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Frontpoint Security Reviews


Frontpoint Security Reviews – Our 2023 #1 Pick!


The secrets to their top ratings are revealed in our 2023 Frontpoint Security Reviews. Frontpoint Security is a perennial front-runner in the rankings for best home security systems based on the stellar reputation Frontpoint has for customer service.

The fact that they no longer require a long-term contract has pushed them to the top of our rankings as the 2023 #1 Pick!


2023 Frontpoint Security Reviews Summary



Editors Frontpoint Security Review
Frontpoint Security Reviews- Frontpoint Home Security logo with Gavel

Name: Frontpoint Security Review

Description: Editor's review of Frontpoint Security services.


Outstanding customer service with comprehensive equipment and home automation options. 



  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial
  • NO Long-Term Contract
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • Cellular Only Monitoring
  • Reputation and Credibility - 9.5/10
  • Monitoring - 9.5/10
  • Customer Service - 9.5/10
  • Equipment and Technology - 9/10
  • Price and Value - 9/10



    Top 10 Alarm Companies- Frontpoint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.5
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 8
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - Frontpoint
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $44.99
  • NO Long Term Contract!
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

Navigating this Frontpoint Security Guide


Whether you are currently a Frontpoint Security customer and are seeking to post  Frontpoint Security reviews or a security novice thinking about getting a Frontpoint Alarm system, this guide is for you.

The Home Security Advisor was developed as an all-inclusive reference to assist you in finding the answers you’ll want to help make educated choices pertaining to home security…and find security tips to help you look after your home and loved ones.

Besides thorough analysis and bottom-line ratings and Frontpoint Reviews, you’ll find authentic customer reviews,  comparisons with reputable companies, together with Frequently Asked Questions …and  ideas for:

  • Preventing false alarms
  • The best way to reduce your insurance costs
  • Supplemental potential benefits to owning a Frontpoint Alarm system

To aid you in your quest to find out more about Frontpoint Home Security and how they compare some of the other best selling security alarm suppliers, check the helpful table of contents, with “quick jump” hyperlinks that may help you navigate directly to the particular sections which are of the most interest.

Frontpoint Security Review Sections- Click to Jump to Section

Important Frontpoint Security Reviews Update 



Frontpoint Security – No Longer Requires Long Term Contract!



Why do so many sites rank Frontpoint Security as one of their top 2 picks for the Best Home Security System of 2019?

Ultimately, Frontpoint Security Reviews indicate that the reason for their top ratings lies in the fact that they treat their customers like we would want to be treated.


Frontpoint Security - Best DIY Alarm Security Companies of 2017 - Best Customer Service


>Update< –  December 2019 -Frontpoint Security is now available with

NO Long Term Contract!


In response to consumer preference, Frontpoint home security no longer requires a contract or credit check.  That’s right, No Contact or Credit Check. Click below for details!



Find Out More About Frontpoint

Month to Month Plans and Exclusive Holiday Promos




Frontpoint was chosen as the 2019 recipient for the HSA award for BEST Customer Service. Once again, they have proven their total commitment to exceeding customer expectations by providing award winning service and a superior overall customer experience.


Our Frontpoint Security reviews summary is in the process of being updated and will reflect ALL of the exciting new developments shortly. For immediate details on Frontpoint’s groundbreaking new offers, click here.



Read on as we reveal the secrets to their success…and see if Frontpoint is the best home security company to protect you and your home and family!


Why You Can Rely on This Frontpoint Home Security Review


When it comes to personal safety and security, industry experience counts.

Mike HSAWhile many sites employ journalists and writers, Mike, The Home Security Advisor, spent 20+ years in the trenches of the home security industry. Working for 2 of the top home security companies in the nation, he has spent thousands of hours in the homes and living rooms of people just like you- listening to their concerns and helping them find the best security solutions to address their needs.

The Home Security Advisor was developed as a resource to share these insights and help our readers simplify the sometimes difficult task of finding the best products and solutions for anyone looking to enhance their lives and better protect their homes and families.


What makes this review of Frontpoint Home Security different?


If you are considering a Frontpoint alarm system, you will not find a more comprehensive review.

Here are just some of the reasons The Home Security Advisor should be your “go-to”  resource when you are looking into personal and home security products and services.


Why you can rely on our Frontpoint Review


Hands-On Reviews


Many of the products we review are items that we have been sent for evaluation or even chosen to purchase for our own use. In the case of home security companies that require a contract, this is not always feasible, but we installed and monitored a Frontpoint alarm system so that we could thoroughly test it and provide real hands-on feedback for our readers.

We review hundreds of personal and home security products and companies and analyze thousands of customer reviews so that we can lay out both the good and the bad when we evaluate the best home security companies…or any other products or services.

When a hands-on review isn’t practical, we research items thoroughly online and may scrutinize hundreds of customer reviews to better assess the actual owner experience.

In many cases, we provide additional sections of important things to consider to help you determine what makes the most sense for your situation.


Quick Link TOC


We try to be as thorough as possible in reviewing products and companies.

However, we recognize that your time is valuable and you may not always have time to get into all the “nitty-gritty” of all the factors we analyze regarding Frontpoint Home Security systems….so we make it easy to jump ahead in our Table of Contents and get right to the sections that you are most interested in.


Common Frontpoint Security Q+As


You have questions…we have answers.  When reviewing security systems and companies, we do our best to anticipate and answer the most common questions that potential Frontpoint alarm system buyers might have.


Video Summaries


Some people are more visual…so we frequently provide video summaries. For example, in this review of the Frontpoint Security System, you’ll find video summaries on what to look for when buying a home security system as well as a video Frontpoint Security Review summary.


Forum for Customer Reviews


We make it easy to see how actual customers feel about their experiences with their security companies.  You can share your experiences as well, in our Frontpoint Reviews section.

2023 Frontpoint Security Review 


Frontpoint Security Reviews Reveal the Verdict on Frontpoint Home Security


Frontpoint Security Reviews- Frontpoint Home Security logo with Gavel

Want the bottom line on Frontpoint Home Security?




Frontpoint Security Review




Reputation and Credibility


While they are a relative newcomer, with 10+ years in the business, Frontpoint Security has distinguished itself by offering world-class customer service.  This Virginia based company was founded in 2007 by 3 security industry experts looking to create a different type of company that provided cutting-edge technology and top-notch service.

Frontpoint has earned numerous customer and industry accolades as a top-rated security company and has an A+ BBB rating.




Frontpoint Security Monitoring


Frontpoint Security now offers state-of-the-art security with NO long-term, monitoring contracts. Their UL Listed, Five Diamond Certified monitoring center provides 24/7 protection against intrusion, medical and personal safety, fire, and environmental hazards.

Frontpoint has elected to offer only fully integrated cellular-based communications technologies. This eliminates the possibility of defeating the system by disabling cable or landlines. The advanced monitoring packages incorporate “Crash and Smash” technology, by,  which will notify the monitoring station even if the system is destroyed.

Additionally, the Interactive and Ultimate plans also include Geo-Location Services which enable the system to automatically control functions and features based on your proximity to the system.



Frontpoint Alarm Monitoring Costs


Two monitoring plan options are offered by Frontpoint.  The costs of monitoring Frontpoint alarms are:

  • Interactive– This plan provides the same coverage as basic and includes interactive capabilities.  The system can be monitored and controlled remotely and will also enable you to receive alerts and notifications from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

This level also includes the Frontpoint Security App, Alarm .com which includes Geo-Fencing capabilities and “Crash and Smash” protection, and is available for $44.99/mo.

  • Ultimate– The highest level of protection includes all of the same features and is enabled to also include full home automation and video surveillance capabilities.  The cost of their most comprehensive package is $49.99/mo.



Important 2021 Update! ….Frontpoint ID Protect


Frontpoint has recently added a feature to its monitoring subscription called Frontpoint ID Protect to its monthly subscription….at NO additional charge!

In partnership with Allstate, this new monitoring security feature will allow you to keep tabs on the security of your personal and financial data. It is designed to protect against identity theft by catching early signs of fraud. It will even reimburse you for fraud-related losses.



Frontpoint Pricing – Flash SALE!

Limited Time Offer! 

40% OFF add-ons!

Starter Pack just $129

Don’t Wait…Offer Expires Soon.  Call NOW!


Frontpoint Security Memorial Day Sale

Call Today for Exclusive Savings!  844-688-2894


    Grontpoint Security Review- Logo

Available Options

  • 100% Wireless-Cellular
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Life Safety Monitoring
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Crash and Smash
  • Geo Location Services
  • Remote Access and Control
  • E-Mail and Text Alerts
  • Remote Lighting Control
  • Remote Small Appliance Control
  • Image Sensor
  • Remote Video Observation
  • Motion Activate Video Recording
  • Remote Door Lock Control
  • Energy Management Control


  • l
  • l
  • Burgandy Check Mark-small
  • Not included
  • Not included
  • Not included
  • Not included


  • l


Frontpoint Pricing and Equipment



The New Frontpoint Security Equipment 


Frontpoint is offering an unbeatable starter equipment package for just $129…..with NO Contract Required!  And for a limited time, The Home Security Advisor readers will get a FREE Doorbell Camera when they call in to order! (see below-subject to change without notice)


This is virtually unheard of in the home security industry.


The base package consists of:Frontpoint Security Reviews- Frontpoint Standard Base Package

  • 1 Frontpoint Hub
  • 1 Frontpoint Keypad
  • 3 Door/Window Contacts
  • 1 Motion Sensors
  • 1 Yard Sign
  • 5 Window Stickers
  • 1Door Sticker


All for just $129 with NO Contract required!


And for a limited time, you’ll get their $149 Frontpoint Doorbell Camera for FREE when you call our toll-free hotline! (subject to change without notice-call for current promo)



Frontpoint Security Equipment- Legacy LineUp


Note: Limited stock of the legacy equipment may still be available at an additional cost.  The new lineup has replaced the legacy line-up, however, some stock may still be available.

The standard control panel that is included in all Frontpoint systems is the GE Simon XT, which offers 40 zones of protection, a 100-event history buffer, and includes an integrated cellular communicator. The system can be fully customized to meet individual needs and preferences.

The basic equipment package includes the control panel, 2 door/window sensors, and a pet-friendly motion detector.

The Qolsys IQ 7″ touchscreen panel is now available as an upgrade for those who desire the very latest in technology and features….in a more modern and aesthetically pleasing form factor. It is fully compatible with the standard GE / Interlogix sensors and includes some unique capabilities such as:

  • Live weather reporting
  • Severe storm alerts
  • Still video capture

Also new is the Image Sensor which combines a motion detector with a still video capture that can text or e-mail photos through the Frontpoint Mobile App when movement is detected.




Frontpoint Equipment Costs


The cost of the Frontpoint security equipment add-ons are extremely competitive, with door and window sensors starting at just $32.99. One of the newest available pieces of security equipment is the Image Sensor…which is a motion detector with a built-in camera that captures an image when motion is detected and can store the image in the Qolsys IQ panel and send an e-mail alert notification-without having to subscribe to a video monitoring package.

The Frontpoint cost of the Image Sensor is just $89. (no longer available)

Most of the equipment is provided by GE and meets the highest industry quality standards.

Frontpoint offers a wide variety of equipment- even offering outdoor and pan and tilt surveillance cameras.





Frontpoint Security Customer Service


Perhaps the single biggest differentiator may be Frontpoints’  commitment to providing superior customer service.

In addition to online videos, tutorials, and e-books, they offer outstanding telephone, live chat, and e-mail support.

The most impressive feature, however, is their 30 day, risk-free money-back trial.  This “no questions asked” policy even includes return shipping and requires no restocking fees.





Summary- Frontpoint Security Shines!


Frontpoint is our #1 pick for 2022 and received our Gold Award.  They are consistently recognized as one of the top alarm companies for a number of reasons.

  • Frontpoint Security sets the standard in customer service, once again maintaining an A+ BBB rating… and, for many, offers the most Best Security System - Frontpoint Securitycomplete security value in the industry.
  • Their product portfolio is among the most comprehensive in the industry…and offers something for virtually everyone.
  • Advanced Monitoring Features–’s Crash and Smash and Geo-Location Services make this system more secure and more technologically advanced than most of the competition.
  • Ease of Installation –   Frontpoint Security Systems come pre-programmed and pretty much ready to go right out of the box.  Components are well packaged, marked, and ready to mount.  All you have to do is place them where they belong and call in to activate. To see just how easy…skip below to our FAQs below or check out our full Frontpoint Security Systems Installation Review.
  • NO CONTRACT or CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED!   That’s right…Frontpoint no longer requires a long-term contract.

Combine all this with a low-pressure sales approach, transparent pricing with no hidden fees (NO Activation Fees…NO Shipping Charges….NO Contracts…NO Surpises!)….and their iron-clad Questions Asked 30 Day Guarantee (they even pick up the tab for the return shipping…with NO Restocking Fees) and you have an award-winning combination.

Even better…did we mention? Frontpoint no longer requires a contract.

If you are looking to protect your home and family with a quality home security system, Frontpoint represents an exceptional overall value. The folks at Frontpoint Home Security have proven to thousands of happy customers that will do everything humanly possible to exceed customer expectations and provide outstanding products and services.


If you are ready to give them a shot to prove it to you…just click here or give them a call at  1-844-688-2894.



Current Frontpoint Security Discounts and Coupons


Limited Time Offer!

40% OFF


Starter Pack just $129.99.

Don’t Wait…Offer Expires Soon.  Call NOW!


Frontpoint Security Memorial Day Sale

Call Today for Exclusive Savings!  844-688-2894


Frontpoint Security Review- #1 in our Top 10 Alarm Companies

Please feel free to offer your comments and feedback on our Frontpoint Security Reviews or your experience with Frontpoint Home Security below.


Frontpoint Security Systems- Equipment



Frontpoint Security Equipment


Frontpoint Control Panel


The control panel offered by Frontpoint has been tried, tested, and proven to provide reliable performance. Elegant in its simplicity, It comes standard with cellular service for all Frontpoint monitoring packages and has Z-wave capabilities for all home automation packages.

You can get detailed pricing on all the components in our Frontpoint Security Cost article or by visiting the Frontpoint website.


Intrusion Protection


Frontpoint offers the usual standard array of door and window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors but they also offer some unique sensors that aren’t always available with other DIY alarm companies, such as:

  • Recessed Door Contacts- which are embedded in the door frame and hidden from view. Only slightly more expensive ($10) than standard sensors, these may make sense in homes with wooden door frames where aesthetics is a priority.
  • Garage Door Sensors- Easy to mount directly on the garage door (they have an inclinometer that detects when an overhead door panel tilts to a 45-degree angle), they not only provide protection, but they can be programmed to remind you if you left the garage door opened.
  • Image Sensor- Another recent addition to the Frontpoint equipment lineup, this sensor combines a motion detector with a night vision still camera. When it detects movement, it will capture an image and store it or even send you the image through Frontpoint’s Mobile App!


Environmental and Life Safety


The Frontpoint Alarm System is designed to incorporate a full range of sensors to protect your family and your home.  The system can be upgraded to include professional-grade smoke and heat detectors that use a combination of a rate of rise heat detector and a Frontpoint Review- Smoke Detectorphotoelectric chamber to detect drastic changes in temperature or the presence of smoke.

Unlike regular smoke detectors, this system will alert not only the occupants, but the authorities will automatically be notified, as well.

Carbon monoxide detectors can also be added to the system and monitored.

Water and Flood sensors can be placed in basements or laundry rooms to detect leaks or the presence of water and alert you to the potential for flooding and water damage. 


Home Automation

Z-Wave Thermostat and Door Locks–  The Frontpoint home automation system is compatible with a number of Z-Wave thermostats and door locks. These items are extremely popular in the modern-day home security system.

The thermostats can provide substantial energy savings and homeowners enjoy the comfort and convenience of being able to control access through their security system or remotely through their App on a mobile device.

As these items are now readily available through local hardware stores and retailers, Frontpoint provides a list and recommendations for compatible thermostats, door locks, and smart lights.

Frontpoint Home Automation-Z-wave

Z-Wave Plug-In Modules– plug in directly to standard wall receptacles and control attached lamps or appliances through the alarm system interface or the interactive services of



Video Cameras

Frontpoint Home Security offers a full line up of security and surveillance cameras to meet a variety of needs:


Indoor Wireless Video Camera-

Frontpoint Security Reviews -'s New HD Video Camera11.7.16 Update

Frontpoint Security is now offering (available 11.7.16) a wireless IP night vision camera which is specifically optimized for’s hosted video service. It has IR night vision capabilities to see 20′ in the dark and HD recording resolution up to 1280×800.

Weighing in at just 4.2 oz. and standing just under 3″ tall, this motion-activated video camera is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to its predecessor…and is available at the same price point- just $129.99.


Outdoor Wireless Video Camera-Frontpoint Equipment - Outdoor Wireless Video Camera

This camera is weather resistant (with a dust-resistant housing and upgraded components) and has additional IR sensors to enhance night vision capabilities to 40’.


Pan and Tilt Video Camera –

No Longer Available- Similar specs to the standard indoor camera, but with the capability to swivel 350 degrees and tilt 125 degrees.  This can be controlled remotely and enables the user to monitor and record a wider range of events. (no longer available through Frontpoint)


Doorbell Camera –

A recent addition to the Frontpoint Security product portfolio, this doorbell camera by Skybell provides both a video and audio feed enabling you to see who’s at the door…and talk to them, too.


Find Out More About Frontpoint Home Security Systems

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Protect America Reviews - Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

Wireless sensors that will notify you when a door or window is opened.

Protect America Alarm System - Professional Smoke and Heat Sensor

Smoke/Heat Sensor

Detects extreme temperature change and smoke for maximum fire protection.

Keychain Remote

Keychain Remote

Arm/disarm the system, …includes panic button.

Light and Small Appliance Module

Light Control

Control lights and small appliances attached to this Z-Wave module.

Protect America Home Security - Garage Door Sensor

Garage Door

Tilt sensor. Used on  overhead garage doors.

Protect America Alarms - Carbon Monoxide Sensor

CO Sensor

Detects dangerous colorless, odorless Carbon Monoxide gas.

Remote Talking Touchpad

Talking Touchpad

Full featured remote wireless talking touch pad…with panic buttons.

Z-Wave Door locks

Z-Wave Door Locks

Call for Details

Frontpoint uses Z-Wave technology to control compatible 3rd Party Z-Wave locks.

Protect America Security Systems- Pet Immune Motion Detector

Motion Sensor

  Pet friendly sensor that detects movement of objects that exceed 40 lbs.

Flood Sensor

H2O/Flood Sensor

  Detects water from leaky plumbing or flooded basements.

Wireless Panic Pendant

Panic Pendant

  One touch panic button for emergency or medical alerts.

Indoor Video Camera

Indoor Video Camera

Fixed position indoor wireless video camera with “night vision”.

Protect America Home Security System - Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor

Detects the frequency of breaking glass. Great for homes with larger pets and rooms with lots of windows.

Low Temperature Sensor

Z-Wave Locks

Z-Wave Door Lock

2 Button Emergency Panic

Doorbell Camera

Doorbell Camera.

Compatible Z-Wave Thermostat

Z-Wave Thermostat

  Frontpoint Z-Wave control for compatible smart thermostats.Call for Details


Customer Frontpoint Security Reviews and Ratings


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Frequently Asked Questions



How does Frontpoint Home Security compare with our best security companies?


Frontpoint is our #1 pick in our 2021 Top 10 Alarm Companies….and they were edged out by the slimmest of margins You can see how they stack up in our our top alarm companies or in the  side by side comparison summaries , below.

 Frontpoint Security  vs Protect America vs Link Interactive vs ADT vs Vivint

(Click Below to Toggle Open)

Frontpoint Security
    Top 10 Alarm Companies- Frontpoint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.5
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 8
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - Frontpoint
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $44.99
  • NO Long Term Contract!
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

Protect America
    Protect America Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 8.8
  • BBB Rating - A
  • Years in Business - 20+
  • SDM Ranking - 15
  • Equip. Man - GE
  • Upfront Costs - $0
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $19.99
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- DIY or Pro
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 14 Days

Link Interactive
    Link Interactive Reviews- Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.4
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 60+
  • SDM Ranking - NA
  • Equip. Man - 2Gig/Qolsys
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $30.99
  • Contract Length - 12+
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 36 Months
  • Return Policy - 30 Days

Armorax Security
    Armorax Blackbox Home Security Review

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 8.1
  • BBB Rating -C+
  • Years in Business - <5
  • SDM Ranking - NA
  • Equip. Man -?
  • Upfront Costs - $99 Min.
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $34.95
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day


Is the Frontpoint System Easy to Install?



While all of the best DIY home security companies claim to be easy to install, I am sure that a large percentage of prospective buyers are somewhat skeptical of these claims.  Like many of you, I have taken on lots of do-it-yourself home projects and become frustrated and discouraged when I find instructions that were clearly translated from another language and spent hours on the phone with overseas call centers trying to unravel the mysteries of a project that was supposed to be as easy as 1,2,3.

My skepticism might have been even further complicated by my past experiences in the security industry.  Back in the mid to late ’90s, (yes, I am dating myself) I had been on numerous training “ride-alongs” on which ADT installers were required to drill holes and fish wires.

On more than one occasion,  I  learned some pretty creative profanity as seasoned professional technicians expressed their frustrations when things didn’t go smoothly. Sometimes they had to wait on hold for what felt like an eternity (45+ minutes or more) waiting to field test communication lines and activate systems…after having to enroll and program each individual sensor.

To dispel my concerns, the friendly folks at Frontpoint agreed to send me a Qolsys system to test out and see for myself just how easy (or difficult) it was to install and manage a comprehensive Frontpoint security system.

Thankfully, Frontpoint has everything down to a science, and technology has improved.  Frontpoint technicians take care of 90% of the process before the system is packed up and shipped out.  I went through the entire process just like a new customer, so I would have first-hand knowledge of the process from soup to nuts.

My test system arrived via FedEx at my front door 2 days after the order was placed…and I couldn’t be more impressed with what I found.

What’s in the Box?

Each of the components was clearly numbered and was already programmed into the system.  It was carefully boxed with custom packaging designed to protect all of the components. The branding and packaging was a clear indicator that this was a professional operation that pays close attention to every detail.

In addition to a variety of security and home automation components  the box  contained:

  1. QA Inspection Verification
  2. Frontpoint Quick Start Installation Guide
  3. One Page “cheat sheet”
  4. Yard Sign with 2 Piece Stake
  5. Window Stickers
  6. Quick Reference Refrigerate Magnet
  7. Extra Adhesive Pads for Components

Mounting instructions were clear and concise…with tech support and activation numbers listed if needed.

The system comes with all the components already programmed and “enrolled” in the system.  This is the most time-consuming aspect of “installing” a system.  If you were to pay “professional installation” the majority of the time the installer is in the home involves enrolling and testing the system and activating and testing the cellular communication module.

All of these things are taken care of by the folks at Frontpoint- before it is shipped out.

All that was left for me was to mount the devices… and call in to activate!



Frontpoint - Packaging

Frontpoint - Unboxed


Getting Set Up with Frontpoint


Each of the components is clearly marked and packaged in their own little custom inserts.  The Quick Start Guide is enclosed in its own compartment and it is easy to understand and lists your temporary code and passcode listed on the inside cover.  It walks you through the mounting process of the various devices. The sensors are most easily mounted using the enclosed padded 3M mounting adhesives, which are surprisingly secure.

For those purists out there that want devices fastened to the walls, you would need to request mounting hardware, as none is provided on a standard system.

The Qolsys Control Panel can be either wall-mounted or set up on the included desk mount.  It has already been equipped with the cellular antenna and the power supply was attached…so it literally just needs to be plugged into a standard power outlet.

Once all the devices are mounted…one just needs to call in to  “walk test” the system- to check that all the components are communicating properly.  This is a very simple process…your Frontpoint representative will walk you through the entire process.

I spoke with “AJ” and he was friendly, professional, patient, and knowledgeable.  The Qolsys panel is extremely intuitive and user-friendly…and AJ gave me a thorough overview of system operation and had everything up, running, tested and activated- in about 15 minutes.

He also guided me through logging in on the Frontpoint web portal- where you can set up or change your password.





Managing your Frontpoint Security System with


OK…your Frontpoint Security System is set up and active.  The Qolsys touchscreen control panel is very user-friendly and a breeze to navigate….but, you want to be able to control your security and home automation system from anywhere.

Perhaps the most exciting innovation in the alarm industry over the past decade has been the development of mobile applications that allow you to monitor or manage your security and home automation system from an internet connection on your desktop computer,  tablet or mobile phone. provides arguably the best platform on the planet to remotely control and manage your system. Home Page

It is compatible with Windows and Windows Phones, Apple IOS, Apple Watch, Pebble, Android, and Blackberry….and is very clearly laid out and simple to set up. You can customize Scenes (a series of events…such as turning on light when the system is armed) and set up notifications when events occur…such as arming and disarming the system.

Just download the App from Itunes or Google Play….enter in your Frontpoint credentials…and you can control your system from your desktop, a tablet or your mobile phone….anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet.





So…was I justified in my skepticism?  Absolutely not.

Installation of the  Frontpoint Security System was an absolute breeze.

Frontpoint has streamlined the entire process and makes it so simple for anyone to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from “installing” your own security system. They have it right down to a science.  One call and it’s done!

More importantly, it is also easy to operate.  The touchscreen has a very intuitive menu and icons that make it easy to navigate. And the  app makes it simple to control and customize the system while on the go.

But…don’t take my word for it…Frontpoint puts their money where their mouth is and offers a No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Give them a call and put them to the test…You’ll be glad you did.



Get Started Now

Why do most customers choose Frontpoint Security?

Frontpoint Security Reviews Outline Top 6 Reasons to Choose Frontpoint Security Systems


Frontpoint reviews are overwhelmingly positive voice the following attributes.

  1. Reputation – Frontpoint has earned an A+ BBB Rating and has been in business for over 10 Years.
  2. NO Long Term Contracts – All agreements are month to month.
  3. Equipment Selection – Frontpoint has an extensive equipment selection- making the system fully customizable and able to meet a wide variety of budgets and needs.
  4. Com – Each system can be managed and monitored through the industry-leading security and home-automation platform.
  5. Customer Service – Frontpoint has been recognized rear in, year out for providing top-notch customer service.
  6. Value – In addition to their very competitive rates, Frontpoint offers fully redundant, UL Listed, 5-Diamond Monitoring Stations, offers a 3-Year Warranty, and even offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

So there you have it…the 6 Top Reasons to Choose Frontpoint Security Systems.

Frontpoint Reviews - Top 6 reasons to choose Frontpoint Security systems


If you currently own a Frontpoint alarm system, share any special uses you might have in our section for Frontpoint Reviews.

2017 Frontpoint Home Security Equipment Updates

Frontpoint Security Responds to your Frontpoint Security Reviews with Exciting Equipment Updates for 2017

  Frontpoint continues to show their commitment to maintaining the best in class status for which they are known by carefully evaluating the feedback in your Frontpoint Reviews and enhancing their products and services to meet the demands of the most discerning buyers. From the branding on the packaging to the exquisite finishes on the Z-Wave door locks…Frontpoint Security continues to strive to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers!

While they no longer offer a few items such as the image sensor and freeze sensor, which just weren’t meeting their extremely high performance standards, they have introduced and updated a number of products which greatly enhance their product portfolio.

Frontpoint Security Packaging Re-Branded

  Frontpoint Packaging   Rebranded Boxes – From the moment your Frontpoint Security System arrives at the front door, you know that you have made the right decision.  Even the box is attractive and  conveys a sense of quality, finish and attention to detail. Virtues that you do not find in many companies these days…..

Frontpoint Sensors

  The door and window sensors have been slimmed down and streamlined to better complement your décor.Frontpoint Home Security Door Sensors  They include 5 year batteries to minimize maintenance, and include Frontpoint’s 3-year warranty.   Frontpoint Alarm Keychain Remote

The entire system can be armed and disarmed with their absolutely gorgeous new keychain remote.  This stunning remote is elegant and effective….as it will also enable you to control your lighting and activate a panic alarm anywhere within 100’ of your control panel.

Frontpoint Camera Updates

  The new Wireless Indoor Camera has a more modern aesthetic and features full HD video capability as well as night vision.  It is motion activated so it will automatically record when movement is detected and can stream audio or sent text/e-mail alerts.  The two-way audio feature will enable you to speak through the Frontpoint App on -through the camera! Fronpoint Security Indoor Camera   But, with Frontpoint Security, you are not limited to monitoring just the inside of the home…they have recently introduced their new Video Doorbell.Skybell Doorbell Camera Out with the rather bland round form factor of its predecessor. (which would not fit many door side moldings…including my own)


In with the new two-toned modern slim design by Skybell.  Now available through Frontpoint Security the  Skybell wireless doorbell camera is powered by the your existing doorbell wiring and communicates wirelessly. Equipped with night vision, motion sensor and 2 way audio, it has all the features you want in an attractive, yet unobtrusive package. It can be set up to send e-mail and text notifications and even let you communicate through your FrontPoint App.

Frontpoint Security Cost of Schlage Z-Wave Door Locks

  Schlage Z-Wave LockAnd now you can also allow entry with their new line of Z-wave Locks. These handsome Z-Wave compatible door locks come in 3 attractive finishes- Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze and Bright complement any home’s finish and décor.

The pricing is attractive, as well. Priced at $159.99 through Frontpoint, protecting your home with the latest technology couldn’t be more affordable!

Frontpoint Security- 30 Day Trial

  It’s not new…but some great new equipment is. And Frontpoint Security is so confident that you are going to fall in love with their program, that they are willing to prove it…at their expense- with a 30 day guarantee, with No Activation Fee and No shipping or restocking fees.

So….what have you got to lose?


Why not contact Frontpoint for YOUR 30 Day trial and put them to the test?! If you already have Frontpoint Home Security…there are some great equipment updates available. We hope that you will share YOUR Frontpoint Security Reviews in our section for customer Frontpoint Reviews.

Enhanced Security Uses for Frontpoint Sensors

Frontpoint Security Reviews Outline Enhanced Security Sensor Uses


Rarely do Frontpoint reviews mention it, but, door and window sensors from the best home security companies can have many non-traditional applications.

Many top-rated security systems support non-reporting devices.  This means that the sensor can be set up so it will activate the chime feature when opened.  In addition, it can send an alert signal through your Frontpoint App.  The mobile app will let you check out your Frontpoint Cameras right on your smart phone.


Some alternative sensor uses are:


Gun Safe – Place a sensor on your gun cabinet for extra peace of mind. This will provide a second layer of protection.  Just set the sensor in “report-only” mode.  That way, if someone finds the code or key, the you’ll get an alert on the Frontpoint Mobile App you when your cabinet is accessed.

Liquor and Medicine Cabinets- Your Frontpoint Alarm system can also help you keep an eye on the contents of your liquor and medicine cabinets.  You can set schedules in your Frontpoint app which will even notify you when the cabinet has not been opened by the pre-selected time.  This will help ensure that important medications are being taken on time.

Hazardous Materials- Take an extra step to protect your family from accidental poisoning.  Install contacts on any cabinet within a child’s reach that might contain harmful or toxic materials.

Tool Shed- If the tool shed is located within the range of the hub of your Frontpoint Home Security system, a sensor can be placed on the door of your tool shed as well. In some situations, it may require special outdoor sensors to deal with extreme temperatures and the elements. Not only can it send a signal to your phone, but it can also activate a Frontpoint Outdoor Camera, so you can see what is happening.

Mailbox- Wouldn’t it be nice to know if mail has been delivered?  Door/window sensors can be placed on the mailbox to let you know.

Pool Gate – Outdoor pools can be a potential source of danger. Especially for families with young children. An outdoor sensor can keep you apprised of the status of a pool gate.


Outdoor applications may require more robust sensors. Mounting on some surfaces can be difficult and make sure the sensor is close enough to get a good signal.

Consult Frontpoint Security  support to see which products will work best for you.



Frontpoint Security Sensor Uses – Infographic


6 Special Uses for Frontpoint Security Sensors


If you currently own a Frontpoint alarm system, share any special uses you might have in our secion for Frontpoint Reviews.

What is the Frontpoint Security App?

What is the Frontpoint Security App?

Frointpoint partners with to provide  their customers with the fines available security app to manage the security and home automation functions of their Frontpoint Security System. In addition to the standard security and home automation functionalities, the Frontpoint Security App includes exciting premium technologies such as Geo-Location Services and Crash and Smash Protection.

Online Frontpoint Security Reviews rave about the laundry list of home automation and interactive features that are available on the Frontpoint Security App. It will even interface with the Amazon Echo…to provide high tech  voice activated control.


This enables the user to issue verbal commands to arm the system, lock the doors and turn lights off and on! The Frontpoint Security app works with IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry,Pebble, Apple Watch and Apple TV!


Benefits of the Frontpoint Mobile App

Frontpoint Security Reviews Uncover 7 Benefits of the

Frontpoint Home Security App


By aligning themselves with, Frontpoint Security systems continue to maintain an edge over the field by offering the easiest to use, cutting edge technologies. The Frontpoint control panel provides a central hub that manages virtually any compatible home automation equipment.


Frontpoint Security APP


Frontpoint Security App – Features and Benefits


  • Arm/Disarm System – Frontpoint Security Systems offer basic features such as allowing you to turn your alarm on or off from any mobile device. In addition, the App gives you the option to set Geo-Fencing parameters which allow you to automate the process.
  • Lock/Unlock Doors –  The Frontpoint Security App also enables you to control compatible door locks. Rules can be set up to automate most features.
  • Frontpoint Security Cameras – allow you to record video or watch in real time- right through the app. A Frontpoint Camera lets you monitor your pets and check in on the children as they arrive home from school. The Frontpoint Alarm system can be equipped with both indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • Real-Time Alerts –  Most Frontpoint Security packages let you set real-time alerts that will notify you via text or e-mail when the kids get home, there is an intrusion, fire or any event you wish to program into the system.
  • Thermostat Control – The Frontpoint Security App can even serve as a home energy management hub. This can help offset FrontpointSecurity costs by lowering your energy bills.   It allows you to control the thermostat and…
  • Turn Lights On/OFF –This will ensure that you never have to walk into a dark house.
  • Control Appliances – With Frontpoint Security systems, you can even turn on a pot of coffee or an  AC unit while you are on the way home.  You can come home to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a nice cool house!

If you’ve enjoyed your Frontpoint Security App, make sure to share your experiences with our readers in our section for Frontpoint Security Reviews!

Is it critical to get a burglar alarm permit to install a Frontpoint Security system?

Is it critical to get a burglar alarm permit to install a Frontpoint Security system?


Since the Front point Security  system is being remotely monitored with the motive of making use of emergency response assistance, many local cities will require a permit.

Usually, this calls for standard enrollment in conjunction with your hometown law enforcement or sheriff’s dept along with some sort of manageable service fee. One will more than likely be instructed to produce the company name, address and phone number of Frontpoint, in addition to monitoring station, because two organisations happen to be different.

Where permits are necessary, the majority of towns will stipulate a one time cost to enroll an individual’s system, while some areas expect an annual renewal too. Regarding towns with high criminal offense or false alarm rates, failure to register could lead to a refusal to respond to locations that do not possess a security alarm permit…although this is somewhat uncommon. Having said that, you may be subjected to some other fees in cases where law enforcement officials, fire as well as emergency medical services end up being dispatched to a address with no permit with regard to cities in instances where one is needed.

Regardless if a licence is normally obtained, a large percentage of towns will likely assess penalties when it comes to numerous false alarms. Our Frontpoint Security Reviews would be remiss if we didn’t mentions the fact that a large percentage of towns have got strategies in place wherein the initial 1-2 dispatches do not involve fines.

After that,  penalties and fees usually increase from $25-50 to your first enforceable offense…to $100-200 for succeeding repeat offenses.

That is why, it cannot be overemphasized that Frontpoint security system purchasers communicate with his / her area police department, find out what permits are necessary, get a detailed comprehension of the area policies and be certain that they consider compulsory basic steps to forestall false alarms.

Preventing False Alarms


Ways to Help Prevent False Alarms while using Frontpoint Security


As mentioned above, false alarms resulting from errors with your Frontpoint security equipment might contribute to a genuine overload on your local police department. This could end up resulting in costly penalties or fees.

Most Frontpoint reviews don’t disclose the fact that the majority of calls generated are due to false alarms.

That is why most municipalities will charge homeowners significant fines when they exceed a selected amount of false alarms.

To prevent this from happening to you, these are some recommendations to avoid problems with your Frontpoint alarm. Following are a handful of guidelines to help you avoid of false alarms.


Avoiding False Alarms With a Frontpoint Home Security System

• Be sure everyone knows the right way to disarm the home security system. Your Frontpoint control panel will have a master passcode, together with a number of supplemental end-user codes that may be programmed into the system. Be sure everyone knows his or her code as well as understands how to disarm the burglar alarm system.

• Ensure that everyone also is familiar with the security password. In the event of an alarm, the central monitoring station is going to, in most cases, contact your home and request the security password to confirm that the person responding is really a legitimate party. In the event of a Frontpoint alarm, should the individual picking up the phone call not be able to furnish the correct password,  the authorities will likely to be sent.

• Make sure that all windows and doors are properly shut prior to setting the system. A door that is left a little bit ajar could very well be blown open while you are away from the home and set off the alarm. This is another good reason to include a Frontpoint camera in the system. This would enable you to remotely check in on your home and ascertain if there is a problem, before having the police notified.

• Make sure that all Frontpoint home security equipment is installed correctly and in the required places. The Frontpoint motion sensor must be mounted at a height of 6’ and also be clear of fans, heating elements, fireplace, and air conditioning units.

• Pay attention to things that may very well set off a motion sensor. It’s not just pets. AC units might cause fluttering draperies or plants…even helium balloons which might be transported around the residence because of air currents. Ensure that they strapped down away from motions.

• Ideally, your pets ought to be confined to areas clear of motion detectors. Should this be simply not viable, you will find “pet friendly” or “pet immune” detectors that could screen out smaller pets below 40, 50 even 80 lbs. motion detectors can be set up to create pet alleys in which pets could move freely about. An additional choice is to employ glass break detectors in lieu of motion detectors.

• It is best to exchange batteries when required. Almost all security systems make use of Lithium-Ion batteries which actually have at least a two year expected life expectancy. Your Frontpoint control panel will,  in most cases, notify you when the batteries are becoming low alert you with a Frontpoint low battery warning on both the control panel and your Frontpoint security app when there is roughly 1 month of effective life.

It advisable to have additional batteries around and remove and replace them right away. Your system will also warn you if there are various other troubles with sensors. Any time you get a system error warning, conduct a status check, and check out the sensor. Get hold of Frontpoint Security customer service if it looks like it’s malfunctioning.

Make sure that your Frontpoint user manuals/codes/passwords are in a protected specified location in which they could be checked as appropriate.

And remember,  the best way to avoid false alarms is by using your home security system regularly and make certain everyone is familiar with how to operate the system.


Frontpoint Security Reviews False Alarm Prevention Video


YouTube video

Customizing Your Frontpoint Home Security System

Frontpoint Security System Customization.


A Frontpoint alarm system can be customized with all the equipment you need for a top-notch security and home automation system. With state-of-the-art equipment and the home management platform, you can create the system of your dreams. When designing your system, consider the following factors:


Frontpoint Security Reviews - 5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Frontpoint Security System Infographic


1            The best home security companies offer a full line of “take-over” devices that allow you to upgrade your current security equipment to the most advanced system available. If you are upgrading a system with a fair amount of existing equipment, this is an important consideration.

2            Top alarm companies offer multiple specialized sensor options for your doors and windows include recessed, plunger, and bypass –  providing custom solutions for nearly any installation scenario.

3            It is optimal to be able to open and close your garage door with the same keyfob you use for your alarm system. You can also control it with a smartphone thanks to  Z-wave products that interface with most garage door brands.

4            Protect your home from frozen and broken water pipes and furnace and air conditioning failure with this multi-purpose sensor. Check to see if multi-function sensors are available with your system.

5            Triple-duty detectors can activate your alarm system when it senses smoke and high and low temperatures.


Online Frontpoint Security reviews indicate that most customers are thrilled with the capabilities of their systems and the fact that Frontpoint no longer requires long-term contracts!

Is it necessary to cover my garage in my Frontpoint Home Alarm System?
Frontpoint Security Reviews Garage Design Tips


When preparing to order your security system, it is a good idea to consider covering your garage.

Even if it is not in the initial budget, it should be a consideration for long-term planning.  Besides vehicles, the garage is often home to pricey lawn and garden equipment, tools, sporting goods, snow blower, and generators.

On top of that, flammable materials that could start fires are often stored in the garage.



Top  6 Ways to Enhance Garage Security with a Frontpoint Home Security System 

Frontpoint Security Reviews Tips for Garage security



Outdoor Frontpoint Security Camera – See who is in the driveaway and monitor activity in front of the garage doors. Frontpoint security cameras offer 1080P HD resolution with motion detection and night vision.

Overhead Door Monitors – Tilt sensors let you know when the largest entry is open or closed. They use an inclinometer to detect the angle of the garage door and send a signal to the control panel whether the overhead garage door is in an open or closed position.

Garage Door Openers – Your system can allow for remote management of the overhead doors. With a wireless connection to the main home security system control panel, the doors can be operated and even automated from the panel or right through the  Frontpoint App.

Indoor Frontpoint Home Security Camera – This will allow you to check out what is happening inside the garage. This is especially helpful if you have shipments and groceries delivered inside the garage.  

Exterior Door Contacts – Keep all vulnerable garage doors protected. Exterior and/or home entranceways should be protected.

Heat Detectors – This is especially important in homes with an attached garage. It is better to use heat detectors as opposed to smoke detectors.  They are not affected by smoke and fume.  A heat detector senses a rapid rise in the temperature due to fire.  


In summary, if the budget allows…updating or installing a home security system that includes garage door security can be well worth the investment!

How much does Frontpoint Security cost?

 How much does Frontpoint Security cost?


Frontpoint Security Prices are determined by the length of the alarm monitoring agreement.  The lowest Frontpoint security pricing is obtained by homeowners who select a 3 year monitoring term.  With a $300 subsidy, the basic Frontpoint equipment costs for a complete Frontpoint Security System is just $99.

The cost for monitoring your Frontpoint Alarm system starts at just $34.99 a month for cellular monitoring services.

The Frontpoint Security cost for add on sensors is extremely competitive, with standard door and window sensors starting at less than $30.

You can get a no obligation quote with a 30 day trial period with no activation or shipping fees to see if Frontpoint Security is right for you.

Can Frontpoint help me save on insurance?

Frontpoint Security can help reduce insurance costs


Many insurance companies offer you substantially discounted rates on homeowners insurance when  the home is protected by a supervised alarm system.

While price reductions vary from company to company, typical discounted rates range from  5-20% based on the the level of services that happen to be provided.

Frontpoint Security reviews recommend that you make sure that the insurer realizes that the system is monitored and whether things like fire, flood and freeze protection are included in your system. Frontpoint Security makes your certificate of installation available online. It describes the kinds of services for which your system is monitored.

Find out exactly how inexpensive Frontpoint Security could be and ask about Your 30 FREE Day Trial.

If you already have a Frontpoint Alarm, please share your experience in our Frontpoint Security Reviews.

Is the Frontpoint Alarm easy to use?

Frontpoint Security Reviews Praise Ease of Use


  Frontpoint home security systems have advanced dramatically throughout the past few years.

One of the best things about advancements when it comes to technologies is that manufacturers place a substantial amount of emphasis on making the systems more user friendly. Frontpoint recently introduced the Quolsys IQ which incorporates a slick touchscreen display screen user interface which is quite intuitive and guides anybody all the way through tasks like farming, disarming, bypassing areas etc..

The system is paired with the Frontpoint Security App,, their automated interactive smart phone app equipped with home automation capabilities that allow you to supervise your residence from anywhere on the planet with computer access.

Quite a few companies are even incorporating voice control functionality with the aid of their own equipment, Google Home or Alexa. These help you to complete most typical operations merely by giving some sort of voice instruction.

Although Frontpoint reviews are mostly quite positive, occasional Frontpoint reviews mentions issues with minor customer service or even billing problems, you will almost never see a Frontpoint review that will complain that the Qolsys system is difficult to operate.


Arming Options of the Frontpoint Security System

Frontpoint Security Reviews – Arming Modes


OFF — When your Frontpoint Security system is turned off, some of the features of the sensors are still active.   Your Frontpoint Security App will still alert you if a doorway that our window is opened.  The environmental and life security systems are active 24/7 and will still send a signal if a fire breaks out or there are excessive carbon monoxide emissions current.

Stay–  Your Frontpoint Home Security system will also let you arm just the windows and doors in the “stay” mode.   This will let you move about the home freely while the perimeter is protected.

Away–  The Frontpoint alarm away style will trigger any interior motion sensors as well as the windows and doors.

Instant — You are able to eliminate the entry delay in your Frontpoint security system by arming it in instant manner.

Duress –  You may set up a special duress code to use if someone were to force you to disarm the system. This special code is available at no additional cost and does not affect Frontpoint Security prices.  It will trigger immediate emergency response.

 Panic –  Most Frontpoint Alarm Systems are equipped with emergency panic buttons. These buttons signal the monitoring station that there is an occupied panic emergency.  In this case, they will immediate dispatch the appropriate authorities and then call to verify the signal.

Frontpoint Security Arming Modes


Frontpoint Security System Arming Modes - Infographic


If you’re already a Frontpoint alarm customer, please feel free to share your experiences in our area for Frontpoint Security reviews.

Your Frontpoint Security reviews assist our readers in determining if Frontpoint equipment is right for them.

Frontpoint Security Reviews - Home Security Tips

Frontpoint Security Reviews- Suggestions to Protect Against Thieves


  Below a handful of easy steps to safeguard your home from intruders.

Frontpoint Security Reviews - Top 10 Home Security Tips

1. If you are asleep in the evening, or just going to be out and about, shut as well as secure all doors and windows.

2. Strengthen doors by installing deadbolt locks with heavy duty strike plates which have a minimum one inch throw.

3. Sliding glass entrance doors happen to be a fairly easy target. To prevent criminals from forcing them open, place a metal rod or piece of lumber within the track and set up vertical bolts.

4. Get rid of hiding places by continuing to keep shrubbery trimmed around entrances and windows.

5. Make certain that the exterior is properly illuminated. Motion floodlights around the perimeter will be an inexpensive deterrent.

6. Create the illusion that you are currently home simply by using electronic timers with lighting, stereos and Tv sets. Making the property seem to be occupied, even if nobody is home, should dissuade burglars.

7. If you are going away, have a friend collect the newspaper. Suspend mail delivery as well as schedule to have the lawn cut or perhaps driveway shoveled.

8. Keep shades drawn in areas with especially expensive equipment.

9. Don’t leave a key underneath the doormat, plant pot etc. around the front door.

10. You should never broadcast that you’re going on vacation on social media, e-mail auto responders or answering machine messages. This tells criminals your house is vacant.


Purchase a professionally monitored wireless home security system from Frontpoint Security.

You should sleep better knowing your property is safeguarded.

Protecting Your Frontpoint Smart Home from Hackers

Frontpoint Security Reviews- Keeping your Frontpoint Alarm System Safe from Hackers


If they aren’t properly secured, smart home devices, such as a Frontpoint Thermostat can create weak links that can be exploited by hackers.

Consequently, it is recommended that you subscribe to the following  best practices below to ensure that your home network is protected properly.


6 Ways to Keep Your Frontpoint Security System Safe from Hackers - Infographic


Tips to Protect Your Frontpoint Alarm System


Research the Device

When adding 3rd party smart home devices to your Frontpoint Security System, be sure to take the necessary steps to make sure that you minimize the chances of being hacked.

To start with, invest in reputable smart device manufacturers. They are more likely to incorporate encrypted signals and  require password protection, one or two-step authentication and offer frequent over the air firmware and security updates.


Register the Equipment

Be sure to register each device. This is important because it will:

  1. Activate the warranty and
  2. Ensure that you are receiving any firmware updates.

Updates will include new features and also address any known security issues.   Frontpoint Alarm systems are capable of over the air updates.


Pay Attention to Passwords

Don’t forget to change the default passwords. Use combinations of letters, cases, numbers, and symbols.

Moreover, be sure to pick unique passwords for each smart device.  This prevents a hacker from gaining access to all your sensitive accounts if the password for one is discovered.


More Tips from Frontpoint Reviews

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network is Secure

To prevent successful cyber attacks on your Frontpoint security systems, you must safeguard the entire home network. Changing the name of the network and default password is a good place to start. Use a network name that doesn’t include your address or any personal details.

It is also not a bad idea to set up a Wi-Fi network specifically for your smart home appliances. This will make it more difficult for hackers to access the network where you do your banking and store your sensitive information.


Consider Professional Installation

You may decide it just makes more sense to invest in the professional installation. While the basics of the DIY system install are pretty straight forward, you might want to get professional help to enhance your network security and perhaps assist with such items as:

  • Frontpoint DoorBell Camera
  • Frontpoint Thermostat
  • Outdoor Frontpoint Camera
  • Frontpoint Door Lock


An expert technician can help enroll all of these smart devices on your newly secured network and manage them right through the Frontpoint App.


Reset to Factory Default Settings

Before you dispose of, sell or give away any of your Frontpoint Alarm System smart devices, make sure to remove all of your data.


Frontpoint Security Reviews – 7 Tips to Safeguard  Your Frontpoint Security System – Video Summary

YouTube video


Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to share our Frontpoint  Security Reviews, below or follow us, above.  If you or someone you know has experience with Frontpoint or has a Frontpoint Security System, we hope you will share that experience in our Customer Reviews.

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