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Are Glass Break Detectors a Security Staple?

While most basic systems incorporate door and window sensors into their perimeter protection…those looking to provide comprehensive protection for their home should consider an additional “1st line of defense” layer of protection afforded by glass break detectors.Glass Break Detectors- A Security Staple-burglar-glass break

Door and window sensors only work if the door or window is opened.  They don’t afford protection if the glass is broken and entry is gained by climbing through  a window or sliding glass door.

Consider the scenario depicted in the italics section of designing your security system.

Unlike a motion sensor, which provides  “2nd line of defense”,  interior protection…a glass break sensor detects a threat BEFORE the perimeter defenses have been breached. It detects the sound and/or vibration of breaking glass and activates your sirens before an intruder has gained entry into your home.

In addition, while motions are typically disarmed in the “stay” mode to allow the occupants to move about freely, the glass break sensor is armed whether the system is armed in the “stay” or “away” mode.

Glass Break Sensor Technology

Glass Break Detectors utilize a couple of different technologies.

Shock Sensors -detect the impact vibrations generated by breaking glass. They are commonly placed directly on the window panes.  Consequently, this type of sensor needs to be installed on each protected window.

Acoustic Sensors– can protect a number of windows in a room by detecting the frequency of breaking glass with a miniature microphone. They typically have a range of 30-40 feet and are installed either on the walls or ceiling with a clear line of site to the windows.Glass Break Detectors- A Security Staple-Honeywell-fg730-dual-tec-glass-break-detector

Unfortunately, each of the individual technologies have inherent shortcomings.  A shock sensor can be triggered by a door slamming…and acoustic sensors can be triggered by broken kitchenware or even dropping a set of keys.

A Dual Technology Glass Break Sensor will reduce the prospects of a false alarm by incorporating both of these technologies and requiring both an audible signature and vibration to activate.

Prices on Glass Break Detectors range from around $35 to over $100.  To get specific pricing on available glass break sensors, check out our Top Alarm Companies.


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