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A comprehensive home security system can also serve as a medical alert system for the elderly.  No longer just an “alarm system”, today’s best home security systems offer affordable solutions to a myriad of everyday household and family situations. From protecting against break-ins and vandalism…to closing the shades, locking the doors and turning off lights, the technology available in modern security systems have become an indispensable  part of our every day lives. And as our population continues to age,(census figures indicate that the percentage of our 65+ population will increase from 12.4% in 2010 to 19% in 2030) technology has Medical Alert Systems for the Elderlybeen adopted to meet the specific needs of our population shift. These technologies will enable our aging population to enjoy an independent lifestyle for many more years and provide peace of mind for the entire family. In addition to the traditional benefits of owning a security system…some of the benefits of the modern security system are:

   -Wireless panic pendants that can be activated in the event of a medical emergency   that prevent one from getting to the phone.

 -The ability to monitor critical conditions such as heat and temperature while traveling…with low temperature sensors and energy management capabilities

-Event notification to a smartphone, tablet or computer when a door or medicine cabinet is or isn’t opened by a pre-programmed time.

-Event reminders can be programmed into the system when it is time to rake or refill medications.

-Touch screen user interfaces enhance ease of use.

       -IP Cameras allow for remote viewing to remotely check in on loved ones and family members. As you can see, a security system is no longer just an alarm system to protect the home, it now incorporates features designed to enhance busy lifestyles, enable independant living for an aging population and provide peace of mind for the entire family. If you are interested in seeing how affordable a  medical alert system for the elderly is to include in a home security system, check out our top alarm companies.

The Home Security Advisor

The Home Security Advisor

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