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When it comes down to security system design, it is important to understand a bit about the anatomy of a break in.  This enables us to protect the areas most likely to be targeted by an intruder.

While most of us envision a stealthy burglar attempting to break in under the cover of darkness, the reality is that the majority of break ins occur during the daytime hours…while we (and our neighbors) are hard at work.

Security System Design- Break In Stats to Consider

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Over 60% of break ins occur between 6AM and 6PM. As a matter of fact, over a third of all break ins come right through the front door, while about a quarter of break ins enter through a first floor window.

Armed with these figures, an educated consumer can take the necessary steps to protect their property…and the things most precious to them-their family and loved ones.  While money may be no object to a fortunate few, knowing when and where a typical intruder gains entry enables one to focus the budget on the highest risk probabilities.  Statistics show that almost 80% of break ins involve entry and or exit through a door. If they are going to come through a window, it is usually a low lying window, typically in a poorly lit area, hidden from your neighbors view.  Knowing this, one can strategically place sensors to cover the most vulnerable  points of entry  that are most likely going to be targeted by a potential intruder-thus maximizing your protection without breaking the bank.  Placing a motion detector in a centralized area will provide an additional layer of protection should the perimeter be breeched. Remember,  because it takes less than a minute for a criminal to break in, it is still  important to make entry as difficult as possible by making sure that all doors and first floor windows are secured and locked when you go to bed or leave the home.

Statistics show that homes with professionally monitored security systems are 2-3x less likely to be broken into. Installing a security system will reduce your odds of becoming a victim of break in during your lifetime from 1 in 4 to 1 in 64!  For more information on how you can better protect your home and family with a professionally monitored security system, check out some of the best values in home security systems.

The Home Security Advisor

The Home Security Advisor

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