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Are Frontpoint Security Systems Easy to Install?


In this “Hands-On” review we went through the exact same procedure that a new customer does that orders a Frontpoint Security System.  Although all of the best DIY alarm companies claim to be easy to install,  many of our readers have expressed a bit of skepticism regarding these claims.

Our objective was to determine if Frontpoint Security Systems are truly easy to install – as an easy DIY project for the average homeowner or apartment dweller.  As one who struggles to keep up with the changes in technology with modems, hubs, streaming video, computers and cell phones I have no special skills and was admittedly “tech challenged”- to the delight of my employees in my previous endeavors in the retail wireless world.

My skepticism might have been even further complicated by my past experiences in the security industry. DIY Alarm Installation Back in the mid to late 90’s, (yes, I am dating myself) I had been on numerous training “ride alongs” on which ADT installers were required to drill holes and fish wires.

On more than one occasion,  I  learned some pretty creative profanity as seasoned professional technicians expressed their frustrations when things didn’t go smoothly. Sometimes they had to wait on hold for what felt like an eternity (45+ minutes or more) waiting to field test communication lines and activate systems…after having to enroll and program each individual sensor.

In the back of my mind, I was concerned that I would have difficulties and embarrass myself.

The friendly folks at Frontpoint felt that the only way to allay my fears was to see for myself.  They agreed to send me a Qolsys system and a full array of devices to test out and prove how easy (or difficult) it was to install and manage Frontpoint security systems.

The proof is in the pudding…as they say.

Thankfully, technology has improved over the years, and Frontpoint has streamlined the entire process.

After the order is placed, Frontpoint technicians program the system prior to shipping it out…so 90% of the process is completed before it even leaves the shipping docks.

My test system arrived via Fedex at my front door 2 days after the order was placed…and I couldn’t be more impressed with what I found.


What’s in the Box?


In a world where first impressions can make or break a company- Frontpoint doesn’t disappoint.  They do an outstanding job packing and packaging their product.

Frontpoint Security System _Boxed

Each of the components was clearly labelled and numbered, and was already programmed into the system.

Frontpoint Review- Packaging

All the components were individually  boxed with custom branded packaging designed to make them easily identifiable as well es keep them protected during shipping.

The branding and packaging was a clear indicator that this was a professional operation that pays close attention to every detail.

In addition to a variety of security and home automation components  the box  contained:

  1. QA Inspection Verification
  2. Frontpoint Quick Start Installation Guide
  3. One Page “cheat sheet”
  4. Yard Sign with 2 Piece Stake
  5. Window Stickers
  6. Quick Reference Refrigerate Magnet
  7. Extra Adhesive Pads for Components

Mounting instructions were clear and concise…with tech support and activation numbers listed on the quick start guide.

As mentioned previously, all the components were already programmed and “enrolled” in the system.  This is the most time consuming aspect of “installing” a system.  If you were to pay for “professional installation”,  the majority of the time the installer is in the home involves enrolling and testing the system and activating and testing the cellular communication module.

All of these things are taken care of by the folks at Frontpoint- before it is shipped out.

All that was left for me was to mount the devices… and call in to activate!


Getting Set Up with Frontpoint


The Quick Start Guide is enclosed in its own compartment and is easy to understand and lists your temporary code and pass code on the inside cover.  It walks you through the best locations and mounting process of the various devices. Frontpoint Review- Mounted 2 Gig Door SensorThe sensors are most easily mounted using the enclosed padded 3M mounting adhesives, which are surprisingly secure.

If you want the devices fastened to the walls, you would need to request mounting hardware, as none is provided on a standard system.

The Qolsys Control Panel  comes pre-configured with the cellular communicator already activated and installed. Additionally, the power supply is already hooked up and tested, so it is ready to go-right out of the box. It can be either wall mounted or set up on the included desk mount.  It just has to be located near a standard wall outlet and plugged in.

Once all the devices are mounted…you just need to call in to test and activate.  This is very simple process…your Frontpoint representative will walk you through the entire process.

Frontpoint  keeps it simple and provides the minimum amount of information necessary to get the system prepared for activation – opting to have a representative walk you through testing the components of the system.


Frontpoint Hands On Review- System Test


I spoke with “AJ” and he was friendly, professional, patient and knowledgeable.  I found the Qolsys IQ control panel to be extremely intuitive and user friendly…  AJ gave me a thorough overview of system operation and had everything up, running, tested and activated- in about 15 minutes.

He also guided me through logging in on the Frontpoint web portal- where you can set up or change your password.


Managing your Frontpoint Security System with


OK…your Frontpoint Security System  is set up and active.  ( I opted to go ahead and activate immediately- but, you may want to delay the activation to give you a day or to familiarize yourself with the system operation before it goes “live”)

The Qolsys touchscreen control panel is very user friendly and a breeze to navigate….but, modern technology enables one to  to control today’s  security and home automation systems from anywhere.

Perhaps the most exciting innovation in the alarm industry over the past decade has been the development of mobile applications that allow you to monitor or manage your security and home automation system from an internet connection on your desktop computer,  tablet or mobile phone. provides arguably the best platform on the planet to remotely control and manage your system. Home Page

It is compatible with Windows and Windows Phones, Apple IOS, Apple Watch, Pebble, Android and Blackberry….and is very clearly laid out and simple to set up. You can customize Scenes (a series of events…such as turning on light when the system is armed) and set up notifications when events occur…such as arming and disarming the system.

Just download the App from Itunes or Google Play….enter in your Frontpoint credentials…and you can control you system from your desktop, a tablet or your mobile phone….anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet.

Like the rest of the system, the app is intuitive and user friendly.  It allows you to access different areas of the application through tabs at the top of the page and is organized in a fashion that is both logical and efficient.

Setting up scenes and notifications are simple and allows you to completely customize your security and home automation to function exactly how you want it.

Conclusion- Frontpoint DIY Installation is a Piece of Cake!


So…was I justified in my skepticism?  Absolutely not.

Installation of the  Frontpoint Security System was an absolute  breeze.

Frontpoint has streamlined the entire process and makes it simple for anyone to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from “installing” your own security system.

Frontpoint Security has it right down to a science.  One call and it’s done!

More importantly, both the Simon XT and the Qolsys IQ  control panel are easy to operate.  The touchscreen on the Qolsys has a very intuitive menu, has voice annunciation to alert you of system activity and icons that make it easy to navigate.

And while many companies try to create their own apps, Frontpoint’s decision to partner with to provide the best interactive user is experience is a good one. The App is extremely stable, loaded with all the best features and makes it simple to control and customize the system while on the go.

Still skeptical?

That’s OK…don’t take my word for it…Frontpoint puts their money where their mouth is and offers a No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Give them a call and put them to the test…You’ll be glad you did.


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