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Cox Homelife Reviews-Is Cox Home Security for You in 2024?



Cox Homelife Security Reviews



Our Cox Home Security Reviews divulge the dirty details about Cox Security.…How do customers feel about Cox Homelife?


Get the Truth About Cox Home Security

Cox Homelife - Cox Home Security logo with gavel

Find out what Cox customers have to say about their Cox Security systems in our customer Cox Homelife reviews section.




Can Cox Homelife compete?


With all the cable companies jumping on the home security bandwagon, is there room for yet another?

Cox communication is betting that Cox Homelife will provide compelling security and home automation products that will entice Cox customers to open up their wallets and become Cox Home Security customers as well.



Cox Home Security


Like many of the other telecom companies, Cox Communications has thrown its hat in the security and home automation ring with its Cox Homelife Security System. The Cox Home Security system provides their customer base with an option to combine home security with their cable bills.

While they are banking on customers bundling the Cox Homelife Security Systems,  the question remains as to whether or not prospective Cox Security customers will prefer the minor convenience of having the service bundled on their existing bill…or whether the Cox HomeLife security system can compete with the industries best home security companies.



Cox Homelife Reviews



Internet  Cox Homelife Reviews reveal some major concerns…as you will find below.  

Our Cox Home Security review summary and detailed editor’s reviews are followed by the customer Cox Homelife  Reviews and a FAQ section in which we compare Cox Homelife with some of our top-rated alarm companies. 

If you currently have a Cox Home Security system, we hope you will share your experience with our readers below.

3 Companies That Rated Higher Than Cox Home Security

Best Overall

Frontpoint Logo


Frontpoint Security

HSA Rating


Rates from $34.99

Best Home Security Systems- Vivint Packages Button


♦No Long Term Contracts

♦A+ BBB Rating

♦Best Customer Service


Best Automation


Vivint Security

HSA Rating


Rates from $29.99

Best Home Security Systems- Vivint Packages Button


♦Cutting Edge Tech

♦Flex Pay Financing

♦No Contract Option

Best Pro Install

ADT Security Reviews -Safe Street Rectangular Logo


ADT – Safe Streets

HSA Rating


Rates from $28.99

Best Home Security Systems- ADT Packages Button


♦Name Recognition


♦Professional Install



Current Cox Homelife customer… or potential Cox Security buyer?


Contemplating protecting your family members by getting a Cox Homelife alarm system?…Or maybe you have already been a Cox Home Security patron and are seeking to provide or find Cox Homelife reviews or additional details pertaining to Cox Security Cameras and other equipment and services.

Or possibly you are looking to switch and looking for alternatives to your Cox Security system.

The Home Security Advisor was designed to be an extensive tool to assist you in finding the answers you’ll want to come up with to make educated selections regarding home security along with the how you can look after the home and loved ones.


Cox Homelife Reviews and more!


Besides extensive analysis as well as summary reviews, you will find an area for real user reviews, mini product comparisons with highly rated companies, and even commonly asked questions …as well as:

  • Techniques for blocking false alarms
  • How you can trim expenses on homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • several other potential benefits to owning a Cox Home Security system.


To aid you to find out more on Cox Homelife and a few of the alternative top selling security service providers, refer to  the helpful table of contents, with “quick jump” links that may help you navigate directly to the segments that are most important to suit your needs.

Cox Home Security – Review Summary


Editor's Cox Homelife Review
Cox Homelife - Cox Home Security logo with gavel

Name: Cox Homelife Review

Description: Editor's Review of Cox Home Security Service.


A viable option for Cox customers. Otherwise, better options are available.


Bundled Service

Home Automation


Limited Service Area

Requires Cox Internet Service 

Dubious Customer Services

  • Reputation - 5/10
  • Monitoring - 8/10
  • Customer Service - 6/10
  • Equipment - 8/10
  • Price and Value - 7/10
User Review
0 (0 votes)


Visit Website-

    Cox Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 7.6
  • BBB Rating -A+
  • Years in Business - 5
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - SMC
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $29.99
  • Contract Length - 24 mo.
  • Installation- Pro
  • Relocation - Hard
  • Equip. Warranty - 2 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

Cox Home Security Pros and Cons


Convenient Bundling for Existing Customers


Flexible Financing Options


Competitive Monthly Monitoring Rates


Professional Install


Limited Service Areas


Requires Cox Internet Service


No DIY Option


Limited 3rd Party Compatibility


Poorly Rated Customer Service

Online Cox Homelife Security Reviews

Online Cox Security  Reviews



Google Cox Home Security System Reviews - Click to open!

Cox Business Corporate Office

I don’t know how Cox stays in business with the horrible service that they provide. They legitimately charge customers for customer service, which to top things off is absolutely horrible. You pay more money for less service, in comparison to CenturyLink a.k.a. Quantum. They have a lock on service area’s, giving you no choice but to hire/pay for their service. I’m positive that majority of their customers (given a choice) would switch immediately. Imagine if Amazon functioned this way, you received something that did not work and instead of allow free returns, they refuse to let you return it or refund it and if you contact someone for help, they charged you. Does anyone think they would still be in business?!?!
Not only was my experience setting up service extremely painful and horrible, but because a over the phone technician could not help me set up my service THEY sent a service technician out (which I was blatantly lied to about not being charged). The service technician shows up and spent more time sitting in his truck then he did in my house connecting my Internet and tells the company the service is chargeable. I received $100 charge, when I questioned the charge I was told that because I didn’t pay for Cox Complete Care, I have to pay the charge.
So you have to pay for customer service.
If you have another option, save yourself time, trouble and money and go with the other option. Customer service matters, and this company does not value its customers.
Cox is HORRIBLE!!! When I moved from my business account to residential they said that they closed the account. I was paying my bill with automated payments they set up! Every month they would call me for a payment and add a late payment! When I would call they said that they had no record of my payments but my bank account did! They were still taking money for the closed account and told me they had no record of the $800 dollars they STOLE from me! Then one year later they still came after me for $115 and sent it to collections dropping my credit score bt 15 points! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! No costumer service! You are a number and all they care about is your money 💰!
J j
2 gb service scamming With fiber modem and XB8 router.

Cox's latest fiber modem and router, the XB8, can't support 2gb service? Is this a joke? The fiber modem ethernet cable have to use 2.5gb #4 port for the XB8 router. Other three ports can only provide 1gb speeds. So there are no options for 2 gb speed port. If they're taking fees for 2gb service but can't deliver it. The only solution seems to be buying another router privately, If a company advertises 2gb service that isn't achievable and there level 2 technicians doesn't even know how to resolve it, cox need to fire whoever provided this idea.. what a dumb scam company..
Absolutely terrible customer service and im sick of them being the only ISP available in my neighborhood. My next phone call is to my councilman to get us more options. I called at 730am this morning to fix spotty, slow and disconnected Internet. 4+ hours of tech support later and they told me they can send a tech out to my house tomorrow to look at the line, but anything inside my house they will charge me $75. So I went and bought a new $200 modem to fix the issue on their advice. Still no Internet. Don't give me the run around with $75 tech visits when it's YOUR FAULT. An entire day wasted, I lost a few thousand in revenue today by not being able to work from home and they could care less. Im furious, I demand compensation for a day of lost wages and for having absolutely trash customer service and tech support.
Worst customer service I have ever received. Was misinformed MULTIPLE times by different representatives. Tried talking to a supervisor and was told they were “busy” and would call me back but I NEVER received a call. Tried contacting multiple times to explain the information I received where they “assured” me they could help only to tell me if I didn’t like the new rate that I could either 1. Call back every day to see if the rate was different or 2. Cancel my service. Absolutely ridiculous. They want to raise my rate from $60 to $105. Do better Cox. And train your employees so they don’t give incorrect info.



Yelp Cox Security Reviews

Yelp Cox Alarm System Reviews


Yelp rating

Yelp Cox Home Alarm System Reviews - Click to open!

1 51 reviews



Yelp Alder Security Reviews

Jan S.
If I could give Cox Commications a minus 100, minus 5 stars, I would. Prices keep going up and up all the time without notice. It seems like there's no end...
Deborah O.
I purchased Internet and 4 camersa to protect my rental until we were finished with the cameras. I am now being told that unless I leave the cameras...
Dawn V.
if I could give this company a zero I would. The lack of accountability and commitment is atrocious! I waited 9 days for service only to have them...



How Does Cox Homelife Compare?

Cox Home Security Quick Comparison Grid

    Cox Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 7.6
  • BBB Rating -A+
  • Years in Business - 5
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - SMC
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $29.99
  • Contract Length - 24 mo.
  • Installation- Pro
  • Relocation - Hard
  • Equip. Warranty - 2 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day
    Top 10 Alarm Companies- Frontpoint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.5
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 8
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - Frontpoint
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $44.99
  • NO Long Term Contract!
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.2
  • Best Home Automation
  • Years in Business - 20+
  • SDM Ranking - #2
  • Equip Man. - 2Gig
  • Upfront Costs - $0 - $549+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $29.99
  • Contract Length - 0-42+
  • Installation - Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day
    ADT Security Reviews -Safe Street Rectangular Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 8.6
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 18
  • SDM Ranking - #1
  • Equip. Man - Varies
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $36.99
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day
    Link Interactive Reviews- Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.4
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 60+
  • SDM Ranking - NA
  • Equip. Man - 2Gig/Qolsys
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $30.99
  • Contract Length - 12+
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 36 Months
  • Return Policy - 30 Days

Cox Homelife Reviews making you think twice about a Cox Security System?


Thinking of switching from Cox Home Security?

Take Our Simple Quiz to find your best Cox Security Alarm alternatives.

Quick Jump to side by side summary comparisons of Cox Homelife vs :

Cox HomeLife Review Sections- Click to Jump to Section


Cox Homelife Security – 2023 Cox Home Security Review





Reputation and Credibility



Cox Communications entered the home security market in 2011 when they first introduced Cox Home Security as Homelife, their security, and home automation offering to complement their existing phone, cable, and internet product lines.  As the 3rd largest cable provider, they were looking to capitalize on the growing customer trend of bundling services.

Although they currently enjoy an A+ BBB rating, online Cox home security systems reviews have not been overly kind to them and 865 complaints have been filed over the last 3 years.

And while they may have done an admirable job resolving issues once disgruntled customers take the extreme measures of filing a formal complaint with the BBB, (the BBB report indicates that were 192 negative reviews…as opposed to 3 positives…) online feedback from Cox customer reviews indicates significant issues with installation, service, and billing.



Cox Home Security Monitoring



Cox requires a 24-month monitoring contract for their UL Listed and CSAA 5 Diamond certified services.

Their basic monitoring package is the Essential Package, for $29.99/mo.  It requires Cox broadband service, with a cellular backup. While it does include their interactive service application, it does NOT include Fire, Carbon Monoxide, or Flood monitoring protection.

For these services, you must upgrade to their video and home automation capable Preferred Package for $44.99/mo. There is no additional equipment offered, so you will have to purchase additional sensors to take advantage of any of these advanced capabilities.

Cellular service is available as a secondary, backup means of communication…but, they do not offer’s Crash and Smash protection to prevent an intruder from disabling the control panel.

Very minimal video storage is included in the Preferred Package and additional storage requires an upgraded subscription for an additional $14.99/mo.



Cox Homelife – Pricing and Equipment



Cox Homelife Security Systems use SMC as its equipment provider.

Their basic system Is $99 installed and consists of:

  • Cox Homelife Wireless Router
  • 2 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detectors
  • Yard Sign and Decals

The Touchscreen Control Panel is NOT included….and requires an additional $4.00/mo rental fee. (essentially raising the monthly rate to $33.99 and 48.99) The customer does not retain ownership, and the control panel must be returned when the service is canceled.


Cox Security Cameras


Cox Security Cameras

The Cox Security cameras are only available in the Cox Homelife Preferred monitoring package.


Cox Home Security – Customer Service



Although they do a good job addressing and resolving issues once a case is filed with the BBB, their online customer service is much-maligned…as is the case with the other telecom services such as…Time Warner IntelligentHome, Xfinity Home Security, and AT&T Digital Life.

In their defense, it might be noted that consumers are rarely happy with any service that requires a monthly payment.  Nevertheless…online reviews and feedback on Cox customer service indicate that customers are less than happy with the tech support and level of customer service regarding the Homelife service.


Final thoughts on Cox Home Security



Although the monitoring rates are pretty competitive, the “starter” Cox Homelife security system consists of only the most basic sensors…and doesn’t even include the SMC control panel, which must be leased for an additional $4.00 a month.  Equipment costs for a full-scale Cox Homelife automation system can quickly escalate hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

With only a few years under their belt and the prevalence of negative online reviews and feedback, we feel that there are many better options available from our top-rated picks of companies that specialize in security and home automation.


How does Cox Security compare to our Top Alarm Companies?

>>CLICK HERE to Read More<<


Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to offer your comments, and feedback on this Cox Home Security Review or share your own experience with Cox Communications Home Security System below.


Cox Security Reviews

Legacy Cox Homelife Security Customer Reviews


For Pre- 2023 reviews, click on the right corner of the box below.


Tired of Cox Homelife?

Top Cox Security Alternatives


    Frontpoint Reviews Rating - 9.5
    Vivint Reviews - Editors Rank
    ADT 2021 Rating
    Link Interactive 2021 Rating
    SimpliSafe 2021 Ratings

Click to See Legacy Customer Cox Reviews

What Other Cox Security System Owners are Saying


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Cox Home Security Reviews - Video Summary

Video Summary of our Cox Homelife Review


YouTube video

Cox Security Review - Video Transcript

Today let’s take a look at Cox home security.

Cox Communications entered the home security market in 2011 when they first introduced Cox home life. Despite an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, online Cox home security reviews have not been overly kind to them. 865 complaints have been filed over the last three years. Online feedback from Cox customer reviews indicates significant issues with installation service and billing.

Cox requires a 24-month monitoring contract for their UL listed and 5 diamond certified services. Their monitoring rates run thirty to sixty dollars a month based on the services provided and require bundling with another service. In addition, one is required to lease the control panel for an additional four dollars a month – which is disabled and must be returned when the contract is canceled.

The Cox Home Security system requires a cable connection and bundling with at least one of their other services or the monthly rate goes up another $10 a month.  Cellular service is available as a secondary backup means of communication but they do not offer’s Crash and Smash protection to prevent an intruder from disabling the panel.

The equipment is provided by SMC and the basic system includes two doors and a motion with the Cox router for $99.

Installed add-on components run about double the prices offered by our top recommended alarm companies.

There are still many negative online reviews that take issues with poor service, misleading sales tactics as well as inconsistent installation and repair services.

In summary, Cox home life offers decent security and home automation equipment, but pricing is on the high side even when bundled with other services.

There are scores of online customer complaints about poor installation inconsistent equipment and mobile app performance billing and customer service.  This seems to be the case with all cable and telecom companies.

When it comes to protecting one’s home and family it would seem prudent to select the company that specializes in security and home automation rather than a cable company that does it on the side. We feel that there are better options offered by our top five best home security companies.

We hope you found this video helpful. For more information on Cox homelife or other security options visit us online by clicking on any of the links below.

    Frontpoint Reviews Rating - 9.5
    Vivint Reviews - Editors Rank
    ADT 2021 Rating
    Link Interactive 2021 Rating
    SimpliSafe 2021 Ratings

Frontpoint Review 

Vivint Review

ADT Review

Link Interactive Review

Cox Home Security Equipment





Cox Homelife Control Panel


Cox Security uses SMC equipment. The foundation of the system is  SMC Ruby RB5701-Z touchscreen which controls the entire home security and automation platform. It has a full color, touchscreen display and houses wi-fi, home automation, and  GSM communication chips.

Additional SMC components include:

  • Window/door sensors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke/Heat Sensors
  • Lighting and Small Appliance controllers
  • Acoustic Glass Break Sensors
  • Key Chain Remote
  • Siren Repeaters
  • Smart Door Locs
  • programmable thermostat


Cox Security Cameras

The cornerstone of a home automation systems that incorporates video surveillance capabilities, Cox security HD cameras provide high definition viewing with night vision.  Cox Security cameras  can be remotely controlled through an internet connection.

Monitor live video feeds as well as record and store video clips. One can set up alerts which will notify you when motion is recorded and text or e-mail a video clip.


How does Cox Homelife Security Equipment Work?

YouTube video

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Top Row

Available Equipment Options


Cox Home Security – Common Sensors and Components


Cox offers a comprehensive selection of components. This will enable you to customize your systems to fit your needs and budget.  There is a myriad of ways that you can outfit and configure your system.

The great thing is that most systems are fully expandable.  You can start with a basic system and build upon it when your needs change and/or your budget allows.

Following is a list of the major common components.  We have included the more basic sensors that are often included in a starter wireless home security package, as well as a variety of sensors that you might want to add to a more comprehensive customized system.


The Basic Cox Home Life Wireless Home Security Package


The Control Panel Hub


While some systems come with a separate base unit and keypad, the majority will integrate the two. You still find very basic units with pushbutton controls, but most will offer a touchscreen display. 

Touchscreen Panel – Most top wireless systems come with some form of touchscreen panel where you can arm and disarm your system and manage any connected devices. The panels can be mounted on the wall or set up with a desktop display mount. Many will have an internal cellular antenna that can function as a primary or backup means of communication.

Cellular Communicator – Sometimes the cellular communicator may be a device all on its own. It can be used, in some cases, to keep connected to the app as well as the monitoring center. The advantage of a cellular connection is that it stays on in a power outage and can’t be cut, unlike regular phone lines and cable.

Window/Door Sensors – Otherwise known as contact or entry sensors. Each sensor is two parts, one that goes on the door or window frame, and one that goes on the door or window itself. One is a magnet and one is a transmitter.  When the magnetic field between the two is broken,  a signal is sent to the main unit. It is usually recommended to place sensors on all doors and the most vulnerable windows on the main floor.

Motion Sensors- Motion sensors detect movement inside the house.  They typically screen out smaller objects (below 40 lbs.) and can be placed in larger common areas in the home where an intruder might pass.

Glass Break Sensors- Glass break sensors, as the name implies, can detect the sounds of glass breaking, as intruders will often break windows to gain entry.  They are not typically included in basic packages, but can sometimes be swapped out and often used instead of motion detectors when there are larger pets in the home.

Keypad- Keypads are used to enter passcodes to arm and disarm your system. In many systems, they are integrated into the main hub. They should be placed on the wall or near where you most commonly enter and exit your home. Secondary optional wireless keypads can be placed in master bedrooms or other areas where one might want to arm or disarm the system

Panic button- Panic buttons are often included on the main keypad.  They can immediately alert the monitoring station of an occupied medical, fire, or personal threat or emergency.  There are also separate wireless buttons or pendants available which can be activated anywhere within range of the base unit

Key Fob- Often referred to as keychain remotes, key fobs work with most wireless security systems so that you can arm and disarm them even away from the keypad. Some key fobs can also include a panic alert feature.

Yard Sign- Yard signs can serve as a deterrent. They alert anyone that the home is protected by Cox Home Security or a Vivint alarm system. Company. While some people argue that this will ward off would-be intruders, others argue that they may provide insights as to the age and make of the systems to a savvy criminal. Realistically, they are more likely going to move on to easier targets.

Window Stickers- The same arguments arise when it comes to window stickers. Some experts suggest that it might make sense to use signs and stickers from a different company if you are concerned.

Siren- The majority of security system touch screen panels or base stations have sirens built-in. We recommend sirens of at least 85 decibels. Auxiliary sirens are typically available for larger homes or systems which don’t have built-in sirens



Environmental Sensors


Top wireless alarm companies provide equipment that will allow you to monitor a variety of potential threats within your home. Typically, each of the components below can be integrated seamlessly into the system and monitored right through the system’s app.


Smoke Detector- In the event of a fire, a wireless smoke detector will automatically send a signal to the central monitoring station if no one is home or if they are unable to get to the phone. Many of them also incorporate a rate-of-rise heat sensor which can detect rapid increases in temperature. This is helpful in extreme temperatures if cooling systems fail, or if there is a flash fire that doesn’t have a lot of smoldering smoke.

CO Sensor – Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas that can be lethal if ingested in large quantities. Wireless alarm systems equipped with monitored CO detectors will alert you of dangerous levels of CO even when you’re not home.

Smoke/CO Firefighter Module- Already have standard smoke and CO in the home? Some wireless home security systems are compatible with smoke and CO alarm modules that can detect the sounds of your existing smoke and CO alarms going off and alert you via your mobile app.

Flood Sensor- You may be able to prevent major flood damage if you can catch leaks as soon as they happen. Flood sensors, sometimes called water leak detectors, can be placed near the dishwasher, washing machine, sump pump, or any other areas where floods can occur.

Heat Detector- While temperature sensors may be built into smoke alarms, they can be sold as separate devices that alert you of rapidly rising temperatures in your home, which could indicate fires. It is often a good idea to use these in a garage or near the furnace, where emissions tend to set off smoke detectors.

Low-Temperature Sensors- Low Temp Sensors can be set to monitor if the temperature dips below 45 degrees to prevent frozen pipes. These can be placed on exterior walls where the plumbing runs and in the coolest areas in the home that might be vulnerable to sub-freezing temperatures.


Cox Homelife Cameras, Appliance Modules, and Smart Locks


Indoor/Outdoor Cameras- Wireless security cameras allow you to monitor and record what is happening in and outside of your home. Most wireless alarm systems offer a variety of camera options for both indoor or outdoor use.  The current standard is 1080P HD resolution which is motion-activated and offers night vision. Cameras are also available with two-way voice capability and some even offer Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can distinguish between persons and objects such as pets.

Micro-SD card- While most cameras offer cloud storage of video clips, (at a price) some cameras come with storage capabilities on micro-SD cards. These are typically purchased separately, gaining up to 64 GB of local storage.

Video Doorbells- Video doorbells integrate a doorbell and a camera into one component. They may operate through the existing doorbell wiring or function as a stand-alone unit with a rechargeable battery.  Many of the better systems are motion activated and include 2-way voice to allow you to speak with your guest through the system. If it is incorporated into your wireless alarm system it can be operated from your control panel or directly through your system’s app. These are a popular add-on to enable wireless security system owners to monitor packages dropped off at the front door…esp. during the holiday season.

Appliance and Light Modules- These are separate modules that plug into the existing 110v outlets that enable you to control lighting and small appliances right through your wireless home security system. You can turn lights on and off, start the coffee in the AM, raise the shades and turn on fans right through your app. The best wireless security systems even let you set up rules or scenes which will let you automate a whole series of events when you issue a single command.

Smart Locks- Never worry about placing a spare key under the doormat again. Smart locks can be locked and unlocked remotely. Cox security systems can be equipped with smart locks that can be managed with your Cox Homelife App so that your doors can lock when your system is armed, ensuring that your home is truly secure when you leave the house. A Cox Smart Home can even be set up to unlock the smart locks automatically when the system detects that you (and your phone) have driven in the driveway!

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Protect America Reviews - Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

Cox Homelife Security Sensors

Wireless sensors that will notify you when a door or window is opened.

Protect America Alarm System - Professional Smoke and Heat Sensor

Smoke/Heat Sensor

Cox Security Smoke Sensor

Detects extreme temperature change and smoke for maximum fire protection.

Light and Small Appliance Module

Light Control

 Cox Alarm Appliance Module

Z-Wave control of lights and small appliances.

Compatible Z-Wave Thermostat

Z-Wave Thermostat

Cox Homelife Thermostat

Z-Wave controls compatible smart thermostats.


Protect America Security Systems- Pet Immune Motion Detector

Motion Sensor

Cox Home Security Motion Sensor

Pet friendly sensor that detects movement of objects that exceed 40 lbs.



Indoor Video Camera

Indoor Video Camera

Cox Security Camera

Indoor wireless video camera with “night vision”.

Common Cox Homelife Security FAQs

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Considering Cox Home Security?

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We try to be as thorough as possible in reviewing products and companies.  However, we recognize that your time is valuable and you may not always have time to get into all the “nitty-gritty” of all the factors we analyze regarding the best home security companies….so we make it easy to jump ahead in our Table of Contents and get right to the sections that you are most interested in.


Common Q+As


You have questions…we have answers.  When reviewing companies such as Cox Home Security, we do our best to anticipate and answer the most common questions that potential home security buyers might have about the companies they are considering.


Video Summaries


Some people are more visual…so we frequently provide video summaries. For example, in this review of Cox Homelife, you’ll find video summaries on what to look for when evaluating home security companies as well as a video overview of important aspects of the  Cox alarm company.


Forum for Customer Reviews


We make it easy to see how actual customers feel about their experiences with Cox Security.  You can share your experience in our section for Cox Home SecurityReviews.

Does Cox Security require a contract?

Yes.  Cox Homelife services are only available with a 24-month contract. 

How much does a Cox Homelife Security System cost?

Upfront installation costs and activation fees will vary depending on the equipment and services required.

Cox Homelife monthly costs are:

Home Automation -$19.95 (basic starter kit for smart home automation only)

Security and Automation – $44.95

Video storage will run an additional $14.95

What monitoring services are provided by Cox Home Security?

Cox provides 24/7 monitoring from a CSAA 5 Diamond Rated monitoring center.   They can provide emergency response for burglary, fire, environmental and medical emergencies. 

Is Cox Homelife Security compatible with Alexa?

Does Alexa work with Cox Home Security?


No…the Cox Security system does not work with Alexa.


Cox reviews indicate that many Cox Homelife owners want to be able to control their  Cox security systems with voice control, using Alexa.


One of the most popular features that are being incorporated into home security systems is voice control. Presently, only the Cox Homelife App can remotely control a Cox alarm system. There have been numerous complaints found in Cox Home security reviews regarding the lack of this capability.


An Alexa-compatible Cox security system would be capable of executing simple commands or complete scenes such as arming the system, locking doors, activating Cox Homelife cameras turning off light,s and turning down the thermostat -with a single command!

Does Cox Homelife Security work with Google Assistant?

Is Google Assistant compatible with Cox Home Security?


No…the Cox Security system does not work with Google Assistant.

If you are a Cox Contour TV service customer, you do have the option to control smart devices on your Cox Homelife system through the voice remote. Currently, voice control is available for smart lights, plugs, locks, and thermostats.

Cox Home Security reviews indicate that many customers would also like to control their  Cox security systems with voice control, using Google Assitant.

Google Assistant would be capable of executing simple commands or complete scenes such as arming the system, locking doors, activating Cox Homelife cameras turning off lights, and changing the temperature -with a single command!

How Can I Control My Cox Homelife Security System with Voice Commands?

Using Voice Commands with Cox Security Systems

If you have Contour TV or the Contour Stream Player, you can use voice commands to manage your devices.

Just tell your Contour Voice Remote something like “Show me the front door,” and you’ll see your Cox Homelife camera right on your TV.

Is Cox Homelife available nationwide?

Cox Home Security service is only available in markets serviced by Cox Communications.  

What about Cox Business Security Solutions?

Cox Business Security Solutions

Security is a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. Cox Business provides comprehensive security solutions that protect networks and systems from threats, minimize risk and ensure the continuity of operations.

This article will explore the features and benefits of Cox Business Security Solutions to help businesses meet their security needs.

Cox Business offers a range of integrated tools designed to deliver comprehensive protection against cyber-attacks, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, unauthorized access, and other malicious activities. Their specialized services can detect suspicious behavior on networks in real-time, allowing organizations to take proactive measures to defend against potential attacks before they occur.

Furthermore, these solutions provide support and guidance throughout any incident response process that may be required following an attempted attack or breach.


Managed Endpoint Security

The modern business landscape requires a sophisticated security strategy to protect sensitive data and stay ahead of cyberthreats. Managed endpoint security is an essential component for organizations looking to safeguard their systems from malicious actors.

With comprehensive phishing prevention, access control, identity management, threat intelligence, and well-defined security policies, businesses can ensure their networks are secure against the latest threats.

A managed endpoint solution provides dynamic protection that adapts quickly in response to new threats or changes within the network. This layer of defense allows companies to focus on their core operations while also maintaining compliance with industry standards and best practices.

In addition, it helps simplify IT administration by providing unified visibility into all connected endpoints and managing them through a single console. As such, managed endpoint security solutions offer peace of mind while allowing businesses to reach their goals securely and efficiently.


Network Security

Managed Endpoint Security is an essential component of any comprehensive security strategy. It provides endpoint protection to protect against malware, malicious websites, and other potential threats.

Network security is another important piece of the puzzle when it comes to safeguarding a business’s network infrastructure. Network security involves measures such as intrusion detection, data encryption, access control, email security, and identity management in order to provide a secure environment for data storage, exchange, and communication.

Intrusion detection systems can detect suspicious activity on the network by analyzing traffic patterns or looking for specific known attacks.

Data encryption ensures that confidential information remains secure while stored or transmitted across the network.

Access control prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive networks and resources.

Email security solutions are designed to filter out spam and phishing emails before they reach their intended recipients.

Finally, identity management enables organizations to securely authenticate user identities based on credentials like usernames and passwords or more sophisticated methods such as biometric authentication.

All these tools work together to create a safe computing environment for businesses of all sizes.


Cloud-Based Security

It is almost a given that in today’s digital world, data security should be of utmost priority for any business. After all, what good are the secrets kept by organizations if they can be easily accessed or stolen? As such, cloud-based security solutions have become increasingly popular as they offer businesses an effective way to protect their precious information from malicious actors.

When it comes to safeguarding corporate data stored on servers located offsite, these solutions offer several benefits:

  • Data Encryption – By encrypting sensitive documents and other files before storing them in the cloud, companies can ensure that only authorized personnel with appropriate credentials will have access to them. This also helps prevent cybercriminals from stealing confidential company data.
  • Firewalls Protection – Cloud-based firewalls help restrict unauthorized users from accessing private networks and block potential attacks from external sources. They also provide additional layers of protection against malware and other malicious software.
  • Cloud Encryption – This type of encryption prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to corporate data stored in the cloud environment. It also makes sure that even if someone does gain entry into the system, their efforts will be futile due to encrypted files being unreadable without the proper key.
  • Malware Scanning – Malicious code can cause serious damage to a business’s reputation and its financial success; however, cloud-based solutions provide regular scans which detect and remove viruses and other forms of malware quickly and efficiently.
  • Intrusion Detection – Intrusion detection systems (IDS) monitor network activity 24/7 – alerting administrators when suspicious behavior is detected so that action can be taken immediately in order to reduce risk exposure and mitigate any possible threats.

Overall, cloud-based security solutions enable businesses to safely store their valuable data while protecting their systems against hackers both internally and externally. With robust protection measures like those listed above implemented within the organization’s infrastructure, companies can rest assured knowing their important assets remain secure at all times without fail.


Real-Time Security Monitoring

Real-time security monitoring is essential for the protection of an organization’s data and network infrastructure.

By utilizing a combination of firewall protection, vulnerability scanning, and data leakage prevention, organizations can ensure that malicious activity is detected quickly and efficiently.

Security policies must be regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date with best practices, allowing IT teams to respond promptly in case any suspicious behavior or unauthorized access is identified.

By implementing real-time security monitoring solutions, organizations can keep their networks secure while also reducing costs associated with mitigating potential threats.

These solutions provide 24/7 surveillance of all internet traffic and detect any unusual activity before it has a chance to cause harm.

Additionally, these solutions enable organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing detailed reports on how their systems have been accessed as well as which security policies were violated.

This allows them to take corrective action if needed.

All in all, real-time security monitoring provides comprehensive visibility into an organization’s digital environment and helps protect against cyber attacks and other malicious activities.


Risk Mitigation Strategies

Risk mitigation strategies are essential for a secure business environment, and the use of cox business security solutions can offer a range of advanced protection capabilities. In order to protect valuable data and assets, it is critical to implement measures that prevent malicious actions from taking place in the first place.

Like an impenetrable fortress protecting its occupants, these solutions create an effective barrier against threats:

  • Data encryption shields confidential information from prying eyes.
  • VPN protection hides user activity on public networks.
  • User authentication verifies legitimate users before granting access.

In addition to traditional methods, modern technologies such as threat intelligence and identity management provide further layers of defense by recognizing suspicious activities, monitoring unauthorized attempts at gaining access to resources or applications, and alerting administrators when necessary.

The result? A robust system with multiple safeguards designed to mitigate risk while allowing uninterrupted operation at all times. By using these services businesses can rest assured their investments have an extra layer of safety that will help them stay ahead of malicious actors seeking to cause harm or steal sensitive data.


Conclusion- Cox Business Security Solutions 

A comprehensive security solution from Cox Business ensures businesses of all sizes are well-equipped to protect their data and assets.

The various layers of protection, such as endpoint security, network security, cloud-based security, real-time monitoring, and risk mitigation strategies work together like a shield.

This shield is a symbol for the safety that each business can have in knowing they have taken the necessary steps to ensure their systems remain secure while continuing operations.

With Cox Business Security Solutions, organizations gain peace of mind and can focus on achieving success without worrying about cyber threats.

How is Cox Home Security Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic?


Does Cox homelife Security Have Special Protocols For The Covid-19  Pandemic?



The  Cox Security website has a number of pages with general information on their commitment to operating safely during the pandemic.  While there seems to be very little information on exactly what steps they are taking to protect against Covid-19, there is a great deal of info on the Connect2compete promotion and the PR surrounding their PCs for People grant and additional Pandemic relief payment options.

These PR programs may influence some of the potential customers who are considering the Best DIY home security systems because they are concerned about face to face sales, service, or installation interactions. Showing a level of commitment to pandemic relief efforts helps to reassure potential Cox Homelife Security customers.

The best home alarm companies, publish their policies for maintaining their sales, service, and monitoring standards and outline what steps they are taking to ensure the safety of both their employees and customers. This is important to reassure customers that they have a solid plan to be able to continue to operate in the midst of the ongoing health crisis.

  • To limit exposure to Covid-19, many businesses now encourage as many employees as possible to work remotely. Some companies are supplying secure laptops to remote workers to assure privacy.
  • The best alarm companies have redundant monitoring centers. During a local health emergency, calls could then be re-routed to a different facility.
  • Workers that deal with customers face to face are typically given additional cleaning supplies, protective masks, and protective tools. A lot of security companies are contacting their customers before every appointment to ensure that no one is sick and that they can provide a safe work environment.
  • If one is uncomfortable receiving sales, service, or installation staff in their homes, the best security companies will provide a number of ways (Chat, Phone, Online, etc.) to reschedule.

During the Covid 19 health emergency, it is extremely important for companies to closely follow CDC Guidelines to ensure the safety of both security company employees and customers.

If you have questions, contact the Cox Home Security customer service department to learn more about their Coronavirus protocols.

 More Frequently Asked Questions about Cox Security Systems


How do Cox Home Security Systems compare with the top competition?


    Frontpoint Reviews Rating - 9.5
    Vivint Reviews - Editors Rank
    ADT 2021 Rating
    Link Interactive 2021 Rating
    SimpliSafe 2021 Ratings


Cox Homelife is yet another Telecom company jumping on the home security bandwagon.  You can see how they stack up in our top alarm companies or in the side-by-side comparison summaries, below.

Cox Homelife vs ADT vs vs Vivint vs Armorax vs Frontpoint vs Protect America vs Link Interactive 


(Click “+” Below to Toggle Open Columns and Expand)


Cox Security
    Cox Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 7.6
  • BBB Rating -A+
  • Years in Business - 5
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - SMC
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $29.99
  • Contract Length - 24 mo.
  • Installation- Pro
  • Relocation - Hard
  • Equip. Warranty - 2 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day


Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.2
  • Best Home Automation
  • Years in Business - 20+
  • SDM Ranking - #2
  • Equip Man. - 2Gig
  • Upfront Costs - $0 - $549+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $29.99
  • Contract Length - 0-42+
  • Installation - Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day

    Top 10 Alarm Companies- Frontpoint Security

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 9.5
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 8
  • SDM Ranking - N/A
  • Equip. Man - Frontpoint
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $44.99
  • NO Long Term Contract!
  • Installation- DIY
  • Relocation - Easy
  • Equip. Warranty - 3 Year
  • Return Policy - 30 Day

ADT Monitored
    ADT Security Reviews -Safe Street Rectangular Logo

Facts and Features

  • HSA Rating - 8.6
  • BBB Rating - A+
  • Years in Business - 18
  • SDM Ranking - #1
  • Equip. Man - Varies
  • Upfront Costs - $99.00+
  • Min. Monitoring Rate - $36.99
  • Contract Length - 36 mo.
  • Installation- Pro Only
  • Relocation - Available
  • Equip. Warranty - Lifetime
  • Return Policy - 3 Day

Cox Homelife vs Vivint Home Security

Even though both Cox Security and Vivint systems are going to be professionally installed, Vivint is much more experienced in installing security and home automation systems. While Cox Home Security has been installing alarm systems as a sideline product, Vivint has become the third leading security provider in the US securing and automating homes is their core competency.

Vivint Advantages


• Vivint Sky Touchscreen Display Control PanelVivint -Best Home Automation Trophy

• Professional Installation Team of Background Checked Technicians

• Full Featured  Monitoring Options • Nationwide Service Network

• Advanced Options Included Standard – Voice Control as well as 2 Way Voice Communication

• Outstanding Home Automation

• Nationwide Relocation Program

•  Vivint Home App- Award Winning 4.5 Star Rating!

• 0% Interest Flexpay Equipment Financing

• Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Before bundling products with a provider that doesn’t specialize in home security, consider taking a look  at what’s made Vivint #3 in security and home automation systems!

Get More Info on Vivint Home Security Systems 

Read our Vivint Reviews

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Cox Home Security vs ADT Monitoring

Cox Home Security vs ADT Monitoring

Cox Homelife vs ADT Monitored
7.5 HSA Review
1.3 17 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
8.9 HSA Review
0 0 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
Although our list of Best Security Systems of 2016 listed a number of the Best DIY Alarms as offering more value, if you are looking for a quality professionally installed home security system, and ADT monitored system should be on your comparison checklist. There is no more trusted brand  in home security than ADT.

ADT has retained the top spot on the SDM Top 100 as long as anyone can remember.  They help protect more than 6 million homes and families in the US and Canda. While Cox has been in the home security business for just a few years…ADT has been in business for more tha 140 years.

Why Consider an ADT Monitored Security System?

A professionally installed system by ADT Authorized Premier Provider – Protect Your Home includes the most reliable, state of the art equipment… professional installation by trained, experienced,  background-checked technicians…. and monitoring by ADT – the most trusted name in the industry. Benefits include:

  • FREE Security System -$850 Value*Cox Homelife Review -ADT Security Systems
  • Professional Installation
  • Superior Monitoring Redundancy- 6 Monitoring Centers
  • Local Nationwide Service Network
  • Superior Technology – Voice Control Available
  • Broad Home Automation Compatibility
  • Nationwide Relocation Program
  • $500 Theft Protection Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)
  • 6 Month Service Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)

*$99 charge for parts & installation with monthly monitoring services. Termination Fee Applies. For New Customers Only. (See T&Cs Below) So, whileCox and all the rest of the telecom companies are trying to convince you to bundle your services, you may want to take a few minutes to consider why ADT helps protect more homes and families than the next 10 competitors combined!

Get More Info on ADT Monitoring

Read our Full Review on ADT Home Security

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Cox Security vs. Frontpoint Security

Cox Security  vs.  Frontpoint Security

Cox Homelife vs Frontpoint Security
9.5 HSA Review
5.2 2 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
7.5 HSA Review
1.3 17 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
While Frontpoint has an outstanding reputation for providing best in class  customer experience, Cox Communication customers have expressed a great deal of dis-satisfaction when it comes to the installation and support of the Homelife system.Cox Homelife Security Systems Review- Frontpoint Security

Even though the Cox security system monitoring packages are competitively priced, upgrading the Homelife  system beyond the basic 2 doors and a motion configuration will likely prove to be an expensive proposition. And the Cox Homelife system requires that you lease the SMC panel…and return it when you discontinue service. You may have issues switching services, as the SMC  sensors may not be compatible with other companies’ systems. On the other hand , Frontpoint uses the highest quality, most recognized brands in the industry- GE and Qolsys , and unlike the Cox security system…you OWN all the equipment, which is compatible with most reputable alarm companies. In addition, the Cox security system requires the customer to maintain their broadband service- increasing the required service to run the Homelife system substantially.   Frontpoint Home Security monitoring starts at just $34.99 with 100% cellular monitoring…NO broadband service required.

Cox Home Security -Reviews - Qolsys IQ Panel

Frontpoint’s Qolsys IQ Panel

Frontpoint premium monitoring packages  include all the most sought after monitoring features as’s Crash and Smash Protection and Geo Services. And upgrade to their premium Qolsys control panel and you’ll even get severe weather alerts and a built in camera that captures a still image and records it when the system is armed and disarmed. So while it might seem more convenient for a Cox Communication customer to add security and home automation through Cox… it would be prudent to consider alternatives from top rated companies that specialize in providing superior security and home automation solutions. The folks at Frontpoint have a stellar reputation for delivering top notch security and home automation products and the very best customer service in the industry!

Get More Info on Frontpoint Home Security Systems

Full Review of Frontpoint Security

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Cox Home Security vs. Protect America

Cox Home Security vs. Protect America

Cox Home Security vs Protect America
8.3 HSA Review
3.5 4 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
7.5 HSA Review
1.3 17 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
Protect America gives you most of the same advantages  over the Homelife program…without any upfront costs. .

Protect America uses the Simon XT control panel, which has a proven track record for ease of use and reliability.  The Interlogix sensors have stood the test of time and are have performed flawlessly in the field.Cox Home Security Reviews- Protect America Reviews- Platinum Award for Best Home Security Company While the Cox Homelife system requires that you maintain their broadband service, in addition to the monthly monitoring fee….

Protect America security offers landline, broadband or cellular service starting at just $19.99 a month without requiring any expensive broadband service. The Cox Essential system packages start at $99.00, but adding additional security or home automation sensors could easily run the bill up well over $1000.

The Protect America Platinum Packages includes up to $1400 in FREE Equipment!

With their $0 up front pricing policy, Protect America makes it affordable for almost anyone to get security and home automation.

Looking for the  Lowest Up Front Costs– see what Protect America can do for you!


Cox Homelife vs Protect America

Cox Home Security Comparison Summary



Comparison Summary

  • Entry Level Monitoring
  • Up Front Installation Costs-Basic
  • Monitoring Contract Length
  • Internet Required-$$$
  • Do you own equipmet?
  • Rate Lock Guarantee?
  • Free relocation anywhere in US?
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty?
  • 15 Day Return Policy
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Winner
    Cox Logo
  • $29.99 + $4.00
  • $99.99+
  • 24 Months
    Protect America Logo
  • $19.99
  • $0
  • 36 Months


Get More Info on Protect America

Read our Full Review of Protect America

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Cox Homelife Security vs. Link Interactive Security

Cox Homelife Security  vs. Link Interactive Security

Cox Homelife Security vs Link Interactive
8.8 HSA Review
5.5 2 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
7.5 HSA Review
1.3 17 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value
Although Link Interactive may not be as well known, their parent company, Mountain Alarm has  over 60 years’ experience providing quality home security solutions and a track record of exceeding customer expectations…with a 98% approval rating.

They recently expanded into the DIY Alarm industry and offer the very latest state of the art wireless systems from 2GIG Technologies.  While negative Cox communications reviews from unhappy Homelife alarm owners are not uncommon, reviews from Link Interactive home security system owners are overwhelmingly positive! In addition to state of the art equipment at very competitive prices, Link Interactive offers premium monitoring features that include:

  • Crash and Smash
  • Geo Location
  • 2-Way Voice
  • Interactive Services
  • AND full home automation functionality for just $29.99 a month!

Want video? No problem…just $5.00 more. Looking for great service,equipment and the lowest monitoring rates?  Find out more about Link Interactive!

Cox Security vs Armorax Security

Cox Security vs Armorax Security

Cox Homelife vs Armorax Blackbox Security
1 HSA Review
1 1 vote
Customer Service
Price and Value
7.5 HSA Review
1.3 17 votes
Customer Service
Price and Value

Armorax DIY or Cox Security Professional Install?

Cox, like all the telecom companies,  tries to convince you that you need professional installation and that you will save money by bundling.  Read on to find out just how simple DIY alarm installations are…. and how much less an “unbundled” cellular security and home automation can be. Cox Homelife  alarms  are professionally installed, but that is not necessarily  a good thing. It really depends on how good the installer you get is. Just because they can install cable doesn’t necessarily make them a professional alarm installer.  Online Homelife reviews often express  disappointment and frustrations with poorly trained or inexperienced installers. There was a time when home security systems required professional installation . Security systems used to be complicated and require drilling holes, fishing wires and programming systems. Today,  modern wireless technologies have evolved to the point where installing a security system from a reputable DIY Alarm Company means mounting a few sensors and calling in to activate the system. Armorax pre-programs and configures the system before shipping it out…so installation is a snap. Consequently, over 90% of DIY alarm customers found the system “easy to install”.

2018 Update of Armorax vs.Cox Homelife Reviews

  Much of our original enthusiasm pertaining to Armorax has now fallen off appreciably as the enterprise continuously shows indicators that it is experiencing struggles. The Armorax BBB status has recently slipped off substantially from an A (from the time of this original Cox Homelife review) to a C+. This is typically a sign that the organization hasn’t resolved user complaints- even should they be filed using the Better Business Bureau. In our secret shopping endeavors, we have found that even the sales department will not pick up calls. Inbound calls are usually handled by way of a voice mail which instructs the caller to contact 911 if this is an emergency…or to stay on the phone for the sales representative. After two or three minutes on hold, the call is eventually handled by an answering service who will request a name along with number to get return call. This makes one wonder what will happen if I have a problem with my alarm system?

Frequent Changes

Furthermore, Armorax has changed manufacturers 3 times over the last year. They have converted from the cutting edge 2 Gig Technologies line up. They temporarily promoted the Interlogix Simon XT, and are  now providing the less popular Resolution Helix panel. They also have dramatically changed their monitoring cost structure multiple times in the last year. When it comes to online Armorax reviews, you will notice that no two web sites share the identical charges. Armorax previously marketed no contract programs and in addition to their standard program with cost-free equipment and monitoring rates as little as $19.99/mo. (Their one time price of $24.99/mo. for security and full home automation was in fact a great value for money. Available when our iriginal side by side comparisons with Cox Home Security had been performed …this price point is no longer offered) Their current deal will cost you $99.00 up-front combined with basic monitoring starts at $34.99 as well as Mobile APP is extra!

Lack of Transparency

  Additionally, the complete absence of online transparency does nothing to encourage confidence. Currently there is a one page website that features little if any details about the company qualifications, equipment, price, monitoring provider and services, Mobile App, Unit installation guidelines and / or training videos …or nearly anything else which a possible client really should know. Although the company exhibited terrific potential in the beginning, our company is no longer enthusiastic with regards to them as a decent alternative to Cox Homelife. In our view, there are superior solutions- such as professionally installed Vivint or DIY alarms such as Frontpoint and Protect America.

Information below reflects the original Armorax vs Cox Homelife reviews for comparison purposes.


Armorax has an A  BBB Rating. They are  fully accredited with the BBB , and have  complied an  impressive 88% positive reviews on the BBB reviews page.  This translates to a 4.67 out of 5 stars! On the other hand Cox Homelife  has had to close over 865 BBB complaints over the last three years.

Armorax Pricing

Armorax has a simple pricing structure…which blows away the competition. The standard Armorax Blackbox system is a top of the line 2Gig Technologies  GC2, and it is FREE with a 36 month monitoring agreement! Armorax add on sensors are roughly half the price of professionally installed components. See how much you can save on add ons by calling 866-355-0640. Unlike Cox Home Security, you are not purchasing  proprietary equipment with an Armorax security system….and you actually own ALL the equipment. With the Cox alarm system, you are renting the control panel-which must be returned when the service is terminated. And all that add on equipment you must purchase, is not likely compatible with most major security companies.  This means that you have lost your equipment investment and must absorb the costs of new equipment if you want to switch service providers at the end of your contract. But, the monitoring price is what really sets Armorax apart. Right now they are offering Cellular Monitoring for just $24.95! And that is not bare boned monitoring it includes:

  • Interactive Service- Arm/Disarm/Notifications and Alerts
  • Comprehensive Home Automation
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring/Management
  • Crash and Smash
  • Geo Services….and more.

All for $24.95/mo.

And that is NOT an introductory price.  That includes a Rate Lock Guarrantee!

Cox Home Security Systems Pricing

With Cox Security, you will be required to pay $99.00 up front for installation. Add ons with the Homelife system can get pretty expensive if you wish to add to the standard equipment packages.  This can drive the costs up hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, the  equipment is also proprietary to their system, and you will have to start fresh with another security service provider. After any introductory discounts...Cox monitoring rates range from $29.95 to $39.95…PLUS $14.99  for Cloud Video Storage. And….don’t forget to include the $3.00 monthly rental fee for the control panel…which must be returned if you cancel service. This renders the entire system useless.  You can’t even use the system as a local alarm. Armorax rates are locked in at $24.95/mo…..and you own ALL the equipment once you have satisfied the 36 month agreement.  Do with it as you please..but, you can lock in that rate as long as you remain a customer.  For $24.95 a month….who wouldn’t?

Armorax recognized as Top DIY Alarm Company

With a  comprehensive interactive cellular monitoring rate of just $24.95/mo., Armorax is taking the alarm industry by storm.  And they don’t stop there. They combine low,low monitoring rates with the top of the line, 2 Gig Technologies Go! Control system! In recognition of superior value, Armorx received our Silver  Award 2017 Top 5 Best Home Security Companies- Armoraxas one of the TOP Home Security Companies of 2017. While the telecom companies all try to convince you that you will save by bundling their services, after the first year, the honeymoon is over. In addition to the $99.00 installation fees, Cox Homelife monitoring rates can run up to $57.99. That is more than double the monitoring costs with Armorax! Bundling…schmundling.  T The truth of the matter is…you can save a bundle by “unbundling” …with Armorax. Cox Homelife  Security Systems require an upfront installation fee, and charge higher monitoring rates for packages that require additional services.  Ultimately costing more than twice as much per month on more comprehensive packages.

Interactive Features

Cox offers a full portfolio of security and home automation services which utilize their proprietary app for interactive services. Armorax uses award winning Interactive Platform is provided by It is by far the most stable and feature rich interactive platform and includes:

  • Smash and Crash Protection– alerts the central station of an intrusion- even if the system is destroyed
  • Geo Fencing– uses GPS location on your cell phone to automatically control security and home automation functions
  • Power Outage Notification – if there is loss of power, the system sends you an alert

These features are showcased by the  Armorax Blackbox which features  a premium touchscreen  2Gig GC2 control panel Cox Homelife Reviews-- 2Gig Control Panelwhich  can display local weather 5 day forecasts and provide severe weather warnings in an emergency. The GC2 is  equipped with an integrated Z-Wave communication module which enables comprehensive home automation and management capability of virtually any Z-Wave compatible device! There is a nominal fee of just $49.95 to upgrade to the GC3, which gives you additional features and capabilities and a full 7″ touchscreen display.


Armorax provides top of the line, DIY security and home automation products with rock bottom  cellular monitoring rates that include services.  With a FREE premium  system and full featured monitoring services for $24.95/mo, Armorax blows away any bundled telecom company rates.

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Cox Homelife vs Xfinity Security vs AT&T Digital Life vs TWC IntelligentHome

Cox Homelife vs Xfinity Security vs AT&T Digital Life vs TWC IntelligentHome

Cox vs Xfinity vs AT&T vs TWC
A Reputation
B Monitoring
C Customer Service
D Equipment
E Price and Value
7.4 HSA Review
2.4 25 votes
7.4 HSA Review
1.7 25 votes
7.5 HSA Review
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7.6 HSA Review
1.8 10 votes

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Summary- Consider Telecom Alternatives  Carefully

When looking for the best home security company to provide home automation and protect your family, one should carefully consider all their options before  selecting the company in which they will entrust the security of all that is important to them. While the cable companies have done a reasonably good job putting together attractive packages to try and woo their customers into bundling their security packages into their cable offering, there are a number of  superior options available with companies that specialize in home security. Overall, the cable companies struggle with providing adequate service for their existing products…and service after the sale is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring the comfort and safety of your family. Reputation, Industry Experience, Customer Service  and Service Response should be the  highest of priorities. While it might not be quite as easy as just adding another service to an already out of control monthly bill…most folks would actually save money and be better served by on of our top rated alarm companies that has a proven track record and is  focused solely on protecting your home and family.

Canceling a Cox Security Contract

The best ways to terminate a Cox Homelife long term contract

Just about all security organizations require multi-year monitoring contract when you enrolling their service. This is a pretty normal routine within the security industry and therefore Cox security is no exception.. After the contract is signed, the customer does have a 3 day right of rescission.

Quite often, DIY alarm service providers present you with a 14, Thirty or maybe even Sixty-day refund policy. However, this is not the case with Cox Home Security systems. You need to take action immediately in order to end the contract within 72 hours of that time period the deal was in fact finalized.

And once past the rescission or return period, you are normally accountable for all, or perhaps the majority of the monitoring obligations with respect to the full duration of the contract, even in the event one relocates outside the service area of the provider. If you think you might be relocating, just be sure you have a very crystal-clear comprehension of the responsibilities of the Cox service agreement prior to making a commitment.

Examine terms and conditions of your Cox Home Security agreement

Many of the common trouble spots with regards to security alarm agreements are:

Escalation clauses– Many companies maintain the authority to raise the monitoring rate after the initial year…even when the contract time period is actually longer.

Automatic Renewal Clauses – A number of deals automatically renew on a yearly, or some times greater time frame when the initial term is completed unless the client officially cancels the deal and complies with the specified conditions regarding contract termination.

Cancellation Terms – Quite often times, the contract is required to be terminated in black and white, 30 and maybe even Sixty days before the end of the original legally binding contract. It is important to make contact with Cox Homelife Security customer support and fully understand just what exactly requirements must be met to cancel the binding agreement.

Early Termination Fees –One of the most common complaints on Cox HHomelifereviews is the hefty Early Termination Fees.


Be certain to get in touch with Cox Home Security

When it’s time to end your agreement, ensure that you undertake each one of the recommended actions and document every one of the communications. Our recommendation is that everyone: Call- and consequently document the phone call with time and contact specifics Mail- Send out notification by means of certified mail E-Mail- utilizing “read “receipt Make sure that every one these actions are very well documented and keep them exactly where they’ll easily be retrieved in case there might be a question. Also- remember to monitor your bank account to ensure that you don’t see any automatic debits following the specified time frame.

Switching over to your next service provider after Cox Homelife

Following your experience with Cox Home Security, you may have a far better concept of what precisely your most suitable service provider ought to be like. Our simple security alarm survey could help you identify your choices.

Customizing a Cox Home Security System


Factors to consider when you want to customize a Cox Homelife security system?


Before deciding on how to best customize your Cox alarm system, make sure that they can provide the equipment you require for a fully customized and cost-effective system. For a truly custom install and to get the most bang for your buck, make sure the system you choose has the versatility and can accommodate the multi-function components described below.


5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Cox Homelife Security System


1            The best home security companies offer a full line of “take-over” devices that allow you to upgrade your current security equipment to the most advanced system available. If you are upgrading a system with a fair amount of existing equipment, this is an important consideration.

2            Top alarm companies offer multiple specialized sensor options for your doors and windows include recessed, plunger, and bypass –  providing custom solutions for nearly any installation scenario.

3            It is optimal to be able to open and close your garage door with the same keyfob you use for your alarm system. You can also control it with a smartphone thanks to  Z-wave products that interface with most garage door brands.

4            Protect your home from frozen and broken water pipes and furnace and air conditioning failure with this multi-purpose sensor. Check to see if multi-function sensors are available with your system.

5            Triple-duty detectors can activate your alarm system when it senses smoke and high and low temperatures.


The Cox homelife system uses equipment that may not be compatible with the majority of security systems sold in the US.  Consequently, if you plan to invest a considerable amount to customize your system, you may want to consider alternatives to Cox Home Security


If you already have a Cox alarm system, feel free to share your thoughts in our Cox Homelife Reviews.

Does Cox Homelife have voice control?

Cox Home Security Voice Control


Online Cox Security reviews indicate overall greater satisfaction now that Cox security systems can take advantage of the Voice Control.

As long as your Cox Homelife system is equipped with Contour TV or Contour Stream Player the ability to control your Homelife devices such as system arming, thermostats, lights, smart plugs, and smart door locks.

If you subscribe to Cox Contour TV or Contour Stream Player, you can also view your Homelife cameras live on your TV screen.

It is as simple as pressing the mic button on your Contour Voice Remote and saying, Show me my cameras or Show porch camera.

If you subscribe to Continuous Video Recording, you can also say, Show camera clips to view clips of people or vehicles.

Cox Security APP


Cox Homelife App

7 Things You Can Do…


Cox Security App 7 Things You Can Do

Security systems have evolved in recent years.  Cox Home Security provides a central hub that allows the homeowner to control virtually any connected device that is compatible with the system.


Cox Security App – Benefits


  • Arm/Disarm System – The Cox Security App lets you arm and disarm the system from the palm of your hand.
  • Lock/Unlock Doors – No need to leave a spare key under the mat to let the housekeeper in.  The Cox Home Security App enables you to unlock compatible door locks.
  • Cox Homelife Cameras – Cox Homelife Compatible Cameras can be monitored live and recorded right through the app. A Cox Security Camera lets you keep an eye on pets and see when the kids arrive home from school.
  • Real-Time Alerts – The app allows you to set real-time alerts that will notify you via text or e-mail when the kids get home, there is an intrusion, fire or any event you wish to program into the system.
  • Thermostat Control – The Cox Home Security system app can even serve as a home energy management hub.  It allows you to control the thermostat and…
  • Turn Lights On/OFF – Your Cox Security App can ensure that you never have to walk into a dark house.
  • Control Appliances – With a Cox Security system, you can even turn on the coffee or your crock pot from the office.  You can come home to a warm cup of coffee and a hot dinner!



Cox Homelife App Benefits Video

Managing Your Cox Alarm System and Cox Homelife Cameras


YouTube video


Make sure to share your thoughts on the Cox Home Security App in our section for Cox Homelife Reviews.

Cox Security System Design Tips

Cox Homelife Reviews Tips 

Designing your Cox Home Security System


Cox Homelife Reviews -Designing Your Cox Homelife Security System Infographic


Perimeter Protection – The first objective when configuring your Cox Security system is how to protect the perimeter of your property. In addition to mounting door contacts on the doors and any vulnerable windows, you want to discourage any potential burglars from targeting your home.  Position yard signs, window stickers and outdoor Cox Homelife cameras where they are readily visible. 

Interior Protection – Your Cox Security system should also include a second line of defense that enables  you to detect an intruder if they are able to gain entry to the home.  Cox motion detectors can be installed to protect larger areas and in centralized hallways. You might want to consider an extra keypad in the master bedroom, as well.  Indoor Cox Security cameras can be monitored on some keypads and it will also let you activate panic alerts more easily.

Asset Protection- Your Cox Alarm system also lets you configure certain sensors as “non-reporting. If they are set up properly, they will not set off the siren or send a signal to the monitoring center. Instead, they will only notify you discreetly through your Cox Homelife App. Many Cox Alarm customers use sensors on gun cabinets, medicine or liquor cabinets or office doors.

Environmental Protection – Your Cox Home Security system can also be set up to monitor environmental hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide, flooding or freezing.  There are specific Cox Alarm sensors for each of these applications.

Home Automation- Cox Home Security systems can serve as the central hub to control lighting, cameras, heat and air conditioning, doors and garage door openers. Cox Security systems can control virtually any home automation function right from your smartphone on the Cox Homelife App.


Have a Cox Alarm system?  Let us know your tips in our section for Cox Homelife Reviews.

Does Cox Home Security need a landline for monitoring?

Cox Homelife Monitoring


Cox Security systems do not require phone service or a  landline for monitoring.

When it comes to security, cellular monitoring is the best method for monitoring.  This way there are no phone or cable wires that can be cut to compromise the transmission of a signal to the monitoring station.

A Cox Home security system uses the cable connection to transmit data. (with cellular as a backup). The Cox Homelife App and compatible Cox Security cameras require the cable to work seamlessly.

While some Cox Homelife reviews might complain about the additional expense of a cellular connection, many homeowners have found they defray the costs of a Cox alarm system and save money by cutting out the landline completely.

Arming the Cox Security System


Arming Modes on a Cox Homelife Security System


In our Cox Homelife reviews, we break down the basic arming modes of a Cox Alarm System:

OFF – Even when your Cox Security  panel is turned off, many of the alerts are still active.  Your Cox Alarm system will still alert you if a door or window is opened and life and environmental safety systems (i.e. water or low temperature) are still active. Consequently, if a fire breaks out or there are excessive carbon monoxide emissions present, your system will still alert the central monitoring station.

Stay–  You can arm just the perimeter protection at the doors and windows by arming your system in the “stay” mode.  This will enable you to move about the house freely and still have a certain level of protection.

Away–  The away mode will activate any Cox Homelife interior motion detectors as well as the doors and windows.

Instant – You can eliminate the entry delay on your Cox Home Security system by arming it in instant mode.

Duress –  You can set up a special duress code that will notify the monitoring center that there is a potential hostage situation. If someone were to physically force you to disarm the system, this special code will trigger immediate emergency response.

 Panic – The Cox Alarm System will also enable the user to send emergency panic signals through the control panel as well as via a remote panic buttom. This lets the central monitoring station know that there is an occupied panic situation. 


Cox Homelife Security System Arming Modes -Infographic


Cox Homelife Security System Arming Modes



If you are already a Cox Home Security customer, please feel free to share your experiences in our section for Cox Homelife reviews.

What will happen if I move with Cox Homelife?

Relocating Cox Home Security

  One of the troubles frequently noted in unfavorable web Cox Homelife reviews revolves around the concerns that occur when a Cox Security patron has to relocate. When it is inside of the Cox Homelife service area, there may be various other costs. When the customer relocates beyond the service district, typically they’ll still be liable for the majority, of the unpaid long term contract. With regards to specifics, get in touch with Cox Homelife  customer support if you are en existing customer. If you are not, you should definitely have a clear understanding of the  contractual responsibilities as well as the relocation policy before you sign up. Don’t be reliant upon spoken guarantees from a Cox Home Security sales rep- Be sure you have it on paper. If you aren’t 100% pleased about the responses you get from Cox Security, consider some of our top 5 best security systems prior to making a selection. If you have an experience relocating you Cox Home Security system, please share your experience in our Cox Homelife Reviews.

How often do I need to test the Cox Security System?

Testing the Cox Homelife System


It is recommended that you test the Cox Home security system at least once a month. 

While you may not find it in your research of  Cox Alarm reviews, many people aren’t familiar with how to their Cox Security system.

It is up to the owner to test the system periodically to ensure that Cox Alarm System is operating correctly.

It is especially important to check the system if there is a recent change in internet or phone system.

For information on how to test your system, reach out to Cox Homelife customer support.

Do I include the garage in my Cox Alarm System?

Should I add the garage to my Cox HomeLife System?


Most of us keep at least one automobile in the garage.  This is typically the average family’s 2nd most significant investment.

In addition, the garage is often home to our expensive tools, lawn and garden equipment, snow blowers, sporting goods, etc.

It may also be where gasoline, oil, propane, and other flammables are stored- all of which significantly increase the possibility of starting a fire…that could quickly spread to the home.

Consequently, our Cox Home Security Reviews highly recommend that you at least include a heat detector in your garage protection package.



Top  6 Ways to Enhance Garage Security with a Cox Security System



Outdoor Cox Security Camera – Keep an eye on who approaches your garage doors and monitor activity. The outdoor Cox Homelife cameras offer 1080P HD resolution with motion detection and night vision.

Overhead Door Monitors – Always know whether the largest entry is open or closed. Tilt sensors use an inclinometer to detect the angle of the garage door. They send a signal to the control panel whether the overhead garage door is in an open or closed position.

Garage Door Openers – Allow automation and remote management of the overhead doors. With a wireless connection to the AT&T security system control panel, the doors can be controlled and even automated from the panel or right through the AT&T Smart Home App.

Indoor Cox Homelife Cameras – Monitor activity within the garage when access is gained. In our household, we have shipments and grocery deliveries inside the garage.  With Cox Homelife Cameras, we can keep an eye on things remotely.

Exterior Door Contacts – Keep all vulnerable garage doors protected. Exterior and/or home entranceways should be protected.

Heat Detectors – Not affected by smoke and fumes…a heat detector senses rapid rises of temperature due to fire.  This is especially important in homes with an attached garage.


Designing a Cox Homelife Smart System – Garage Security


Cox Homellife Garage Door Security  - Cox Homelife Cameras Infographic


So, if the budget allows…updating or installing a system that includes garage door security can be well worth the investment!

Can renters get a Cox Security System installed in a rental property?



Can renters get Cox Home Security installed in a rental property?


Although it is not published in the Cox Home Security FAQs, most home security companies that offer professional installation require that you own the property.  If you are renting a home, condo or an apartment, you will need to contact them directly and will almost certainly be required to furnish documentation of landlord approval, before they will install the system.

Many apartment owners are opting for popular DIY wireless systems such as Protect America, Frontpoint or SimpliSafe. (click on the links to check out our in depth reviews)

If you are renting a property, you should investigate further in our Ultimate Guide to Apartment Security Systems – Best Alarm Systems for Apartment and Renters. 


What to look for in a Cox Alarm System Control Panel


Top 5 things to look for in a Cox Homelife Security System Alarm Panel


When considering a Cox Alarm System, make sure you look into the following features.  

  1. Encryption – Not all panels have adequate encryption to protect against modern-day hackers. Encrypted Sensors make it very difficult to hack.  If you are upgrading a system, that could mean having to upgrade all your sensors. Some panels, like the 2GIG GC2e, are also backward compatible with prior generations.
  2. Aesthetic and UI – Today’s panels should be sleeker and more modern, with capacitive touch screen controls.
  3. 2-Way Voice – Industry-leading panels offer 2-way voice capability that allows direct communication with the CMS when an alarm is triggered.
  4. Z-Wave Plus – This is a new-and-improved protocol, allowing home-automation products to have more battery power, higher functionality, longer range, and many more benefits over the original Z-Wave protocol
  5. Alarm App – Make sure that the security and home automation platform seamlessly integrates the entire system and enables remote management, observation, and control, from your smartphone, computer, or tablet with an internet connection. You can check Apple App Store or Google Play for ratings.


Modern Cox Homelife Security Panel Infographic


If you already have a Cox Home Security System, feel free to share your experiences in our Cox Homelife Reviews section. 

Cox Homelife Tips to Keep Kids Safer
Cox Home Security Tips on Keeping Youngsters Safe


Your Cox Home Alarm System can help protect your children against burglaries, child abductions, home invasions, and fires.  What it can’t do is prevent accidental deaths or injuries in and around the home.

Here are some reminders of everyday things you can do to ensure a safer environment.


Child Safety Tips

  • Never Leave a Child Unattended in or Around Water
  • Childproof Electrical Outlets
  • Keep Small Items Out of Reach
  • Prevent Accidental Suffocation
  • Secure Chemicals and Cleaning Materials



Home Safety Tips

  • Secure Firearms and Ammunition- (check out the Best Home Safes ) 
  • Install and Check Smoke and CO Detectors
  • Secure Windows and Stairways
  • Pet Safety
  • Be Prepared for an Emergency



Getting a Cox Home Security system shows that you are committed to protecting your family. If you want more ideas on keeping kids safe, we have gone into these topics in greater detail in our posts on child safety and home safety.

Special Uses for Cox Security System Sensors

6 Special Applications for Cox Homelife Sensors


There are a number of special uses for the standard door or window sensors in your Cox home security system.

These magnetic sensors can be set up so that they are either monitored or non-monitored.  If you don’t want the alarm to be activated, a notification can be sent via e-mail or SMS when the sensor is triggered. You can then consult the Cox Homelife App to monitor any Cox Security cameras.

Some typical uses might be:

Gun Cabinet – Protecting your weapons from unauthorized or unsupervised use will help prevent tragedy. In addition to locking your gun cabinet, with your Cox security system, you can use a magnetic contact to send an e-mail notification via SMS or e-mail to alert you when your cabinet is accessed. 

Medicine and Liquor Cabinets- Keep an eye on the contents of your liquor and medicine cabinets. With some systems, you can even set up a medicine cabinet to alert you if it has not been opened within a certain time period.

Hazardous Materials-  Ensure that you have gone the extra mile in childproofing your home.  Place a contact on any cabinet within a child’s reach that might contain harmful or toxic materials.  It can be set to sound the chime feature on your security system, without actually setting off the alarm. 

Tool Shed- If the tool shed is located within the range of the hub of you Cox security system, a sensor can be placed on the door of your tool shed as well.  Be mindful that the elements can affect the sensors.  You may need to look into special outdoor sensors.

Mailbox- Want to know if the mail has been delivered?  Sensors can be placed on the mailbox to let you know.

Pool Gate – Having an outdoor pool can be relaxing. But for families with young children, they can also be cause for concern. Your Cox Alarm system can help you keep track of anyone who opens your pool gate with a magnetic sensor.  Check with Cox Security customer care  to see what sensors are best suited to your type/style of gate.

It is important to note that outdoor applications may not create ideal conditions for basic sensors. Mounting on certain surfaces may present challenges.  The distance to the sensor from the main hub of the wireless security system may be too far for a good signal.

Additionally,  the weather conditions in your region of the country may be too extreme for basic sensors.  There are, however, special weatherproof sensors that may be available for your application.

Contact the Cox Homelife customer service department for recommendations for the ideal solution to your application.


Cox Homelife Unique Sensor Application Infographic

6 Special Uses for Cox Homelife Sensors - Infographic


If you are a current Cox Home Security subscriber,  share your experiences in our area for Cox Homelife reviews

Is it critical to get an burglar alarm permit to install a Cox Home Security system?

Is it critical to get an burglar alarm permit to install a Cox Home Security system?

In reality , you don’t need a permit to install a system… in the event the system is not professionally monitored. Nonetheless, as a Cox Homelife security system is going to be remotely monitored with the motive of employing emergency response services, a lot of local municipalities would require a permit. In many cases, this requires common registration in conjunction with your area law enforcement or sheriff’s dept as well as some sort of reasonable fee. One will likely also be required to produce the company name, address and phone number of Cox Home Security, as well as the monitoring station, in the event the two providers might be different. Anywhere permits are required, nearly all towns would require some sort of one time cost to register your burglar alarm, although some cities expect an annual renewal too. Within towns with high crime and false alarm rates, failing to register may end up in some sort of refusal to respond to locations which don’t have any a security alarm permit…although this can be pretty exceptional. Having said that, you might be subject to various other penalties and fees if law enforcement, fire as well as emergency medical assistance wereto be dispatched to a address without a permit located in municipalities where one is mandated. Even if a permit is actually purchased, almost all communities will probably assess penalties with regards to numerous false alarms. The majority of cities now have protocols set up where the initial one to two dispatches will not call for penalties. Subsequently, after that fines in most cases increase from $25-50 for the first enforceable offense…to $100-200 for consequent repeat offenses. As a consequence, it is crucial that burglar alarm operators get in touch with their area police department, learn what permits are expected, get a detailed familiarity with the neighborhood policies and ensure that they take the appropriate practices in avoiding false alarms.

What are some additional benefits of getting Cox Homelife?


9 Added benefits of getting Cox Homelife, (or any of our Best Home Security Systems)

Following is a partial list of product or service Cox Home security buyers might enjoy should they opt to invest in a home alarm system. Online Cox Home Security reviews indicate that customers are opting for more comprehensive security systems that incorporate some of these valuable features.

Cox Home Security Life Safety and Environmental Protection

  Cox Homelife provides you with protection against fires- According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), a fire occurs pretty much every twenty-four seconds in the united states. In 2014 there have been close to 1.3 million fires recorded, resulting in more than 13,000 injuries, three thousand that ended up being fatal, along with resulting in practically ten billion dollars of property damage. A monitored security system ensures that heat, fire and smoke are sensed at the earliest feasible time, and also automatically notifies the fire department – regardless of whether you’re home or not. You might not be there to shield your house, pets and loved ones…but your home security system assures that that help is on the way.

Cox Homelife Offers

Can help you keep tabs on CO Levels. Carbon monoxide iis acolorless and odorless gas produced by inefficient combustion. Vapors caused by running automobile engines, gas ovens, power generators, poorly maintained heating systems, burning wood or perhaps charcoal all can be lethal in cases where undetected. Although it is common for one experiencing deadly carbon monoxide poisoning to become nauseous, light-headed, disoriented as well as too confused to summons emergency assistance…your Cox Security system won’t be.

Guard Against Frozen Pipes- Have a home in an area in which the temperatures begin to drop below the freezing point in the winter months? A Cox Home Security low-temperature sensor/probe can safeguard from the likelihood of plumbing freezing should the furnace were to stop working. The system could notify you in the event the heat range tumbles lower than 40 degrees.

Cox Mobile Connect App

Home automation can is a big plus in modern home security systems and there are a number of comfort and convenience attributes of a Cox Homelife system. All of these features can be controlled by the Cox Mobile Connect App, which allows you to automate temperature settings and also control the heat range in your home from anywhere on the planet by using the web.

The thermostat timers are generally created to suit your normal way of life …and wind up being tweaked routinely when you arm or disarm your security system. Would like the property cozy warm or cool when you arrive home? The security system can be adjusted manually from your smart phone with Cox Mobile App. The Cox App can also allow you to remotely oversee lighting. A few clicks on your smart phone, tablet or computer can enable you to arrange lighting to turn on automatically whenever you rise in the Morning …and power down once you set the alarm in the evening. Your Cox Mobile Connect App gives you complete control right from the palm of your hand.


Cox Home Life keeps an eye on entrances

You can even unlock entrances remotely.   Now you don’t have to give a spare key to the dog walker or even the plumbing service coming over to remedy that leaking faucet. You have the ability to unlock the entrance way as soon as they turn up …and lock back up again as soon as they depart. Accessibility can all be controlled via the security system.

Observe and Monitor with Cox Security Cameras

Ever wonder what Rover actually does if you are away from your house? Cox Home Security cameras let you remotely keep an eye on anything that occurs if you are away.  Observe your pets…and much more-such as being able to check on the arrival of ‘latch key” youngsters. Although even without having Cox Security Cameras, Cox Homelife will provide text or e-mail notifications if your system is set or alternatively de-activated( e . g . whenever the youngsters get back from soccer practice) right through the  Cox Mobile Connect App.

Economic Points to consider associated with getting a Cox Homelife system

Lower Insurance Costs- Insurance carriers provide substantial discounts on Homeowner Insurance providers if your property is secured by a monitored security system. Although price reductions range between business to business along with the scope of the protection – popular discounted rates are priced between 5-20% depending on the kind of security system along with the level of services that happen to be provided. Make sure that the insurance company realizes whether or not the system is going to be supervised and whether things such as fire, flood and freeze protection has been integrated in your system. Your supplier should provide a certificate of installation describing the kinds of services for which your system is monitored.


Cox Home Life can help lower costs

Lower Electricity Costs – Just by creating an automated Home Energy Management System, you’ll be able to lessen fuel and energy costs substantially. By enhancing your lighting and home heating activities someone can scale back consumption and charges as much as  $200 per year. To find out precisely how economical peace of mind could be..take a look at Cox Homelife and then compare with our Top Alarm Companies.



Ways to Steer clear of False Alarms with your Cox Home Security System


Ways to Steer clear of False Alarms with your Cox Home Security System

As stated previously, false alarms caused by your Cox Homelife security system may amount to more than simply a hassle. False alarms can result in a substantial strain on your area police and emergency services departments… and might end up resulting in pricey fines for you. The vast majority of dispatches in most communities are a result of false alarms-usually due to operator error. On that basis, a large percentage of towns enforce charges to residences once they meet or exceed a set number of false alarms.

To prevent this from affecting you, here are some ideas to eliminate false alarm with your Cox Security system.


Cox Home Security Reviews – Avoid False Alarms with Your Cox Homelife Security System Infographic

Cox Home Security Reviews - Avoid False Alarms with Your Cox Homelife Security System Infographic


Cox Homelife – False Alarm Prevention Tips


• Be sure everybody knows the way to disarm the home security system. Your alarm has a master passcode, together with a number of additional operator codes that one can program into the system. Attempt to ensure that everyone knows his or her code as well as the procedure to disarm the system.

• Be sure that everyone also knows about the password. If there is an alarm, the central monitoring station will in most cases contact the home initially and ask for the password to make sure that whoever answers is really an authorized party. In case there is an alarm, should whoever takes the telephone call is unable to supply the precise password, the police will likely be dispatched.

• Determine that doors and windows are properly shut prior to setting the system. Any doors that have been left ajar could be blown open while you are away and set off the alarm.

• Check that that all devices are positioned solidly and in the correct locations. Motion sensors should really be installed at a height of 6’ and away from the fans, heating units, fireplace, and air conditioning.

• Consider items that could possibly set off a motion sensor. It’s not just pets ..air conditioning units might cause fluttering curtains or plants…even helium balloons can float about the home by means of air currents. Make sure they are tied down away from motions.

• In a perfect world, your pets must really be restricted to zones clear of motion detectors. In the event that it’s not possible, there are actually “pet-friendly” or “pet immune” detectors that could screen out smaller pets under 40, 50 even 80 lbs. Motion sensors may also be set up to generate pet alleys in which pets may move freely about. A different option is to utilize glass break detectors as an alternative to motions.

• Do not forget to replace batteries when required. The vast majority of security systems use Li-Ion batteries which probably have, at a minimum, a two year expected lifespan. Your Cox Security Systems will almost always warn you in the event the batteries are becoming low and continue to alert you once it gets below about 1 month of functional life. It is a great idea to have surplus batteries around and switch them out as soon as possible. Your system may also alert you should there be any other troubles with sensors.

In cases where you receive a system fault alert, conduct a status check to check out the sensor. Get hold of Cox Homelife customer service in the event it seems to be malfunction.


Final Cox Home Security Suggestions…

Store your user manuals/codes/passwords in a very safe chosen area where they might be checked periodically if required. However, the ideal way to avert false alarms is to use your system on a consistent basis and make sure that everyone understands how to operate the system.


Cox Homelife False Alarm Prevention Tips Video Summary

YouTube video

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Factors to Consider Before Signing Up with Cox Homelife.

Questions you should ask oneself prior to committing to a Cox Home Security System?


There are a number of items that is recommended you determine before selecting Cox Security, as well as any other system. Because most systems require a long term monitoring agreement, it is recommended to consider a wide range of criteria before signing the contract.

Regardless if somebody came knocking on your front door, called you on the telephone or you are picking up any kind of shiny costly color promotion for Cox Security Cameraswhich in your most recent bill….it is advisable to make certain you have a full grasp of all the home security possibilities  available to you to really make the best choice you possibly can.


DIY as opposed to Cox Security Professional Installation?


One of the primary things to consider is whether or not you should set up the system on your own or possibly pay money for a professional installation. Until recently, systems would have to be hard wired directly into the home. This certainly will call for drilling and even cutting holes into the walls, fishing wires and complicated mounting and extensive programming.

However…times have actually changed. Even the service providers, such as Cox Home Security,  which usually professionally install the systems are currently working with predominantly wireless devices. Ironically, despite the fact that the system is wireless, online Cox Homelife reviews still complain about service and installation issues. The technology has become drastically improved upon over the years to make the products amazingly simple to use, as well as install.

As a result, the more experienced DIY security alarm companies surely have dramatically streamlined the set up procedure for you to make it simple even for the most technologically challenged property owners.


Pros and Cons of DIY


The better companies, such as Protect America Security and Frontpoint,  will pre-program the whole system before sending it out, so that all the client has to do is attach the devices and contact the company to get the system initialized. In excess of 90% customers revealed our best DIY alarms systems very easy to install!


Benefits of DIY Over Cox Homelife Professional Set Up


Potential benefits to DIY Install over a Cox Home Security System Pro Install

  • Less Up Front Money– Simple DIY alarm set up can save you hundreds over a professionally installed Cox Alarm System. Cox Homelife Reviews often complain of  installation issues. Moreover, many have found that that equipment costs on larger  Cox Home Security systems were too high. 
  • Month to Month Contracts –  The Cox Home Alarm contracts are less than the industry average, but many DIY alarm companies such as Frontpoint are now month to month. 
  • No Waiting– With a Cox Alarm System,  you will need to schedule an appointment with a technician-during normal business hours. With a DIY alarm system, you can install it yourself at a time that is convenient for you.  
  • Increases System Knowledge– Home security owners who install their own home security systems are able to get more familiar with all the features and operation of their systems. 
  • Portability– With a wireless DIY security system, you can just set it up again at your new home. Many Cox Homelife reviews complain that service is not always available when they move to a new area.
  • No strangers – While Cox Home Security takes great care in hiring technicians…they sometimes have to use 3rd party sub-contractors.  They may not be as well vetted as their own employees.  Why take a chance when a wireless home security system is so easy to install?


DIY Security System Set-Up Benefits over CoxHome Security Pro Install

Xfinity Home Security Reviews-



Advantages of a Cox Alarm System Professional Install

• Significantly Less Hassle

• More Experience

Even though a professionally installed system from Cox Homelife may very well require less effort, most discovered that the solutions provided from the preferred Do it yourself home security system providers were actually straightforward to put in, user friendly and consequently saved them a sizeable sum over the professionally installed system.


Cox Alarm Installers- Know the right questions to ask.


  If you choose professional set up from Cox Home Security, remember to find out how skilled the Cox Security installer is and if they have previously been background checked as well as undergone drug testing. Make sure you ask if Cox is using their own employees or possibly utilizes 3rd party sub-contractors.

Using sub-contractors isn’t automatically a bad thing (they could even possess more experience than company employees) nonetheless be certain they ought to have actually gone through extensive screening prior to allowing them into your your house.


Cox Homelife regional service versus. Nationwide Security Companies


  When evaluating Cox Home Security, it is important  to  consider what happens in the event that you move? After  reading Cox Home Security reviews and weighing the pros and cons of Cox Security….thought must be given to the possibility of having to relocate while bound by a contract to Cox Homelife. The last thing that you  want will probably be saddled with a contract with a cable supplier that doesn’t service the area to which you are moving.  

Cox Homelife reviews that cite the difficulties of getting out of a contract are not uncommon.


Is Cox Home Security fairly simple to operate?


Home security systems have advanced considerably in the last decade. And furthermore, experts claim that one of the primary advantages of developments with regard to technologies is the fact that providers place a lot of concentration on simplifying the user interface. No longer need Cox Homelife customers worry about the confusing combination of codes on archaic control panels.

Cox Security systems utilize sleek touch screen user interfaces which you’ll find very user-friendly.  They guide anybody through operations like for example arming, disarming, bypassing particular zones etc..


Cox Mobile Connect App


Cox Homelife comes with completely built-in interactive smartphone application, the Cox Mobile Connect App,  with home automation capability which allow you to regulate your property and view Cox Security Cameras from any place in the world equipped with computer access. A number of providers are even making use of voice control functionalities by way of their own equipment, Google Home or Alexa. These can help you complete most popular operations merely by delivering a voice command.

Expect Cox Home Security to follow suit with the Cox Mobile Connection App.. Although you might find  Cox reviews might point to troubles with installs, services or billing difficulties, you’ll pretty much never see Cox Homelife reviews  with  gripes about Cox Home Security  not being easy to operate.  

Before committing to a contract to a Cox Alarm System, you might want to compare the Cox Security system to to some of the top rated nationwide service providers of 2017.


Cox Homelife Emergency Response Times

How much time should it require for Cox Home Security to respond to a break-in?

  Despite the fact that virtually every company says it will provide the speediest reaction time on the market, one must always recognize how to interpret these kinds of assertions. One’s Cox Security system should ordinarily employ a 30-60 second entrance delay on your primary entrances in order to allow you enough time to disarm the alarm. The system can typically be used on “Instant” setting whenever everyone is home. Generally, the siren goes off right after whatever delay has been programmed into the system in cases where the system is not disarmed. Cox Homelife monitoring center reaction times tend to be estimated from the time that a signal is acquired to the time the dispatcher calls the house to confirm the signal. This period definitely should probably turn out to be inside a minute. In the event no one answers from the property, typically cases, they will attempt to make contact with anybody listed on the emergency call list …and they will send the police. Every action ought to be time stamped as well as transcribed from the monitoring center.

Security System Testing Recommendations

  Even though you may find  Cox Homelife reviews which complain about higher reaction periods, the majority of the best home security providers actually do a very good job – so long as things are working properly. Cox Security advises that the system is subjected to testing each week or at least once a month to make certain that alarm, as well as communications, are functioning correctly. Across the country, the average reaction time frame by the law enforcement is about 7 minutes or so, but, this could possibly fluctuate considerably based on the location of your residence, the nature of the circumstance, whether there’s audio or perhaps video validation (with Cox Security cameras) and the ongoing demand and accessibility of nearby emergency services during the time of the call. If are already a Cox Homelife customer and provide details on their actual response times with your Cox Home Security system, take the time to don’t hesitate to express your knowledge of Cox Security and leave your Cox Home Security review.

Cox Homelife Emergency Back Up

Will Cox Security continue to perform whenever we lose power?

  When the power shuts off, the Cox Homelife system can still provide coverage by simply switching to battery power back up . Nearly all Cox Homelife reviews will specify this as a basic 24 hour power supply, but this fluctuate a bit depending on control panel display, individual configuration settings together with the quantity of components. Cox Security Cameras would not operate in a power outage. The Cox Security system will likely beep to alert you of the fact that system is running with back up electrical power and instruct someone to enter your code. The Cox alarm system also can alert you by way of text message or e-mail if you have created remote updates. If you are currently a Cox Homelife customer and have had a power loss, let us know how your system performed in our section for Cox Homelife Reviews.

Protecting Your Cox Alarm System Safe From Hackers

Keeping Your Cox Homelife Security System Safe from Hackers


The IoT (Internet of Things) helps you manage smart home technology through apps on your smartphone or any device with internet access.  However, these same wireless technologies can also create new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

If you are looking to make your house a smart home, you want to be sure to follow some common-sense steps to protect your home network properly.


6 Ways to Keep Your Cox Security System Safe from Hackers



Tips from Cox Homelife Reviews to Protect Your Cox Home Security  Network


Research the Device

If you are adding a 3rd party device to your Cox Security System, make sure that you do your due diligence. Select a reputable company that follows standard security protocols and best practices.  Your smart devices should have password protection, one or two-step authentication and capable of over the air firmware and security updates.


Register the Device

Get your equipment registered right away. Not only is this important for warranty purposes – but to ensure that you will get any firmware updates.  It is important to stay current with the latest versions of the software that may address any known vulnerabilities.  Cox home security equipment is capable of over the air updates.


Pay Attention to Passwords

It is critical to change the default passwords. Make sure to use a mixture of letters, cases, numbers, and symbols.

Use different passwords for each smart device on your Cox Alarm System.   This way, if your password for one is compromised, you are not permitting access to all your sensitive accounts.



More Tips to Safeguard the Use of the Cox Homelife App  


Create Secure Wi-Fi Network

To ensure that hackers can’t easily just disarm your Cox Security system, it is important to protect your entire home network. This might be a good time to update the network and default password. Pick a network name that doesn’t divulge your location or individual details.

With many routers, you can set up a Wi-Fi network specifically for your smart home appliances. This will allow you to isolate your “smart home” network and create additional roadblocks to thwart hackers from accessing sensitive information.


Consider Professional Installation

If this sounds like more than you want to deal with. Keep in mind that Cox Home Security provides professional installation with built-in smart home integration. Your Cox Alarm technicians can kelp you set up the Cox Homelife App as well as give you pointers on optimizing the security of your network.


Reset to Factory Default Settings

Before you dispose of, sell or give away any smart devices that came from Cox Home Security, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove all of your data.


Safeguarding Your Cox Homelife Security System – Video Summary


YouTube video
Home Security Tips



Home Security Tips to Optimize Cox Homelife Security


  Whether you elect to purchase Cox Home Security or one of the other top rated home security systems, below are some recommendations to keep your home more secure.

1. Strengthen entry doors by installing deadbolt locks with high quality strike plates which have a minimum 1 inch throw.
2. Secure sliding glass doorways. Position a steel shaft or section of plywood in the track as well as mount vertical bolts. These will help prevent burglars from forcing the door open or raising it off the track.

3. Take away hiding places by maintaining bushes trimmed close to entrance doors and windows. 4. Keep the property well illuminated. Outside motion lights are a great deterrent to protect against night time property invasions.

5. Create the illusion that you’re home by utilizing timers on lights, stereos and televisions. Making the house look occupied, even if no one is home, should dissuade burglars.

Home Security Tips for Cox Homelife Customers

YouTube video

In addition to Cox Homelife, consider a professionally monitored home security system from one of the best alarm companies. It is going to greatly reduce the odds of an attempted break in, and give you many other life safety benefits which will enhance ones sense of security and give you 24/7 peace of mind!

Already a Cox Homelife customer?

Share your experience in our section for Cox Homelife Reviews!



Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to share our Cox Home Security Reviews, below or follow us, above.  If you or someone you know has experience with Cox Home Security or has  a Cox Homelife Security System, we hope you will share that experience  in our Customer Reviews.

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