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If you are looking to protect your home and family with an affordable home security system, Protect America offers an unbeatable value. We have selected Protect America as our #1 pick for many reasons…but the following are our Top 5 Reasons to Choose Protect America!


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Protect America


No Up Front Equipment Costs

Protect America has virtually eliminated the single greatest barrier for most households to installing a home security system- the up-front costs.  While many companies offer low cost ($99 or more) basic home security systems- most people realize that these are just advertising “come-ons” to get you to call or set an appointment for an in home consultation.  Most of these basic packages are just “starter” systems which offer only the most basic protection to the average homeowner.   The up front costs to provide  more comprehensive protection may quickly escalate to hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars.  These up front costs are often prohibitive to the average American homeowner.

Protect America makes home security affordable for nearly anyone by offering a variety of monthly monitoring options which include up to $1400 in FREE Equipment- making it affordable to provide a quality home security solution that provides REAL protection for your home and family!


Low Basic Monitoring Rates

On a tight budget? Not looking to have to raid the college fund to pay $50-$60 (or more) a month for fancy interactive and home automation features?  Well, Protect America has you covered with basic monitoring for just $19.99/mo…and that still include a FREE Home Security System!


Protect America Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Many companies charge outrageous service fees and equipment prices after the first 12 months…even though their customers are on a 60 month contract!

They have  earned the trust and loyalty of over a half million customers by taking care of them after the sale, as well.  No 1 or 2 year warranties….your equipment is warrantied for as long as you remain a  customer!


Locked in Rates

Did you know that many companies will actually increase your rates…even though you are under contract? Many of these competitors have 3 and 5 year contracts with “escalation” clauses and “auto-renewal” provisions (hidden in the small print) that enable them to increase the monitoring rate after the first year, and automatically renew the contract on an annual basis. (or even a 3 or 5 year basis, in some instances)

With Protect America, you are guaranteed the same low rate for the life of the agreement…which continues on a month to month basis after the initial term. So you can rest easy knowing your rate is locked in even when the price goes up in the future.


Best Price Guarantee

Quite frankly, Protect America offers the best value in home security.  That is why they have the confidence to offer prospective customers a Best Price Guarantee…so you can have confidence that you have made the very best decision to select them to protect YOUR home and family!

See how Protect America stacks up in our Protect America Review or our side by side Home Security Company Comparison Chart.

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