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Our Top 10 home security tips will help you minimize your chances of becoming a victim of a break -in, vandalism or home invasion.

Top 10 Home Security Tips- Break In facts

In uncertain times, smart homeowners are becoming more savvy than ever when it comes to protecting their homes and families.

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The HSA Top 10 Home Security Tips

Here 10 simple steps to protect your home from  burglars.

 1. Make sure to close and lock all doors and windows at night and when you are away  from home.

2.  Have deadbolt locks installed-with a one inch  throw and reinforced strike plates.

3. Secure sliding glass  doors. Place a  metal rod or piece of plywood in the track and install vertical  bolts. These will help prevent burglars from forcing the door open or  lifting it off the  track.

4. Eliminate hiding places by  keeping shrubbery trimmed near entrances and windows.

5.  Make sure  that the exterior is well illuminated.  Motion floodlights around the  perimeter are an inexpensive deterrent.

6.  Create the  illusion that you are home  by using timers on lights, radios and TV’s.  Making your residence appear  occupied, even when no one is home, will deter  criminals.

7. If you are going on vacation, suspend newspaper  and mail delivery, and make arrangements to have the lawn  mowed.

8. Keep shades drawn in areas with particularly  expensive items.

9. Don’t leave a key under the doormat, plant pot  etc. near the front door.

10. Don’t leave a message  announcing travel plans on the answering machine, e-mail auto-responder, or on  social media sites.  Do let the police and a trusted neighbor know.. and have them keep an eye on your home when you are  away.

Consider a professionally monitored home security system from one of the top alarm companies.  It will greatly reduce the odds of an attempted  break in, and provide you with a number of other life safety benefits that will  enhance your sense of security and provide you with 24/7 peace of  mind!


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Feel free to share feedback, comments or your home safety tips….and perhaps we’ll include it in an update for the next Top 10 Home Security Tips!

The Home Security Advisor

The Home Security Advisor

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