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What is ASAPer?

ASAPer is an acronym standing for – As Soon As Possible Emergency Response. Developed by Safemart/LiveWatch, and launched early in 2014, ASAPer is an interactive messaging hub that immediately notifies an emergency contact list of an alarm or emergency situation in a home protected by Safemart or LiveWatch. This next generation alarm notification feature is exclusive to Safemart and LiveWatch customers and not only expedites and streamlines the notification process, but enables respondents to respond to the notification in a group chat forum so that all members can communicate and are immediately updated on the situation status and actions taken or required of them.


ASAPer Introductory Video

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How does ASAPer work?

Essentially, ASAPer is an interactive communications hub where the account holder designates up to 3 additional emergency contacts that are immediately notified of an alarm situation via SMS, e-mail or phone. In the event of an emergency, each designee will receive an alert and have immediate access to a chat room in which they can coordinate and respond accordingly to the alert. The resolution is then posted so that each member knows that the situation has been resolved.

Benefits of ASAPer?

Accelerates Notification

ASAPer notifies all members on the emergency contact list simultaneously. In approximately 30 seconds, everyone has been alerted and a chat forum has been created in which all parties can communicate and participate in the resolution.

ASAPer by SafeMart/LiveWatch - NextGen Notification!-ASAPer NextGen

Contrast this with the typical alarm system protocol…

  • When an alarm is triggered, a signal goes out (often after a 30-60 second dialer delay-which is programmed into the system by many larger alarm companies to enable an addition 30-60 seconds AFTER the siren goes off) to the central monitoring station.
  • Tick…Tock….The average response time at the Central Monitoring Station  is ASAPer by SafeMart/LiveWatch - NextGen Notification!-Ticking Clocktypically another 25-30 seconds. From there, the home is called by an operator to confirm the alarm notification. It may be 4-6 rings before an answering machine pick up-at which time the operator leaves a message indicating the time, location and type of alert that was received, as well as the action that would be taken by the central station in response.
  • Tick…Tock….Next, the authorites may be contacted-at which time the operator will relay the details of the alarm signal that was received.
  • Tick…Tock….Finally, the operator will continue the process of attempting to contact those on the emergency contact list..leaving messages on answering machines as they go.

Prior to ASAPer, the traditional notification process would typically average 5 and a half minutes.   ASAPer puts everyone in the loop in 30 seconds!

Enhances Communication

ASAPer provides a group chat forum upon which all parties can communicate. When an alarm signal is received, each of the emergency contact designees receives an alarm alert notification and instructions to click on a link that enters all the respondents into a group chat room.  Now, instead of an endless list of frustrating phone calls, voice mails, busy signals, e-mails and texts, everyone is brought together in one place!

Eliminates Confusion

Now each person can communicate and is apprised of all communications and actions taken so that everyone is kept up to speed and knows what his or her responibilties might be.

Reduces False Alarms

False alarms can be problematic and result in hefty fines. ASAPer provides almost ASAPer by SafeMart/LiveWatch - NextGen Notification!=ASAPerimmediate notification and enables the account holder or an authorized designee to swiftly determine the nature of the alarm and choose whether to get emergency assistance or declare the signal a false alarm. If it is determined that the alarm was set off inadvertently, there is a button at the top of the page for false alarm notification which can be activated by inputting the standard disarm code.

Provides Documentation

Alarm chat history can be reviewed to document the alarm notification and resolution.



Conclusion- ASAPer is NextGen Solution…today!

Available only through Safemart/LiveWatch this is truly a revolutionary feature. ASAPer streamlines the post alarm alart notification process and leverages 21st Century communication technologies to provide a more efficient alarm resolution platform that is light years ahead of the completion.

Thank you for visiting this site. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback on ASAPer by SafeMart/LiveWatch – NextGen Notification!, below.

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