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Launched in 1978, COPS Monitoring, a Lydia Security  Monitoring, Inc company has been providing security alarm monitoring services for almost 40 years. They work with over 3,500 security dealers across the country servicing over 2,000,000 accounts.



What is COPS Monitoring?


C.O.P.S. is an acronym standing for Central Office Processing Services. They provide wholesale security monitoring services to alarm dealers across the country utilizing their proprietary monitoring software, Generations.

They operate a total of 6 geo-diverse monitoring centers located in:

  • ArizonaCops Monitoring - Central Station Map
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

Each of these load sharing monitoring centers is UL Listed, FM approved, IQ Certified and CSAA 5 Diamond Certified. In short, they are highly qualified and meet the most stringent demands in the security industry.

The fact that they offer load sharing, redundant centers in geo-diverse locations ensures COPS monitoring customers that they will continue to be covered in the event of an equipment failure or regional  natural disaster. (blizzards,huricanes,flooding etc.)

In the event of an emergency, load would be shifted to another central station to ensure that there is no loss of coverage.



COPS Alarm Monitoring Services


COPS Monitoring includes a diverse portfolio of services that Includes:


  • Security Alarm Monitoring – They support all major forms of alarm monitoring communication formats including landline, broadband and cellular.  COPS also offers 2 Way Voice communication support.
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring – In addition to residential fire, COPS monitoring is certified to provide commercial fire monitoring services.
  • PERS – Personal Emergency Response Systems or Medical Alerts are provided in their VoiceCom
  • Video Monitoring – Their OmniView video service include both subscriber and dispatcher verified video solutions.  They have partnered with companies such as Arlo, Visionic, Napco and support I-View Now, Videofied and iSee Vidow protocols.
  • Environmental, Industrial Process and Custom Monitoring – COPS provides monitoring and notification services for a variety of environmental and industrial processes such as monitoring cooling and storage systems , elevator emergency phones and waste water pump systems.


While their website might appear a bit dated to some, the scope of their services is state of the art.



What separates COPS monitoring from the rest of the pack?


  • 6 Monitoring Stations – Exceptional Redundancy with 6 UL Listed, FM Approved, IQ qualified, CSAA 5 Diamond Certified Central Stations. They meet and exceed the highest industry standards-while still proving a high level of customers satisfaction through their culture which embodies their branding as “Your Hometown Central Station”. However, they also value efficiency-as they maintained an average response time of under 13 seconds.
  • Diverse Security Solutions – They offer a wide variety of monitoring communication platforms and services from standard residential Security to PERS, Commercial Fire and Industrial Processes.
  • Comprehensive Training – COPS monitoring dispatchers undergo a rigorous selection and training process. They are selected on the basis of aptitudes, personality and psychological tests and evaluations, as well as drug background-checked before hiring. They receive 120 hours of formal classroom training and several weeks of direct mentored supervision to ensure they are qualified to handle emergency dispatch situations.
  • MPower – This powerful alarm database and account management software provide access to both the end user and qualified COPS Monitoring personnel to the account information necessary to provide efficiently manage your account information and status on every level.  The account data is securely maintained in their New Jersey headquarters on two redundant VMware mainframe computers as well as on two additional redundant VMware mainframes in a secure remote offsite facility in Las Vegas.
  • Wholesale Only – To ensure a quality experience, COPS monitoring is only available through authorized dealers such as SimpliSafe.



Do I need a landline for COPS monitoring?


A security system that outsources the monitoring service to COPS Monitoring does not require a landline.

As a matter of fact, cellular service is optimal for security systems utilizing COPS monitoring services.  That way, there are no phone or cable wires which could be compromised to prevent an alarm signal from being sent. Additionally, cellular or cable connections are typically necessary to access a companies security app.

While some COPS monitoring reviews might complain about the additional expense of a cellular connection, many homes are able to defray home security monitoring prices by eliminating the landline completely.




COPS monitoring meets the highest standards in the security industry and offers a full portfolio of alarm monitoring services to meet both commercial and residential demands.

If you are being serviced by a dealer that offers COPS alarm monitoring, then, as far as monitoring services are concerned, you can feel comfortable knowing that your account is in good hands with COPS Security!

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Last Updated on June 19, 2018 by The Home Security Advisor

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