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Smith Thompson Security – 2024 Reviews, Prices and Smith Thompson Home Security Packages

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Smith Thompson Home Security 

Stepping Up Their Game


Is Smith Thompson the right company to help protect your home and family in 2023?  If you are looking for bare-bones, basic security, and live in Texas, they might be. But, if you are looking for advanced features and home automation, you should consider other options. Read Smith Thompson reviews to find out more…


Smith Thompson Alarm Security – the verdict is…

Smith Thompson logo with gavel

Smith Thompson has carved out a nice niche in The Lone Star State…but, they aren’t for everyone. Overall, Smith Thompson reviews are pretty positive. If you have a Smith Thompson Alarm, share your experiences in our section for customer Smith Thompson Security Reviews.



Smith Thompson Security


Smith Thompson was founded in 1978  and offers cheap home security monitoring and pest control services in Texas.

They are a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Plano, Texas that has installed over 100,000 systems since their inception by offering low cost, $16.95 a month monitoring and basic equipment and installation- for a reasonable price.

While the company was originally established as a home security company, they have since diversified into pest control.


3 Companies We Rated Higher Than Smith Thompson Security

Best Overall

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Frontpoint Security

HSA Rating


Rates from $34.99

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♦No Long Term Contracts

♦A+ BBB Rating

♦Best Customer Service


Best Automation


Vivint Security

HSA Rating


Rates from $29.99

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♦Cutting Edge Tech

♦Flex Pay Financing

♦No Contract Option

Best Pro Install

ADT Security Reviews -Safe Street Rectangular Logo


ADT – Safe Streets

HSA Rating


Rates from $28.99

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♦Name Recognition


♦Professional Install


Potential new Smith Thompson Security buyer…. or current  customer?


Serious about securing your family with a  new home alarm system?

Or perhaps you are actually a Smith Thompson competitor’s client and are considering switching…

The Home Security Advisor was developed to provide you withthe information you’ll need to make educated choices concerning home security. In addition, we provide valuable tips on how you can provide protection to your property as well as family members.

Besides in depth research as well as summary ratings, you can find a place for real user reviews,  product comparisons with leading suppliers, together with Frequently Asked Questions …along with guidelines for blocking false alarms, methods to save cash on your insurance charges and even supplemental benefits associated with owning a Smith Thompson Alarm system.

To help you find out more about Smith Thompson, along with several of the other most widely used security alarm companies, take a look at handy table of contents, with “quick jump” links to help you navigate directly to the particular chapters which might be most vital to suit your needs.


 Smith Thompson Security Reviews– 2024 Summary


Smith Thompson Reviews Summary


    Smith Thompson - Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 7.7
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 39
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - DSC
  • Upfront Costs - $299+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $16.95
  • Contract Length - 0 mo.
  • Installation- Pro
  • Relocation - Hard
  • Equip. Warranty - 1 Year
  • Return Policy - 3 Day RR

Smith Thompson Security Systems – Pros and Cons


NO Contract Required


Low Monitoring Rates


Upfront Equipment Costs


Dated and Simplistic Design


Limited Service Area

Not sure if  Smith Thompson Security is right for you?

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Quick Jump to side by side summary comparisons of Smith Thompson Security vs :

Smith Thompson Review


Reputation and Credibility


Smith Thompson is one of the largest privately owned security companies in Texas.   The home office is located in Plano, TX and they have over 39 years’ experience protecting homes, families and small businesses in Texas.  They boast  an A+ BBB rating with just 13 closed BBB complaints.  Of course, this is to be expected as they do not require contracts with their program…so there is little cause for complaints to be lodged with the Better Business Bureau.

It should be noted that the “closed” complaints seem to go largely unresolved and seem to escalate unnecessarily.

Despite having set up over 100,000 new accounts over nearly 40 years, the company has remained local to the Texas market.  This can be an issue if one relocates outside of the service area.

If you live outside of the state of Texas, check out our top rated national home security companies.



Unlike the majority of home security companies, Smith Thompson Security does not require a monitoring contract.

Their monitoring is just $16.95 a month-which includes a cellular connection. This eliminates the possibility of defeating the system by cutting the phone lines.  For an additional $6.99/mo. you can control the system through their proprietary app on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Smith Thompson provides their own 24/7 monitoring services.  While they do meet the requirements for UL Listing, they are NOT 5 Diamond Certified .

They do not have multiple, redundant monitoring centers. This means that a major local disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey could result in a loss of protection to all their accounts, regardless of where they are located, if the monitoring center were effected.

Companies such as Protect America and ADT have multiple, redundant monitoring centers so that calls can easily be re-routed in a state of emergency.

Like SimpliSafe, (see our SimpliSafe Reviews) Smith Thompson home security monitoring does also NOT include home automation…so if you are looking for some of the bells and whistles, you should be looking elsewhere.


Pricing and Equipment 


The basic equipment package is  $299.00.

It is made by DSC and includes:Smith Thompson Security - DSC Security System

  • Central Control Panes
  • LCD Keypad
  • 3 Door Sensors
  • Motion Sensor

If you wish to have cellular monitoring, and additional transmitter must be purchased  for $89.00.

This brings the start up cost up to $388.00.

The system is wireless, and add on components are competitively priced.

There is no touchscreen keypad available…and frankly, the system looks rather outdated. Nevertheless, if you are just looking for the most basic protection, it will do the trick.


Customer Service


Smith Thompson has been servicing customers for almost 40 years.  They are a local, family owned business that takes pride in their products and services…and has worked hard to maintain an A+ BBB service.

However, they do not have a 30 or 60 day return policy, like some of the best DIY alarm companies, and customers must rely on just a 3 day right of rescission regarding the installation.  Unlike ADT monitored systems, they do not offer a 6- month service guarantee or a relocation program.

And, while they do offer phone support, during normal business hours, they do not offer some of the online support such as 24/7 chat support, e-mail or online account management.


Smith Thompson Security Summary


If you are looking for basic security with no long term commitments, they are a reasonably good choice- IF you live in Texas and don’t plan to ever leave.

Because there are no contracts, the equipment must be purchased and installed at full price…so the start up costs are higher.  Additionally, the equipment they use is very vanilla and somewhat antiquated.

In some respects, it feels like Smith Thompson is stuck in the ’70’s. They offer:

  • NO Video Cameras
  • NO Touchscreen Keypads
  • NO Home Automation Capabilities

All of these are pretty much standard fare in a modern security company.

If one requires more than just a basic system, or resides outside of the state of Texas…Smith Thompson is not the company for you.


Protection One Security Reviews-Security Company Comparison Chart - Button

Please feel free to offer your comments, feedback on our  Smith Thompson Reviews or share your experience with their protection services below.

Smith Thomson Reviews

Customer Smith Thompson Security  Reviews

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Tired of the Smith Alarm Company?

Top Smith Thompson Home Security System Alternatives


    Frontpoint Reviews Rating - 9.5
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Smith Thompson Reviews – Video Summary 

YouTube video


Smith Thompson Alarm Equipment



Smith Thompson is a DSC authorized dealer. This is their primary line of equipment for basic home security.




Qolsys IQ2

For home automation, the primary equipment is the Qolsys IQ equipment series.

 Thompson Security Qolsys IQ Panel-Home



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Available Equipment Options

Smith Security Systems- Common Sensors and Components


Smith Thompson Security offers a comprehensive selection of components. This will enable you to customize your systems to fit your needs and budget.  There is a myriad of ways that you can outfit Smith Security systems when you set up your system.

The great thing is that Smith alarm systems are fully expandable.  You can start with a basic Thompson security system and build upon it when your needs change and/or your budget allows.

Following is a list of the major common components.  We have included the more basic sensors that are often included in a starter wireless home security package, as well as a variety of sensors that you might want to add to a more comprehensive customized system.


The Basic Wireless Home Security Package


The Control Panel Hub


While some systems come with a separate base unit and keypad, the majority will integrate the two. You still find very basic units with pushbutton controls, but most will offer a touchscreen display. When upgrading a Smith alarm system, one should note that some basic Smith home security packages may contain a pushbutton keypad, but additional touchscreen panels are available.

Touchscreen Panel – Most top wireless systems come with some form of touchscreen panel where you can arm and disarm your system and manage any connected devices. The panels can be mounted on the wall or set up with a desktop display mount. Many will have an internal cellular antenna that can function as a primary or backup means of communication.

Cellular Communicator – Sometimes the cellular communicator may be a device all on its own. It can be used, in some cases, to keep connected to the app as well as the monitoring center. The advantage of a cellular connection is that it stays on in a power outage and can’t be cut, unlike regular phone lines and cable.

Window/Door Sensors – Otherwise known as contact or entry sensors. Each sensor is two parts, one that goes on the door or window frame, and one that goes on the door or window itself. One is a magnet and one is a transmitter.  When the magnetic field between the two is broken,  a signal is sent to the main unit. It is usually recommended to place sensors on all doors and the most vulnerable windows on the main floor.

Motion Sensors- Motion sensors detect movement inside the house.  They typically screen out smaller objects (below 40 lbs.) and can be placed in larger common areas in the home where an intruder might pass.

Glass Break Sensors- Glass break sensors, as the name implies, can detect the sounds of glass breaking, as intruders will often break windows to gain entry.  They are not typically included in basic packages, but can sometimes be swapped out and often used instead of motion detectors when there are larger pets in the home.

Keypad- Keypads are used to enter passcodes to arm and disarm your system. In many systems, they are integrated into the main hub. They should be placed on the wall or near where you most commonly enter and exit your home. Secondary optional wireless keypads can be placed in master bedrooms or other areas where one might want to arm or disarm the system

Panic button- Panic buttons are often included on the main keypad.  They can immediately alert the monitoring station of an occupied medical, fire, or personal threat or emergency.  There are also separate wireless buttons or pendants available which can be activated anywhere with range of the base unit

Key Fob- Often referred to as keychain remotes, key fobs work with most wireless security systems so that you can arm and disarm them even away from the keypad. Some key fobs can also include a panic alert feature.

Yard Sign- Yard signs can serve as a deterrent. They alert anyone that the home is protected by Smith security systems. While some people argue that this will ward off would-be intruders, others argue that they may provide insights as to the age and make of the systems to a savvy criminal. Realistically, they are more likely going to move on to easier targets.

Window Stickers- The same arguments arise when it comes to window stickers. Some experts suggest that it might make sense to use signs and stickers from a different company if you are concerned.

Siren- The majority of security system touch screen panels or base stations have sirens built-in. We recommend sirens of at least 85 decibels. Auxiliary sirens are typically available for larger homes or systems which don’t have built-in sirens



Environmental Sensors


Top wireless alarm companies provide equipment that will allow you to monitor a variety of potential threats within your home. Typically, each of the components below can be integrated seamlessly into the system and monitored right through the system’s app.


Smoke Detector- In the event of a fire, a wireless smoke detector will automatically send a signal to the central monitoring station if no one is home or if they are unable to get to the phone. Many of them also incorporate a rate-of-rise heat sensor which can detect rapid increases in temperature. This is helpful in extreme temperatures if cooling systems fail, or if there is a flash fire that doesn’t have a lot of smoldering smoke.

CO Sensor – Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas that can be lethal if ingested in large quantities. Wireless alarm systems equipped with monitored CO detectors will alert you of dangerous levels of CO even when you’re not home.

Smoke/CO Firefighter Module- Already have standard smoke and CO in the home? Some wireless home security systems are compatible with smoke and CO alarm modules that can detect the sounds of your existing smoke and CO alarms going off and alert you via your Smith alarm app.

Flood Sensor- You may be able to prevent major flood damage if you can catch leaks as soon as they happen. Flood sensors, sometimes called water leak detectors, can be placed near the dishwasher, washing machine, sump pump, or any other areas where floods can occur.

Heat Detector- While temperature sensors may be built into smoke alarms, they can be sold as separate devices that alert you of rapidly rising temperatures in your home, which could indicate fires. It is often a good idea to use these in a garage or near the furnace, where emissions tend to set off smoke detectors.

Low-Temperature Sensors- Low Temp Sensors can be set to monitor if the temperature dips below 45 degrees to prevent frozen pipes. These can be placed on exterior walls where the plumbing runs and in the coolest areas in the home that might be vulnerable to sub-freezing temperatures.


Smith Thompson Security Cameras, Appliance Modules, and Smart Locks


Indoor/Outdoor Cameras- Wireless security cameras allow you to monitor and record what is happening in and outside of your home. Most wireless alarm systems offer a variety of camera options for both indoor or outdoor use.  The current standard is 1080P HD resolution which is motion-activated and offers night vision. Cameras are also available with two-way voice capability and some even offer Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can distinguish between persons and objects such as pets.

Micro-SD card- While most cameras offer cloud storage of video clips, (at a price) some cameras come with storage capabilities on micro-SD cards. These are typically purchased separately, gaining up to 64 GB of local storage.

Video Doorbells- Video doorbells integrate a doorbell and a camera into one component. They may operate through the existing doorbell wiring or function as a stand-alone unit with a rechargeable battery.  Many of the better systems are motion activated and include 2-way voice to allow you to speak with your guest through the system. If it is incorporated into your wireless alarm system it can be operated from your control panel or directly through your system’s app. These are a popular add-on to enable wireless security system owners to monitor packages dropped off at the front door…esp. during the holiday season.

Appliance and Light Modules- These are separate modules that plug into the existing 110v outlets that enable you to control lighting and small appliances right through your wireless home security system. You can turn lights on and off, start the coffee in the AM, raise the shades and turn on fans right through your app. The best wireless security systems even let you set up rules or scenes which will let you automate a whole series of events when you issue a single command.

Smart Locks- Never worry about placing a spare key under the doormat again. Smart locks can be locked and unlocked remotely. Smith security systems can include smart locks that can be managed with the Smith Thompson alarm app. When your system is armed, you can set it to automatically lock the doors, ensuring that your home is truly secure when you leave the house.

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Protect America Reviews - Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

Thompson Home Security Sensors

Wireless sensors that will notify you when a door or window is opened.

Protect America Alarm System - Professional Smoke and Heat Sensor

Smoke/Heat Sensor

Smith Thompson Alarm Security Smoke Sensor

Detects extreme temperature change and smoke for maximum fire protection.

Light and Small Appliance Module

Light Control

 Security Appliance Module

Z-Wave control of lights and small appliances.

Compatible Z-Wave Thermostat

Z-Wave Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Z-Wave controls compatible smart thermostats.


Protect America Security Systems- Pet Immune Motion Detector

Motion Sensor

Smith Thompson Home Security Motion Sensor

Pet-friendly sensor detects the motion of objects that greater than 40 lbs.



Indoor Video Camera

Indoor Video Camera

Smith Thompson Security Camera

Indoor/outdoor wireless video camera with motion detection, 2-way audio and “night vision”.

Common Smith Thompson Security FAQs

How much does Smith Thompson Security cost to install?

Smith Thompson Home Security systems are professionally installed.  Upfront installation costs start at $89, but will vary depending on the equipment required.

What monitoring services are provided by Smith Thompson Security?

They provide 24/7 monitoring from its company-owned CSAA 5 Diamond Rated monitoring center.   Your home can be monitored for burglary, fire, environmental and medical emergencies.

What areas does Smith Thompson service?

Smith Thompson alarms are available only in Texas.

Does Smith Thompson offer home automation?

While they built their reputation on simple, basic security services, Smith Thompson now offers a full line-up home automation products. Their alarm systems can include video cameras, smart door locks, lighting, and thermostats.

Does Smith Thompson Security work with Alexa?

Does Alexa work with the Smith Thompson Alarm System?


Yes…Smith Thompson Home Security Systems work with Alexa.


As security system technology continues to improve, many alarm system owners are exploring ways to automate their home security systems.


Smith Thompson Security Reviews indicate that one of the most requested features is Alexa voice control.


Alexa voice control includes simple commands or complete scenes such as arming the system, locking doors, turning off light and turning down the thermostat -with a single command!

How is Smith Thompson Home Security Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Does Smith Thompson Security Have Special Systems in Place For The Coronavirus  Pandemic?



The Smith Thompson website does not seem to have a published policy statement on exactly what steps they are taking to protect against Covid-19.

Having a written statement helps to reassure potential Smith Thompson Home Security customers. This is especially important during the Covid 19 Pandemic as many people are opting for the Best DIY home security systems because they are concerned about face to face sales, service, or installation interactions.

Many of the best home alarm companies are publishing their policies for sustaining their sales, service, and monitoring standards.  Potential buyers want to know that they have a solid plan to be able to continue to operate in the midst of the ongoing health crisis. Following are some commons steps being taken by alarm companies:

  • To limit exposure to Covid-19, many companies now encourage as many employees as possible to work remotely. Some companies are supplying secure laptops to remote workers to assure privacy.
  • The best alarm companies have redundant monitoring centers. In a regional health emergency, calls could then be re-routed to an alternate facility.
  • Employees that deal with patrons face to face are typically given supplementary cleaning supplies, protective masks, and protective tools. Many security companies are reaching out to their customers before each appointment to make sure that no one is sick and that they can present a safe work environment.
  • If one is uncomfortable receiving sales, service, or installation staff in their homes, the best security companies make available multiple ways (Chat, Phone, Online, etc.) to reschedule.


During the Covid 19 health emergency, it is extremely important for companies to closely follow CDC Guidelines to ensure the safety of both security company employees and customers.

If you have questions, contact Smith’s customer service department to learn more about their Coronavirus protocols.

More Frequently Asked Questions


How does Smith Thompson Home Security compare with other top-rated alarm companies?


Smith Thompson Security provides professionally installed security and home automation systems by DSC.  You can see how they stack up in our top 5 alarm companies or in the side-by-side comparison summaries, below.

Smith Thompson vs. ADT Monitored vs. Vivint vs. Armorax vs. Protect America vs. Frontpoint Security vs.  Link Interactive 


    Frontpoint Reviews Rating - 9.5
    Vivint Reviews - Editors Rank
    ADT 2021 Rating
    Link Interactive 2021 Rating
    SimpliSafe 2021 Ratings


(Click Below to Toggle Open)

Smith Thompson
    Smith Thompson - Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 7.7
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 39
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - DSC
  • Upfront Costs - $299+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $16.95
  • Contract Length - 0 mo.
  • Installation- Pro
  • Relocation - Hard
  • Equip. Warranty - 1 Year
  • Return Policy - 3 Day RR

ADT Monitored
    ADT Security Reviews -Safe Street Rectangular Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 8.6
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 18
  • SDM Ranking - #1
  • Equip. Man - Varies
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $36.99
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day

    Top 10 Alarm Companies- Frontpoint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.5
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 8
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - Frontpoint
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $44.99
  • NO Long Term Contract!
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

Vivint Security
    Life Alert reviews - Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 7.8
  • Years in Business - 30+
  • Upfront Costs - $95-$198
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $49.95
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- Pro/DIY
  • Cancellation - Hard
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - NA

Smith Thompson Security vs Vivint

Smith Thompson vs Vivint
8.4 HSA Review
9.8 5 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
9.2 HSA Review
2.4 7 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value

Smith Thompson Alarm systems are only available to those who live in Texas, whereas Vivint security systems are available nationwide.

Smith Thompson offers only basic security.

Vivint specializes in home automation and offers more technologically advanced equipment which can be controlled from anywhere with their Vivint Sky App.

Where Smith Thompson Home Security equipment must be purchased in full, upfront. Vivint offers their customers a new  Flexpay option to finance the equipment over 42-60 months with 0% interest.

If a Vivint customer elects to purchase the equipment outright…there is no monitoring contract required!

Vivint Advantages over Thompson Security

•Standard Touchscreen Display Control Panel  – Vivint Sky Vivint -Best Home Automation Trophy
• Professional Set Up and Installation at no additional cost
• Full Range of Monitoring Options
• Nationwide Service Network
• Voice Control as well as 2 Way Voice Communication Available
• Industry Leading Home Automation Capabilities
• Nationwide Relocation Program
•  Award-Winning Vivint Home App- 4.5 Star Rating!
• 0% Interest Flexpay Equipment Financing
• Lifetime Equipment Warranty


While  Smith Thompson Security Reviews are overall pretty positive, if you are looking for more than just the most basic security, you may want to take a few moments to consider Vivint.

Get More Info on Vivint Home Security Systems 

Read our Vivint Reviews

Call For FREE Quote- 855-695-1727

Smith Thompson vs ADT Monitoring

Smith Thompson Security vs ADT Monitored Security

Smith Thompson vs ADT Monitored
8.4 HSA Review
9.8 5 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
8.9 HSA Review
0 0 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value

While most of the best home security companies detailed within our Top Five recommendations tend to be Do-it-Yourself Security Systems, a proportion of buyers would most likely still choose to get their home security systems set up professionally through a proven, full service home security company.

Property owners that happen to be looking at Smith Thompson would, more often than not, wind up checking out ADT Security. It is likewise installed by a professional as well as monitored by the most renowned security alarm company-ADT.

You will find there presently exists more than 6 million homes and businesses all over the north america equipped with ADT monitored security systems.

They’ve have also been operating more than 140 years and maintain six UL Listed, 5 Diamond Certified monitoring centers manned with the best trained professionals in the business.

Why Choose ADT Monitoring?

ADT Authorized Premier Provider – Protect Your Home can adeptly deploy essentially the most reliable, state-of-the-art systems. Their experienced, well-informed and background-checked techs will ensure that all components function properly- which means you can be completely confident with the operation of the system -which is monitored through ADT – quite possibly the most highly regarded company in the industry.

Benefits include:

  • FREE Security System -$850 Value*Cox Homelife Review -ADT Security Systems
  • Professional Installation
  • Superior Monitoring Redundancy- 6 Monitoring Centers
  • Local Nationwide Service Network
  • Superior Technology – Voice Control Available
  • Broad Home Automation Compatibility
  • Nationwide Relocation Program (certain restrictions apply)
  • $500 Theft Protection Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)
  • 6 Month Service Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)

*$99 charge for parts & installation with monthly monitoring services. Termination Fee Applies. For New Customers Only. (See T&Cs Below)

So if you are leaning towards a professionally installed  home security systems, you should definitely investigate what has made ADT the #1 name in the home security!

Get More Info on ADT Monitoring

Read our Full Review on ADT Home Security

Call For FREE Quote- 888-495-9434

Smith Thompson Security vs Protect America

Smith Alarm vs. Protect America

Smith Thompson Security vs Protect America
8.4 HSA Review
9.8 5 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
8.3 HSA Review
3.5 4 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value

Protection One Security Reviews- Protect America Reviews- Platinum Award for Best Home Security CompanyProtect America launched the Do-It-Yourself home security business model and  has extensive experience in meeting the  needs of the DIY wireless alarm industry while  providing exceptional value and quality customer service.

They have an A BBB rating and have been in the SDM Top 15 the past 5 years, a consistent recipient Consumer’s Digest Best Buy, and service over a half million satisfied customers.

Protect America offers cellular, broadband and landline monitoring services….starting at a very affordable $19.99/mo.

And Protect America makes security and home automation affordable for virtually anyone, with their exclusive $0 Equipment Cost pricing options.  Protect America includes a ton of equipment with their premium monitoring packages, i.e.

Platinum Package includes:

  • Simon XT Panel
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 14 Door Window Sensors

That’s $1400 in FREE equipment when you sign up for the Platinum Plan for just $42.95/mo.!

Let’s face it, for real protection, most homes are going to need more than 2 or 3 sensors…..with most companies, this will cost hundreds…even thousands of dollars.

Check out  Protect America , or call  888.951.5140 and see what they have to  offer!

Get More Info on Protect America

Read our Full Review on Protect America Security Services

Call For FREE Quote- 888-951-5140

Thompson Security vs Frontpoint Security

Thompson Security vs. Frontpoint Security

Smith and Thompson vs Frontpoint
8.4 HSA Review
9.8 5 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
9.5 HSA Review
5.2 2 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value

While a relatively young company , Frontpoint has gained  a reputation for providing best in class customer service by maintaining an A+ BBB rating.

Their pricing starts out  at the same $34.99, but their all inclusive package is available for less…at $49.99. Frontpoint reviews are overwhelmingly positive. P1 Security - Frontpoint Security

The standard Frontpoint alarm system is the GE Simon XT, but they now offer an upgraded Qolsys IQ panel which has many advanced features such as:

  • 7″ Touchscreen Display
  • Photo Slide Show, Video Camera Display, Current Weather Display
  • Integrated Image Capture/notification  when system is armed/disarmed
  • Severe Weather Alerts

For quality products and top notch customer service- get a quote from our   Frontpoint Security or call 844.688.2894.

Get More Info on Frontpoint Home Security Systems

Read our Full Review on Fronpoint Security Protection

Call For FREE Quote- 844-688-2894

Smith Alarm vs Armorax Home Security

mith Alarm  vs Armorax Security

Smith Thompson Alarm vs Armorax
8.4 HSA Review
9.8 5 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
1 HSA Review
1 1 vote
Customer Service
Price and Value

DIY or Professional Install?

Smith Thompson Alarm Systems are set up by a qualified professional. However whether or not professional installation is important for just about any wireless home security system may be debatable.

Even though some may find it simpler to just have someone else do the work…there is a lot to be said with respect to all the satisfaction and economic benefits regarding setting up a Do-it-yourself alarm system.

And it’s really almost certainly easier than you may realize.

Incidently, in excess of 90% of Do-it-yourself security owners characterized the system as easy to install”.

2018 Armorax vs Smith Thompson Security Reviews Update

A lot of our original enthusiasm for Armorax has already slipped off appreciably because the provider continues to indicate signs that it is having problems.

The BBB rating has recently dropped off significantly coming from an A (at the period of our original Smith Thompson Alarm review) to a C+.

Throughout our secret shopping initiatives, we have realized that even the sales team will not pick up the telephone. Incoming phone calls are generally handled utilizing a voice mail which tells them to dial 911 should this be an emergency…or to stay on the phone for the product sales department. Following 2 or 3 additional minutes on hold, you’re finally handled by an answering service which will take a name and telephone number for a return call.

This makes one wonder what happens if I have a issues with my system?

Equipment and Cost Changes

On top of that, Armorax has switched providers 3 x over the last twelve months. They have made from the state-of-the-art 2 Gig lineup, briefly advertised the Interlogix Simon XT, and are also now supplying the lesser known Resolution Helix panel.

They also have totally changed their monitoring cost plan 3 times in the last calendar year. When it comes to online Armorax reviews, you’ll see that no two web pages show the same charges. Armorax previously offered no contract plans as well as programs together with Cost-free equipment and monitoring rates as low as $19.99/mo.

Their active offer costs you $99.00 up front combined with standard monitoring starts at $34.99 and the Mobile APP is extra!

Transparency is Poor

Furthermore, the complete lack of online transparency does nothing to promote confidence. Presently they’ve got a 1 page site that gives little or no details about the firm qualifications, hardware, pricing, monitoring company and services, Mobile App, Set up information or even training videos …or pretty much anything other than that that a potential consumer might choose to find out.

While the company exhibited good promise formerly, we’re no longer keen with regards to them as a decent alternative option to Smith Thompson security. In our view, you will find far better alternate options.

The information below was included in our original Armorax vs Smith Thompson reviews – and is for comparison purposes only.


Armorax features a comparable A+BBB Score. While they are a relative newcomer to they industry, they have made a name for themselves by providing state of the art equipment at rock bottom prices.

Armorax Costs

Armorax offers a simple and straight forward cost structure…

The standard Armorax Blackbox system is a top of the line 2 Gig Touchscreen system , which is Free of charge when accompanied by a 36 month monitoring agreement!

However, the monitoring price is what truly sets Armorax above the rest. At this time they’re supplying Cellular Monitoring for just $24.95!

Interactive and home automation is available for just $5 a month more.

And this is certainly not bare boned monitoring- it includes:

  • Interactive Service- Arm/Disarm/Notifications and Alerts
  • Comprehensive Home Automation
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring/Management
  • Crash and Smash type protection

All for $29.95/mo.

And that is NOT an introductory price. It also includes a Rate Lock Guarantee!

Smith Thompson Pricing

With a Smith Thompson Alarm, you will be required to pay $388.00 up front for installation. (assuming you opt for a cellular system)

Armorax recognized as Top DIY Alarm Company

With cellular monitoring available for just $24.95/mo., Armorax is taking the alarm industry by storm.  And they don’t stop there. They combine low,low monitoring rates with the top of the line, 2 Gig Technologies Go! Control system!

In recognition of superior value, Armorx received our Silver  Award 2017 Top 5 Best Home Security Companies- Armoraxas one of the TOP Home Security Companies of 2017.

How did Armorax catapult into the Top 5?

Simple.  They offer the best for less.

Interactive Features

In order to get remote arming capability, you will need to spend $6.99 extra – bringing your monthly rate up to about $24 a month.

Armorax  also offers an outstanding 3rd party interactive platform.which not only offers  remote management and notifications, but it also gives you:

These features are showcased by the  Armorax Blackbox which features  a premium touchscreen Interlogix -the Simon XTi.

The Simon XTI is  equipped with an integrated Z-Wave communication module which enables comprehensive home automation and management capability of virtually any Z-Wave compatible device!


Armorax provides top of the line, DIY security and home automation products with rock bottom  cellular monitoring rates that include services.  With a FREE premium  system and full featured monitoring services for $24.95/mo.

For an additional $5 bucks a month, you get full home automation, crash and smash and video monitoring.

Smith Thompson would run $388 up front…and would provide only basic security protection

Get More Info on Armorax Home Security Systems

Read our Full Armorax Blackbox Security Review

Call For FREE Quote- 866-355-0640

Smith Thompson vs ADT Monitoring

Smith Thompson Reviews Tips- Designing your Smith Thompson Security System


Perimeter Protection – The first layer of security begins outside the home- as well as protecting your doors and any vulnerable windows. It is best to discourage anyone from targeting the home with yard signs, window stickers, and visible Smith Thompson Security cameras.

Interior Protection – A good home security system will also include a second line of defense. This will enable you to detect an intruder if they breech the perimeter protection. Motion detectors or glass break sensors should be installed in strategic areas. You may want to consider an additional keypad in an office or bedroom Security cameras can be positioned anywhere where one might want to record or view activity.

Asset Protection- Gun cabinets, liquor/medicine cabinets or any areas with sensitive documents might require additional protection. It is possible to set up individual sensors as “non-reporting. Then, if they are triggered, it will not set off the alarm, bit, it will silently notify you through the Smith Thompson Security App.

Environmental Protection – Your Smith alarm system can also be set up to monitor environmental dangers such as fire, carbon monoxide, flooding or freezing. There are specific sensors for each of these purposes.

Home Automation- Smith Thompson Security systems can serve as your central hub to monitor an manage lighting, heat and air conditioning, cameras, doors and even garage door openers. You can manage almost any home automation function from virtually anywhere on your Smith Thompson Home Security App.


If you already have a system, please feel free to share your tips in our section for Smith Thompson Security Reviews.

How to avoid False Alarms...

Strategies to help you prevent  Smith Thompson false alarms.


As stated earlier, false alarms arising from the use of Smith Thompson Alarm systems  can contribute to a genuine overload on your local police as well as emergency services resources. Worse yet, you could wind up having to pay steep fines

Although very few Smith Thompson Reviews divulge it, the majority of dispatches by monitoring centers across the country are  a result of false alarms.  Consequently, most towns administer fines to alarm system owners whenever they meet or exceed a particular volume of false alarms.

To prevent this from happening to you, here are some recommendations to avoid a false alarm with your home security system:


Smith Thompson Security Reviews Infographic- Ways to Avoid False Alarms with Smith Thompson Alarm Systems

Smith Thompson Security Reviews -Avoid False Alarms with Smith Thompson Alarm Systems


• You should make sure everybody knows the way to disarm the home security system. Your security alarm is going to have a master passcode, along with a number of supplemental end-user codes that can be programmed into the system. Try to make sure that everyone knows his or her code as well as is able to disarm the security system.

• Be sure that everybody also has learned the security password. If there is an alarm, the central monitoring station will in most cases contact the house for starters and request the security password to confirm that the man or woman answering is an authorized party. In case there is an alarm, should the individual answering telephone call be unable to produce the exact password, the authorities will likely be dispatched.

• Check to see that every door and window is properly secured before arming the system. Any entrance that’s been left to some degree ajar could be blown open while you are away and set off the alarm.

• Check that that all devices are mounted solidly and in the correct places. Motion sensors need to be affixed at a height of 6’ and away from the fans, heaters, fireplace, and air conditioning systems.

• Give some thought to items that might possibly trigger a motion detector. It’s not only pets ..Air conditioning units can cause fluttering draperies or plants…and helium balloons can be transported about the residence by air currents.

• Preferably, pets ought to be restricted to zones apart from motion detectors. If that’s not manageable, one can find “pet friendly” or “pet immune” detectors which are able to screen out smaller pets below 40, 50 even 80 lbs. Motion detectors can be set up to provide pet alleys whereby pets could move freely about. The alternative option is to make use of glass break sensors in place of motion sensors.

• It’s essential to replace batteries when required. Just about all alarm systems use Li-Ion batteries which usually have at very least a two-year estimated lifespan. Your Smith Thompson Alarm System will in most cases advise you if your batteries have become low- not to mention warn you when there are approximately 30 days of usable life.

It is advisable to obtain extra batteries available and switch them out promptly. Your system will even alert you in case there are other issues with sensors. Any time you receive a system fault notification, run a status check and troubleshoot the sensor. Get hold of Smith Thompson Security customer service in the event it seems to be not functioning properly.

Keep your customer Smith Thompson alarm manuals/codes/passwords in a safe specified location in which they could be checked if required. Although, the ideal way to avoid false alarms is by using your system on a regular basis and make sure that everybody is familiar with the right way to operate the system.


Preventing False Alarms with a Smith Thompson Alarm System – Video Summary

YouTube video


Top 5 Tips to Avoid False Alarms with Your
Smith Thompson Security System

Know How to Arm/Disarm System
Make sure all users know how to use the Apps, Key Fobs and have memorized the 4-digit code.

Remember the Password
If the system goes off, the Smith Thompson Alarm monitoring station will call to verify and request your secret password. Ensure that all authorized users know it.

Make sure that Sensors are Securely Mounted
Be sure that your Smith Thompson Home Security motion detectors and sensors are properly mounted and clear of obstructions.

Properly Secure Doors and Windows
Make sure that all doors and windows are closed tightly before arming the ADS Alarm System.

Maintain the Security System
Test the Smith Thompson Alarm system as recommended and be sure to keep fresh batteries on hand. For more details on Smith Thompson Home Security Systems, Smith Thompson Security Reviews, and Smith Thompson  Alarm Cameras, visit The Home Security Advisor



How customizable is the Smith Thompson Security System?
Customizing a Smith Thompson Home Security system.


Prior to deciding on the best ways to customize your Smith Thompson alarm system, be sure that they can provide the equipment you require for a fully customized and cost-effective system. For a truly custom install and to get the most bang for your buck, make sure the system you choose has the versatility and can accommodate the multi-function components described below.


Ways to Customize Your Smith Thompson Security System


1            The best home security companies offer a full line of “take-over” devices that allow you to upgrade your current security equipment to the most advanced system available. If you are upgrading a system with a fair amount of existing equipment, this is an important consideration.

2            Top alarm companies offer multiple specialized sensor options for your doors and windows include recessed, plunger, and bypass –  providing custom solutions for nearly any installation scenario.

3            It is optimal to be able to open and close your garage door with the same keyfob you use for your alarm system. You can also control it with a smartphone thanks to  Z-wave products that interface with most garage door brands.

4            Protect your home from frozen and broken water pipes and furnace and air conditioning failure with this multi-purpose sensor. Check to see if multi-function sensors are available with your system.

5            Triple-duty detectors can activate your alarm system when it senses smoke and high and low temperatures.

Do I need a permit?

Is it essential to get an alarm permit to install a Smith Thompson Security System?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need a permit generally if the system is not going to be professionally monitored. Having said that, if your burglar alarm is being remotely monitored, most local cities would require a permit.

Generally, this involves very simple application with a community law enforcement or sheriff’s agency and a nominal fee. You will likely also be asked to give you the name, address and phone number of the alarm system company, in addition to monitoring station, whenever the two companies end up being different.

When permits are required, the majority of municipalities will demand a 1 time cost to register an individual’s system, and some cities have to have a yearly renewal too. In towns with higher crime combined with false alarm rates, failing to register can result in a refusal to respond to places that don’t have any a security alarm permit.

No matter if a permit is purchased, the vast majority of towns are likely to assess fees with respect to numerous false alarms. The majority of cities currently have regulations set up in which the 1st 1 to 2 dispatches don’t involve penalties and fees. And after which penalties and fees customarily increase from $25-50 for the 1st enforceable offense…to $100-200 for succeeding repeat infractions.

As a consequence, it is essential that burglar alarm owners phone his or her own local area police department, discover what permits are expected, get a thorough knowledge of the local policy and make certain that they go ahead and take critical steps in order to prevent false alarms.

Will a pet trigger my motion detector?

Smith Thompson Security motion sensors

Your motion detectors will disregard small pets under 40 pounds if they are properly positioned.

If you’ve got a larger pet…request your Smith Alarm technician install detectors that can screen out pets around 80 pounds or set up a “pet alley”.

And finally, you may want to consider a glass break detector as an alternative.

If you have an experience owning a Smith Thompson alarm, share your experience in our section for Smith Thompson Security Reviews.

Does a Smith Thompson Alarm require a landline?

Smith Thompson Security –  Monitoring Options


A Smith Thompson alarm does not require a landline for monitoring.

Though it is more expensive, cellular monitoring is optimal for  Smith Thompson Home Security systems.  While Smith Thompson reviews rarely address it, if the system doesn’t have cellular monitoring, it is quite simple to interfere with sending an alarm signal to the Thompson security monitoring station by simply cutting the landline.

While some Smith Thompson security reviews might complain about the additional costs, many homeowners are minimizing the cost of the Smith Thompson alarm monitoring by simply getting rid of their landlines.

Security System Arming Modes

Smith Thompson Reviews –  Arming Modes


OFF — Even if your Smith Thompson system is not armed , many of the features are still active.   For example, your Smith Thompson alarm system will still alert you when a doorway or window is opened if the Chime feature is on.  Environmental and life security sensors (i.e. water or very low temperatures ) are still working to protect your home.  Consequently, if a fire started or there is are carbon monoxide emmissions, your system will still alert the central monitoring station.

Stay–  You can arm just the perimeter protection (doors and windows) by arming your system in the “home” mode.   This will let you move about the home freely and have a certain degree of security.

Away–  This will activate any interior motion sensors in addition to the windows and doors.

Instant — You are able to remove the entry delay in your Smith Thompson system by arming it in instant mode.

Duress –  You may establish a special duress code which can notify the monitoring center that there’s a possible hostage situation.  If a person were to force you to disarm the system, this code will activate immediate emergency response.

Panic-  A special signal is sent to that will alert them that there is an accupied panic situation.


Smith Thompson Home Security System Arming Modes Infographic


Smith Thompson Security System Arming Modes Infographic


If you’re already a customer, please don’t hesitate to talk about your experiences in our area for Smith Thompson Reviews. This is not just an area for Smith Thompson complaints.  By contributing your Smith Thompson Review, you are providing valuable insights from the customer viewpoint.

Should I include my garage?

Smith Thompson Security Tips for the Garage



A  quality alarm system does more than just protect the home. When designing a home security system, it is a good idea to include the garage as well.  After all, the garage typically houses your second largest investment- your automobiles.  It also is often home to expensive tools, sporting equipment, yard maintenance equipment, generators  etc.

In addition, many people store gasoline, propane, and other flammables in the garage.  This makes it a fire risk….which could easily spread to the home.



6 Ways to Enhance Garage Security with a Smith Thompson Security System


Outdoor Smith Thompson Security Camera – Always be aware of who approaches your garage doors and monitor activity. Most outdoor security cameras offer 1080P HD resolution with motion detection and night vision.

Overhead Door Monitors – Be advised whether the largest entry is open or closed. Tilt sensors use an inclinometer to detect the angle of the garage door. They send a signal to the control panel whether the overhead garage door is in an open or closed position.

Garage Door Openers – Allow automation and remote management of the overhead doors. With a wireless connection to your Bay Alarm security system control panel, the doors can be controlled and even automated from the panel or right through the Smith Thompson App.

Indoor Security Camera – See what goes on inside the garage. Keep an eye on grocery deliveries inside the garage.

Exterior Door Contacts –  It is wise to put a sensor on garage entries. Exterior and/or home entranceways should be protected.

Heat Detectors – A heat detector senses rapid rises of temperature due to fire and is not affected by exhaust fumes.  This is especially important in homes with an attached garage.

In summary, if it is within the budget…updating or installing a home security system that includes garage door security can be well worth the investment!

Optional Uses for Smih Thompson Alarm Sensors

Smith Thompson Security Reviews – Sensor Options



Smith and Thompson sensors have many uses besides just contacting doors and windows.

Aside from contacting doors or windows, magnetic sensors can be set up as non-reporting devices.  This means that instead of setting off an alarm,  they will send a notification to your Smith Thompson App. You can view your Smith Thompson Security Cameras right on your smart phone.

A few creative sensor options are:

  • Gun Safe – Place a contact on your gun cabinet.  Your app will notify you if anyone opens the cabinet, without alerting the monitoring center.
  • Liquor and Medicine Cabinets- Smith Thompson Alarm sensors can even help you keep an eye on the contents of your liquor and medicine cabinets.
  • Hazardous Materials- Installing sensors on low level kitchen cabinets can even help prevent accidental poisonings.  Mount a contact on cabinets that children might be able to reach that contain toxic chemicals.
  • Tool Shed- If it is near enough to get a signal from the control panel, a sensor could be mounted on the tool shed door.
  • Mailbox- You have mail… Sensors can be mounted on the mailbox that can notify you when the mail arrives.
  • Pool Gate – Do you have a swimming pool?  If you have youngsters, it is a good idea for you to mount an outdoor sensor on the gate that will let you know when someone enters the pool area.

Most Smith Thompson reviews won’t mention it, but, you may need to purchase heavy duty sensors for outdoor use. Additionally, mounting on some surfaces can be challenging and you need to be sure the sensor is within range of your Smith Thompson security system.

If you have some creative sensor uses suggestions, share your ideas in our section for Smith Thompson Security Reviews.


Smith Thompson Security Sensor Uses

Special Uses for Smith Thompson Security Sensors - Infographic

The Smith Thompson APP

Seven Things the Smith Thompson Security App Can Do


Smith Thompson home alarm systems have finally entered the modern era.  Smith Thompson Security can now be upgraded to use the App with the Qolsys IQ2 control panel. This upgrade provides a central hub that gives you the ability to control virtually any connected device that is compatible with the system.


Smith Thompson Security APP


Smith Thompson Security App – Benefits


  • Arm/Disarm System – The Smith Thompson Alarm Security App lets you arm and disarm your alarm from any mobile device.
  • Lock/Unlock Doors – You don’t have to leave an extra key under the mat to let someone in.  The Smith Thompson Security App enables you to unlock compatible door locks.
  • Cameras – Cameras allow you to record video or watch in real time- right through the app. A Smith Thompson Camera lets you keep an eye on pets and children as they return from school.
  • Real-Time Alerts – The app allows you to set real-time alerts that will notify you via text or e-mail when the kids get home, there is an intrusion, fire or any event you wish to program into the system.
  • Thermostat Control – The Smith Thompson Home Security system app can even serve as a home energy management hub.  It allows you to control the thermostat and…
  • Turn Lights On/OFF – Your App can ensure that you never have to walk into a dark house.
  • Control Appliances – With a Smith Thompson system, you can even start the coffee maker or an air conditioner from the car on the way home.  Enjoy freshly brewed coffee as you return to your nice cool home!



Managing your Smith Thompson Security System with

See what a Smith Thompson Alarm App Can Do- Video Summary

YouTube video

Smith Thompson security reviews are generally favorable about the new app. Let us know how you are using the new home automation features in our section for Smith Thompson Reviews.

Do My Existing Cameras Work With Smith Thompson Alarms?

Smith Thompson Security Camera Compatibility

Are Ring, Nest, or Arlo cameras compatible?

Unfortunately…they are not.  Many of the most common DIY smart home cameras will not allow integration with the platform used in Smith Thompson security systems.

If you already own these cameras, you will have to manage them with their own apps, independent of your Smith Thompson Alarm.

If you wish to have a fully integrated system, they will, of course, be happy to install compatible cameras.

How often do I need to test my Smith and Thompson alarm system?

Smith Thompson Security Test Frequency


It is recommended that you test the Smith Home Security system at least once a month.

While you may not find it in your research of Smith Thompson Security reviews, it is not uncommon that some people may go months or even years without testing their Smith and Thompson system. Most people don’t realize it, but, even though the system is self-supervised, it is up to the owner to test the system periodically to ensure that the Smith Thompson Alarm is operating correctly.


It is especially important to check the Smith and Thompson alarm system if there is a recent change in internet or phone system.

For information on how to test your system, reach out to Smith Thompson Home Security customer support.

Benefits of Owning a Smith Thompson Security System

Smith Thompson – More than just a Burglar Alarm


Though the majority of us think of a security system as a burglar alarm system,home security systems can provide a more comprehensive safety, energy and home management program.

However, Smith Thompson systems typically stick to the more traditional concept of basic security.  Following are some of the features you can expect with a Smith Thompson system.


Smith Thompson Strengths


Even the most basic security systems would normally provide multiple layers of defense. A yard sign and window stickers to
discourage would-be burglars, midsize sensors in the doors and vulnerable windows to discourage them from gaining entry and
interior sensors like motion detectors and glass break sensors to detect if entry was gained.

  • Fire Protection -Activating one of these detectors will trigger a local alert to alert the central channel of a security violation when the system
    is monitored. In 2014 there were almost 1.3 million fires reported, resulting in over 13,00 injuries, almost 3000 of which were deadly, and
    leading to almost 10 billion dollars of property damage. A monitored home security system ensures that heat, fire and smoke are
    detected in the earliest possible time, which authorities are instantly notified-whether you’re not. You might not be there to
    protect your house, pets and loved ones…however your safety system will ensure that help is on the road.


• Protection Against Flooding- Water detector can be put in the basement or laundry area to alert you of potential flooding
problems from plumbing issues into leaking roofs to flooding or wet basements.

• Monitor Gun Cabinets and Sensitive Areas-You can track valuables and particularly sensitive areas without even activating an
alarm by using door detectors and placing them up as non-reporting zones, so that will not set off the alert system, but that will
activate an e-mail notification. This will notify you that someone has got a gun cabinet, liquor cabinet, office drawer…or any
other sensitive area that you might want to watch on…

• Take Stock of Medications- Sensor may also be installed to notify you in the event they’re not activated. For instance, a
detector could be attached to the medicine cabinet and place to notify you if the cabinet weren’t opened by a particular time.
This makes it possible to keep track of if medications are being taken. . .and apprise you if they’re not…

• Medical Emergencies- clinical alert pendants or pendants permit the elderly or those with specific needs to immediately summons
help in the event of a fall medical emergency. These wireless panic alert buttons will typically work within about 100′ of the
base unit, and enable the user to speak directly with the monitoring system when equipped with 2 way voice communication.


Smith Thompson Security Weaknesses- Benefits you Might be Missing Out On


While Smith Thompson does a good job providing the basics…following are some of the benefits of owning a system with a more comprehensive feature set. Here are some of the things you can do:

• Manage Thermostat-Now it is simple to automate temperature settings and control the temperature of your house from anywhere in
the world with an internet connection. The thermostat timers can be set up to fit your normal lifestyle…and be adjusted
automatically when you arm or disarm your system.  The system could be adjusted manually from your smartphone with interactive applications.

• Manage Lighting- Set lights to turn on automatically when you rise in the AM…and turn away once you set the alert at night.
You have total control right through your safety system

• Control Appliances- Can you imagine being able to turn the coffee on from your bedside keypad? Or start dinner from the workplace? Now you can with Z-Wave appliance modules which can be controlled through your interactive safety system.

• Unlock Doors Remotely- You don’t have to give a spare key to the housekeeper or the plumber coming to fix that leaky faucet. It’s
possible to unlock the door when they arrive…and lock back up again when they depart. No more lost keys altering locks as soon
as a roommate leaves.

• Monitor Child Care- A wireless video camera can be installed to observe child behavior and monitor child care remotely from any
pc, tablet computer or mobile device.

• Keep an Eye on Pets- Ever wonder exactly what Rover does if you are away from the house? Video cameras allow you to remotely
track and watch everything that goes on whenever you are away. Some cameras even allow for 2 way communication. Keep an eye on
your pets…and much more.

• Verify Package Delivery- Mount a motion activated outdoor security camera and you’ll know who is knocking at the door and may
even receive an e-mail notification with video clip once a package was delivered.

• Keep Tabs onLatchkey Kids – Even without cameras, most systems will provide you with text or e-mail notifications once
the system is armed or disarmed when the kids get home from school.



To figure out just how affordable a system with home automation might be..check out our Top Alarm Companies.


If you currently own a security system from Smith Thompson, share your experience in our section for Smith Thompson Reviews.

Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips for Smith Thompson Customers


  Installing a Smith Thompson alarm system is just one step towards securing your home against intruders  Following are some common sense steps to protect your property from burglars.

1. When you’re going to bed at night, or stepping away from the home for a few hours, be sure that you secure all windows and doors.

2. Reinforce doors with deadbolt locks that incorporate strike plates with a minimum of 1 “ throw.

3. Reinforce sliding glass doors with a broom handle in the track to protect against intruders from forcing the door open. 

4. Keep plants and hedges around the doors and windows trimmed…This makes it difficult for a burglar to hide.

5. Keep the home well lit. Exterior motion lighting is a terrific deterrent against nighttime property invasions.


Smith Thompson- Security Tips


Whether you elect to install a security system from Smith Thompson or not…these security tips will help reduce the chances of your home becoming a crime statistic.

Thank you for visiting!  Please feel free to share our Smith Thompson Reviews, below …or follow us, above.  If you or someone you know has experience with a Smith Thompson Security System,  we hope you will share that experience in our Customer Reviews.

Best Home Security Systems

Side by Side Comparisons of the Top Security Systems 


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