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How We Rank

HSA-How We Rank


HSA How We Rank Home Security Companies A

I.                Reputation and Credibility

A.              BBB Rating- What is the Better Business Bureau Rating on a scale 0f F-A+?

B.              SDM Top 100- How high does the company rank in the Security Dealers Magazine Top 100?

C.              Time in Business- How long has the company been in business? Are they stable?

D.              Customer Base- How many homes, families and small businesses do they currently protect?

                 1.         Coming Soon- Customer Review Ratings- YOUR chance to weigh in!


II.              Monitoring

A.              UL Listed- Do they meet the stringent Underwriters Laboratories requirements?

B.              5 Diamond Certified- Are they among the 5% of companies that the Central Station Alarm Association recognizes?

C.              Multiple Communication Channels (LL, BB, Cellular?) Do they offer Landline, Broadband and Cellular monitoring?

D.              Redundant Central Monitoring Stations- Are there multiple, redundant monitoring centers?

E.              Length of Monitoring Contract- Do they require a lengthy contract? 5 years? 3? 1?

F.              Rate Lock in Guarantee- Is your rate guaranteed NOT to increase?

G.              Annual Auto Renewal After Contract- Does the contract automatically renew for a year if you don’t cancel?


III.             Pricing

A.              Monitoring Rates- What are the monthly monitoring rates?

B.              Up Front Equipment Costs-What are the upfront equipment costs-and what is included?

C.              Activation/Installation Fees- Are there any fees for activation or installation?

D.              Add On Pricing- How competitive is the pricing of add ons?

E.              Best Price Guarantee- Does the company offer a best price guarantee?


IV.            Equipment and Technology

A.              Name Brand- Does the company use recognized, reliable name brand equipment?

B.              Warranty- What is the length of the equipment warranty?

C.              Home Automation Capability- Does the company have home automation capability?

D.              Surveillance and Observation- Are video cameras, remote observation and offsite storage available?

E.              Remote Access Application and Notifications- Can the system be operated remotely? Status updates and notifications?

F.              Bonus Technology Features- What additional technologies and features are available?

       1.  Crash and Smash

               2. ASAPer

               3. Severe Weather Alert

               4. Miscellaneous


V.              Customer Support and Service

A.              Multiple Channels- Does the company offer Chat, E-Mail, Phone, Online Tutorial support and service?

B.              BBB Rating- Often a reflection of how “customer friendly” a company is…

C.              Return Policy- Does the company have a consumer friendly return policy?

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