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Monitoring a Home Security System CameraMore and more people are taking advantage of the remote monitoring capabilities available with easy to install wireless home security system cameras.  No longer does it require a trained technician to fish hundreds of feet of wire or Cat5 cable through the walls of your home or business.  Modern video cameras can be enabled to communicate via Wi-Fi on your home wireless network. They are  monitored  and controlled on any computer, tablet or mobile device, with free applications which are available though your security provider.  Set up is Home Automation-Video Camerastraight forward and the user interfaces have become increasingly user friendly.

These plug ‘n play cameras typically run anywhere from $99-$300 or more depending on the features and resolution required. The most popular  fixed lens indoor cameras will have about 720P resolution and be equipped with Infra-Red sensors to enable viewing in low light situations.  These can typically added to your system for around $150-$200.  More sophisticated  cameras can be added with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom),but will often run in the $3-400 range.

There are no expensive Digital Video Recorders or special monitors required with these wireless video cameras, as they can be viewed on any computer screen tablet or phone in real time.  Basic storage is included with the video monitoring fee(typically about $10/mo. for a basic package), enabling you to store and retrieve video clips and images on an off-site server. The system can also be programmed to send you an e-mail notification along with a clip or image when an event occurs.  For instance, if your system were disarmed at 3:30PM when your child arrives home from school, you could receive an e-mail with an image of your child arriving home safely.

There are a number of benefits of including wireless cameras in your home or small business security system:

Benefits of wireless home security cameras

  • Check on Employees or Children- Your system will enable you to check in and monitor children and employees-no matter where you are.
  • Monitor Pets- Want to know what Fido and Muffins are up to while you are at work?
  • Check on the Elderly- How about a little extra peace of mind knowing the folks are OK?
  • Babysitters, Housekeepers, Tradesmen-Keep an eye on the people you are entrusting to keep the household running smoothly.
  • Delivery People- Want to know that a parcel has arrived, or who is ringing the doorbell? You can check an outside camera while catching the big game in the media room!

Clearly, wireless home security cameras provide a multitude of benefits. And, when  incorporated in a comprehensive home security system, they will enable you to monitor and control them seamlessly from within the same application with which you control your security system!

For specifics on products and pricing check out our Top Alarm Companies.

Please share your  feedback, comments, reviews and experiences with wireless home security system cameras below.



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