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In an uncertain world, you can never be too careful.  Feel free to share our Top 10 Safety Tips with the people you care about!

Top 10 Safety Tips-Safety and Security on the Streets
                                               Surviving the  Streets 

In today’s society, crime or criminal  intent is never far  away. While nothing can guarantee that you will never become  a victim of an  assault, robbery ….or worse- there are a number of steps that you can  take to  make yourself less vulnerable.

1.  Be AWARE of your surroundings.    Avoid using headphones when you are on the street or using public transit so   that you can recognize and react quickly to potentially dangerous situations.

2.  Demonstrate assertive body language and walk with confidence  and a sense  of purpose.  If you are unsure of  someone’s intent, briefly make  direct eye contact and maintain a sense of self-assurance. Potential assailants  are more likely to prey on the weak, defenseless  and  timid.

3.  Walk in well lighted, well- traveled areas.    Avoid shortcuts through poorly lit parking lots, alleys and wooded   areas.

4.  Make sure that your cell phone is always charged, so  that you can call  for help in an emergency. Top 10 Safety Tips-CellHave 911 programmed into speed  dial.

5.  Don’t display cash or any other inviting targets such as  cell phones,  I-pods, tablets or expensive jewelry.

6.   Park only in well lighted, highly visible areas near walkways, stores and   people.

7.  Have your keys out as you approach your vehicle or  door-so you don’t have to stop and fumble in your purse or  pockets.

8.  If you think someone is following you,  cross the street and quickly  switch direction.  If they still  follow, move  quickly to an open store, restaurant or lighted house and call for  help.

9.  Be prepared with personal safety devices  such as pepper spray or a loud  siren.  If you have a cell phone,  Zomm makes a  bluetooth  device with a panic button which activates a siren and automatically  dials  911.

10. Fight or flight?  It is  always best to avoid  confrontation.   If someone tries to rob you-give up your property-not your  life. If escape is not possible, attack the  areas of greatest  vulnerability-eyes, nose, throat, knees and groin. Consider a  course in  self-defense.

Personal Safety is not just  a matter of  good luck.   By following  the simple, street- savvy guidelines on our Top 10 Safety Tips,  you can greatly reduce the risk of an  incident and navigate the streets with confidence.

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The Home Security Advisor

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