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Qolsys IQ Review – Next Generation in Home Automation?


Founded in San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, by a couple of Honeywell security veterans in 2010, they’ve come a long Qolsys IQ Panelway in a short time. But, after 3 years of product development and testing, the Qolsys IQ was launched at the 2013 ISC convention and was quickly recognized as a legitimate technology innovator-challenging industry giants such as GE, Honeywell and 2-GIG with a well crafted touchscreen panel that was both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. But this panel is not just another pretty face!

The Qolsys IQ is a security and home automation technological tour de force which is raising the bar and setting new standards in the security industry. Two of our Top 5 Alarm Companies are now offering the Quolsys IQ as a premium option- LiveWatch and Frontpoint….as well as ADT dealers with the DSC branded Quolsys system. Home security and automation dealers across the country are jumping on board the Quolsys IQ bus!

A relative newcomer…the Qolsys IQ can go toe to toe with the top names in the security industry including- Honeywell, 2Gig Technologies and GE Interlogix.  Just look at this list of features…

The QolsysIQ Panel

  • Elegant Aesthetics– with 7” LCD Resistive Touchscreen- A full touchscreen user interface that will respond to user touch even with gloves on. Intuitive.Elegant.Powerful.
  • 6 Way Radio-Incorporates Multiple Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave communication technologies– No need for expensive add-ons. The system comes standard with cellular communication capabilities, Z-Wave to control home automation functionality, Bluetooth, and wi-fi capabilities for weather alerts and system updates.
  • 2 Way Voice over cellular– Get full 2-way voice functionality over the cellular connection.
  • Digital Picture Frame– with External SD card slot. Enables a video slideshow when alarm not in use.
  • Built-In Disarm Camera– Captures an image of whomever disarms the system. Want to know if the kids have shared the code with a friend? This lets you know when and by whom the system was disarmed.
  • Over the Air Update Capability-Now you don’t have to worry about software becoming obsolete. Get updates automatically through the internet!
  • 4 Day On Screen Weather Forecast – with Severe Weather Warnings– Get real time weather information and severe weather alerts through your security system!


Qolsys IQ Demo Video

YouTube video

What is the Best Home Security System with Qolsys Control Panel?

If you are looking for a home security system with the leading edge technology that Qolsys provides- then Frontpoint is the answer.

After extensive field testing, Frontpoint Security added the Qolsys IQ panel as an upgrade to their standard Simon XT.  Frontpoint has been selected as our #1 pick for 2016 because not only do they provide the best customer service, but they continue to offer their customers the latest and best home security technologies.


To see just how affordable Frontpoint’s Qolsys IQ equipped home security systems can be…

call 844-688-2894 or visit Frontpoint, today!

Unique Add Ons –

While the IQ system is compatible with Honeywell equipment, (and most Z-Wave home automation equipment), Quolsys is extremely responsive to consumer demand and is constantly introducing unique, cutting edge technology to enhance the system and overall user experience. i.e.

IQ2- The secondary 7” tablet touchscreen communicates with the main panel via wi-fi and includes all the regular app functionality as well as chime notifications, siren and emergency panic functions.

IQ Hardwire 16-Got an existing hard wired system? The Hardwire 16 enables you to integrate up to 16 additional hardwired zones into your system and incorporate them into a modern, state of the art security and home automation system!

IQ Translator–This device will enable the system to “translate” and integrate up to 8 wireless devices using other frequencies into the Quolsys system.

IQ Smart Socket- This Z-Wave appliance module will control 2 outlets and register a real time energy consumption digital readout-allowing you to monitor energy consumption.

IQ Mini– Door/Window contact. About half the size of a standard contact. This unobtrusive sensor can also be programmed for non-alarm safety alerts…and send e-mail alerts when pool gates, medicine or gun cabinets are opened.

Image Sensor-This unique device incorporate a camera into a motion detector, which can be programmed to automatically send a snapshot to your mobile device ant time someone enters the protected area…even when the alarm is turned off.

IQ Desk FOB – This mini FOB can be discretely hidden and will arm/disarm the system or activate a panic alarm.


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Qolsys Ratings

Qolsys- New Kid on the Block…Rocks!

In summation, the Qolsys IQ Control Panel offers one of the most elegant, technologically advanced, feature rich, and user friendly security systems available in the security marketplace. This compact, tablet style resistive touchscreen panel is aesthetically pleasing and offers virtually every imaginable feature one could want.

While the basic install is relatively simple for the DIY’er, because of the myriad of options available, to take advantage of some of the more advanced features may require spending some time with the user manuals and utilizing tech support systems. To facilitate installation, the panel even has a HELP button which will access FAQ’s and video tutorials.

Want to upgrade your system….but don’t want to incur the expense of replacing all your existing equipment?

Quolsys makes it easy with components that allow you to interface with your most of your existing hardwired or wireless equipment. (Existing Smoke detectors may not be compatible) This means that almost any quality system can be upgraded…so that one can enjoy all the features and cutting edge technology of a modern security and home automation system-without breaking the bank!

While it might not be as easy to install as some systems, the “new kid on the block” has put out a system that raises the bar -and is fast becoming one of the most popular security and home automation systems in the marketplace….and prompting a lot of existing alarm owners to break out their checkbooks and take advantage of the next generation in security and home automation!
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