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Is the Link Interactive DIY Security System Easy to Install?


If I were to delve into my geneology…I would no doubt find a long lost blood relative from Missouri….the “show me” state.  While Link Interactive proudly claims that 92% of their customers found the system easy to install, I just had to find out for myself.  And thankfully, the folks at Link Interactive were happy to oblige me…so I could put that claim to the test.

DIY Alarm Installation

Link Interactive DIY- No Tools Required

Over the years- dating back to the mid nineties, I have tagged along on a number “ride alongs” and watched installers drilling holes and fishing wires….and learned lots of creative profanity as seasoned professional technicians expressed their frustrations when things didn’t go smoothly…or they had to wait on hold for what felt like an eternity (45+ minutes or more) waiting to field test communication lines and activate systems…after having to enroll and program each individual sensor.

Thankfully, technology has improved…and Link Interactive takes care of 90% of the process before the system is shipped out.  My test system arrived via Fedex at my front door 3 days after the order was placed.

What’s in the Box?


Link Interactive Home Security System - Contents


Each of the components was clearly numbered, and was already programmed into the system.  In addition, there was a folder that contained:

  1. List of Components and Zones
  2. Link Interactive Quick Start Installation Guide and One Page “cheat sheet”
  3. Alarm.Com Activation Instruction/Password and User Code
  4. Alarm.Com Quick Start Gide
  5. Comprehensive 2 Gig User Guide
  6. Window Stickers


Everything was clear and concise…with tech support and activation numbers clearly visible.

The system comes with all the components already programmed and “enrolled” in the system.  This is the most time consuming aspect of “installing” a system.  If you were to pay “professional installation” the majority of the time the installer is in the home involves enrolling and testing the system and activating and testing the cellular communication module.

All of these things are taken care of by the folks at Link- before it is shipped out.2 Gig Door Sensor with QR Code

All that was left for me was to mount the devices…perform a walk test and call in to activate!

Link even prints a QR code right on the box that you can scan with your cell phone and will take you right to a video demo if you are unsure of anything!

Getting Set Up with Link Interactive


In addition to the video mounting instructions, there are  written 2Gig instructions in the box and e-mail, chat and phone support are available as well.  The door sensors are most easily mounted using the enclosed 3M mounting adhesives.  Which are surprisingly secure. There are also mounting screws available.

The motion detector has both a wall mount and corner mount bracket…and can be configured to screen out pets.

The 2 Gig Go!Control Panel can be either wall mounted or set up on the included desk mount.  It has already been equipped with the cellular antenna and the power supply was attached…so it literally just needs to be plugged in to a standard power outlet.

Once all the devices are mounted…one needs to “walk test” the system- to check that all the components are communicating properly.  This is very simple process…as the 2Gig user interface is very intuitive.

  1. Press the “Home Button” on the Control Panel2 Gig Go! Control Panel - Walk Test
  2. Enter Security, Menu, Tool Box
  3. Enter Code (Temporary Code is 1111)
  4. Select System Test
  5. Then Open/Close or activate (walk in front of motion sensor)  each of the sensors and listen for voice confirmation


Don’t be shy about contacting customer support…as they are friendly and knowledgeable. I was unsure how to test the glass break sensor and the combination smoke/heat/freeze sensor…and found “Stephanie” pleasant and very helpful.

She instructed me to vigorously jingle my house keys right next to the sensor (Bingo!)…and that I needed to depress the button on the smoke sensor for a full 15 seconds to test all three elements of the smoke/heat/freeze sensor.  Helpful tip:  As this will activate a rather piercing siren, she suggested that I wrap it up in my jacket.  My LL Bean fleece worked admirably…and my eardrums appreciated her advice…

Link Interactive System Activation #

Once I completed the “walk test”….it was just a matter of calling in to activate the system, so that it is monitored.


You can set up or change your password and access billing through the Link Interactive Web portal. (Login located on the right hand side bar)

Link Interactive Home Page-Web Portal Log In


Managing your Link Interactive Security System with

2 Gig Go!Control Panel


OK…your Link Interactive Security System is set up and active.  The 2 Gig Go!Control Panel’s color touchscreen control panel is very user friendly and a breeze to navigate.  (and you have a comprehensive user manual with all the details of the million and one functions and features-should you wish to spend a rainy day exploring more advanced functionalities)

Adding additional sensors is and Z-Wave  home automation equipment such as lighting and small appliance modules, Z-Wave thermostats, Z-Wave compatible door locks (like Yale,Schlage and Kwickset) and garage door control units are simple to add right on your touchscreen 2Gig GoControl! touchpad!

Alarm.Com  Mobile App and Web Portal


Perhaps the most exciting innovation in the alarm industry over the past decade has been the development of mobile applications that allow you to monitor or manage your security and home automation system from an internet connection on your desktop computer,  tablet or mobile phone. provides arguably the best platform on the planet to remotely control and manage your system.alarm-com-system-management

It is compatible with Windows and Windows Phones, Apple IOS, Apple Watch, Pebble, Android and Blackberry….and is very clearly laid out and simple to set up. You can customize Scenes (a series of events…such as turning on light when the system is armed) and set up notifications when events occur…such as arming and disarming the system.

Just download the App from iTunes or Google Play….enter in your Link Interactive credentials…and you can control you system from the palm of your hand…from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Or you can monitor and control you Link Interactive Security and Home Automation from your desktop. The interface and user experience on all three are all extremely intuitive and quite easy for even a novice to navigate. Once you are logged in you can check the history for recent activity…. Home Page


…. and set up notifications such as…’s Geo Services even has the ability to register the GPS location of your mobile device and adjust the temperature  or alert you if you have Link Interactive Security-'s Geo-Fencingforgotten to arm your system.  Just download the app to your phone and register it with the system and it will manage a Z-Wave thermostat or alert you when you have left a specified geographic area.

In this example I set the system for a one mile radius.  Once I have left the area…the system will send me a notification if I have forgotten to arm the system.  While I used to pride myself in having an excellent memory, as the years have rolled by and age has taken a bit of a toll, it is nice to know that and link Interactive have my back…and will send a gentle reminder!

Power Outage Notifications will even send a signal to the Central Monitoring Station if the power goes out for an extended period.  I unplugged the unit to test this….and after an hour I received an automated call from the Link Interactive’s Monitoring Station alerting me to the fact that the power was out.


Power Outage Notifications by


While the system continues to operate on back up battery power….this information could be critical in preventing frozen pipes, flooding from failed sump pumps or worse.  In homes like mine where we have an elderly family member on oxygen, this is particularly important.

With Link Interactive and setting up a protection package and managing your notifications is simple and straightforward…and enables you to enjoy peace of mind 24/7.

So…in a nutshell…Yes, the Link Interactive system is easy to install.

More importantly, it is also easy to use.  The touchscreen has a very intuitive menu and icons that make it easy to navigate. And the  app makes it simple to control and customize the system while on the go. For more information you can check out our complete Link Interactive Security review.

But…don’t take my word for it…Link Interactive is willing to let you put them to the test with a No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Give them a call and See for yourself…You’ll be glad you did.




Get Started Now



Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to leave comments and share this Link Interactive Hands on Review.

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