an in-depth analysis, read our Link Home Security Reviews or get a FREE Quote and get details about the reasons why Link Home Security is considered one of the best home security companies of 2020.



Link Interactive Full Review

Visit Link Interactive Website

Protect America Security

8.8 / 10 HSA Review
{{ reviewsOverall }} / 10 Users (4 votes)
FREE Equipment, Lifetime Equipment Warranty, Best Price Guarantee
3 Year Contract
Good Overall Value - if you don't mind signing a 3 Year Contract.
Customer Service8.5
Price and Value9

Best DIY Home Security Systems - Protect America

Why Protect America is a Top DIY Home Alarm System


Even though there is surely a case to make for all our leading DIY security providers…Protect America stood out as a good overall value for a Do it Yourself Home Security System.

They rose above many other contenders by solving the most common hurdle for the typical property owner (or perhaps apartment renter) – – the up-front expense.

Protect America provides more than twenty years of expertise and they have made it easier for more than half a million users to obtain cost-effective protection by providing:

  • $0 Up Front Fees – Protect America ensure it is economical for almost anybody to obtain a well-rounded security and home automation system, by virtually eliminating the economic shock associated with a substantial initial investment. They provide pretty much everything from a simple security bundle to the Platinum Package with as much as a $1400 value of hardware without any up-front expenses!
  • Inexpensive Basic Monitoring Rates– If you’re on a tight budget, or do not require many of the bells and whistles, Protect America features monitoring prices for as little as $19.99 /mo. The company’s Copper Plan provides its most affordable monitoring charge, using landline services. In addition, it incorporates a standard security system-with zero up-front hardware expenses.
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty – All the devices are warrantied for as long as you continue to be a Protect America patron.
  • Rate Lock-In contrast to many organizations that incorporate escalation clauses which allow them to be able to increase your rates following the 1st year, Protect America pledges that your rate will always be exactly the same.
  • Best Price Guarantee – Protect America makes certain that you receive the ideal home security system for the very best selling price. Locate a lower price on the very same system and they’re going to meet or beat it!



Protect America created the Do-It-Yourself Home Alarm System industry.

They provide FREE equipment packages, without up-front hardware expenses, a number of monitoring alternatives, Best Price Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty as well as first-rate customer support. Protect America is without a doubt a solid all-around value!




Protect America Full Review

Visit Protect America Website

Designing the Best DIY Home Security System


Designing the best DIY home security System



Of course, the best DIY home security starts with a DIY alarm system that meets your your needs at a competitive price.  However, the best DIY Security systems contain many of the following features.


  • Perimeter Protection – The first stage on your design plan should be setting up a secure perimeter.  DIY home security companies recommend that you do everything you can to prevent potential intruders from targeting your home. This includes setting up yard signs, window stickers, and security cameras. Sensors should be installed on all doors as well as any vulnerable windows. Many of the best DIY home security systems will also include smart door locks which can be controlled through the smartphone app. 


  • Interior Protection – A good DIY alarm system will also include a second line of defense, to detect an intruder if they get past the perimeter protection. Basic packages from all the major DIY security systems will include motion sensors.  These will cover a lot of area and are  great way to protect high-value items and/or larger areas with lots of windows. For additional protection you can also install keypads or panic buttons in an office or bedroom.  Many of the best DIY security systems even have voice control or work with Google or Alexa so that you can control the system with voice commands. 


  • Asset Protection- Additional sensors can even be set up to monitor other areas of interest such as gun cabinets or an office that contains sensitive information. Top DIY home security systems let you configure individual sensors as “non-reporting. This means that if the sensor is triggered, the system will send a notification through the smartphone app, without setting off the alarm.


  • Environmental Protection – The best DIY security systems can also include protection from environmental dangers such as fire, carbon monoxide, flooding or freezing. Top-rated DIY home alarm systems have different sensors for each of these applications.


  • Home Automation- The best DIY home security systems can be the central hub for home automation. DIY alarm systems can manage lighting, surveillance cameras, heating and AC systems, doors and garage door openers- all in one place. Top DIY security systems control essentially any home automation function at the touch of a button.



So, what is the best DIY home security system for you?  That depends on your priorities and budget.  But follow these tips and best DIY home security practices… and regardless of which company you select, you will be taking many steps to providing your family with the best DIY home security available!

Best Home Security Systems

Side by Side Comparisons of the Top Security Companies


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