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During the many years I spent visiting with prospective clients looking to protect their homes, the most commonly asked question was…”How much is it going to cost for a home security system?” The truth of the matter is, the only honest answer is- it depends.  There are so many variables to consider.  A home security system needs to be customized for your individual needs.  Your needs and concerns may be very different than your neighbors’.  An effective security solution is unique to your situation.

The good news is..

Prices for quality home security systems have decreased dramatically over the years!  When I first started in the business, my average home security system was around $2500, with more comprehensive systems exceeding $5000.  Today…quality systems can be installed with little or no upfront costs.   Comprehensive home security systems can be set up for well under $1000.  Technology has improved…and costs have come down-making quality home security affordable for almost everyone!

The Basics

Obviously, the size and scope of the system will dictate the total initial investment.     A modest home can have basic protection with a fairly standard “starter” package, which will typically include the central control panel, 2-3 door/window contacts, battery back-up system, a motion detector and often a Keyfob to remotely arm and disarm the system. Systems can be configured to communicate through the phone lines, the internet or via cellular connections. Addition components can be added to the system for a reasonable one time investment. At a minimum, I usually recommend covering all the doors, as well as any first floor windows that may be especially vulnerable.  An intruder is most likely to gain entry through a door, or a first floor window that is easily accessible and relatively hidden from view.  A motion detector is used as a secondary line of defense if the perimeter protection is breeched.  Most motion detectors can screen out small pets (less than 40 lbs) and there are a variety of options available if there are larger pets in the home.

Wireless Home Security System

The Bells and Whistles

Aside from intrusion protection, systems are equipped standard with emergency panic buttons which can be activated manually for home invasions, fires and medical emergencies.  Additional sensors can be integrated with the system to detect fire, carbon monoxide, frozen pipes and flooding.  Additionally, your security system can serve as a hub for home automation controls, which can even be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world over the internet.

Prices for additional components vary from company to company, but wireless sensors typically run from $50-$100.  There may also be an installation  or activation fee that is usually in the $49-99 neighborhood. Some companies, like Protect America, offer no up front costs for equipment, with packages that incorporate nominal increases in the monthly monitoring rates. For additional information, check out these top-rated alarm companies.

The Home Security Advisor

The Home Security Advisor

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