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Do just ADT signs and stickers prevent crimes? - ADT Signs and ADT Stickers


While home security signs and stickers are certainly an important part of the  perimeter protection of your home, relying on just ADT stickers and signs to prevent crimes(or any other legitimate brand or fake security signs)  and break ins is a risky proposition.  Nevertheless, fake  signs or even legitimate home security signs can easily be purchased for those who wish to give the illusion of having a security system.

Let’s take a look at a few different types of signs.


ADT Security Signs – Legitimate Branded Signs


If you are going to post signs on your property to try to deter prospective intruders from targeting your home, probably the best strategy is to select well know home security companies with strong brand recognition.  ADT is clearly the most recognized name in the industry…and ADT signs and ADT stickers can even be purchased on Amazon.

Monitronics is also a well known national brand which can also be found online.

But make sure that you don’t spend money on signs an window stickers which are no longer in business such as Brinks, Broadview, Pinnacle or APX….These companies have all either been bought out, merged or acquired by ADT.

Brinks and Broadview were acquired by ADT. APX rebranded to Vivint and Pinnacle sold their contract out to a number of Brinks Home Security- Logoconcerns.

Brinks signs and stickers seem to be everywhere….but, savvy criminals know that they have not been in business for almost 10 years.  A Brinks sign could be a telltale clue that the system is obsolete or no longer being monitored…or that the signs are nothing more than lawn decorations….



ADT Stickers  vs Fake Surveillance Security Signs and Stickers


Video surveillance signSecurity Cameras and Surveillance systems might dissuade would be criminals.  Realistically, they are best used in tandem with a security system

They merely document the break in or legal activity.  A surveillance sign lets the intruder  know that they need to take steps to disguise their appearance Frankly, nylons or a $5 mask will make identifying the burglar a difficult task, unless he or she is know to the victim or local police.

Try to find signs that at least look legit. The one depicted here might elicit a smile…and perhaps prompt one to don a mask, but I doubt it will prevent a crime.


Beware of Dog…


While dogs can be a deterrent, most dogs are better companions than actual guard dogs. And that is what they should be…as criminals aren’t above lacing a steak with strong sedatives…or worse, to subdue your pet.


Protected by Smith and Wesson…..


Letting  criminals know that you are prepared to use deadly force to protect your home is fine (well, not necessarily)….if you are Gun Signhome.  But, most intrusions take place when you are not home.

The vast majority of break ins occur when even the most vigilant NRA membership holding, 2nd amendment advocates are off making a living to support their families.

As a matter of fact, handguns and firearms are among the most prized items on the best burglars bounty list. So perhaps advertising that they are in the home is counter-productive.


If you are going to rely on signs by themselves make sure that you take additional precautions such as…

  • Install deadbolt locks with a minimum 1″ through and reinforced strike plates
  • Install motion activated lighting
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed- minimize hiding places


For more tips on basic common sense things you can do to make your home less vulnerable,check out our Top 10  Home Security Tips.


The Shortcoming of Using Fake ADT Stickers and Signs


What ADT Signs or ADT Stickers WON’T Do (by themselves)


  • Contact the Police if your home is broken into
  • Contact the Fire Department of a fire breaks out
  • Summons help in the event of a medical emergency
  • Alert you if the heater or AC unit fails
  • Notify you if there is the potential of flooding or frozen pipes
  • Let you know when the kids are home safely
  • Notify you if someone gets into a medicine or liquor cabinet
  • Let you see what is happening in your home on security cameras
  • Control your thermostat remotely or program it to save money on your energy costs
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Help you save money on your homeowners insurance.


These are just of a few of the many benefits of owning a professionally monitored home security system!


REAL Home  Security is less than you think


Did you know that you can get systems with $0 up front costs with monthly monitoring rates as low as $19.99?  (see our Protect America Reviews)

Or full featured home automation monitoring rates as low as $24.99? (check out our review on Armorax Security)

Or perhaps you are looking for information on the internet’s most highly recommended DIY alarm system?

And rather than just putting up ADT signs- you can get ALL the above benefits by…



Get REAL ADT Stickers and ADT Signs with an ADT Monitored Security System.


ADT  is easily the most experienced and trusted name  in home security. They help protect over 6 million homes and businesses in the US…and have been in business over 140 years.

ADT owns and operates  6 UL Listed, 5 Diamond Certified monitoring stations staffed with the most highly trained professionals in the business. In the event of a regional disaster, calls are re-routed to another monitoring center so that ADT customers are never without protection…no matter what mother nature does.

Why Choose ADT Monitoring?

ADT Authorized Premier Provider – Protect Your Home will professionally install the most reliable, state of the art equipment. Their highly trained, experienced and  background-checked technicians will ensure that everything works properly and that you are completely comfortable with the operation of the system -which is monitored by ADT – the most trusted name in the industry. Benefits include:

  • FREE Security System -$850 Value*Cox Homelife Review -ADT Security Systems
  • Professional Installation
  • Superior Monitoring Redundancy- 6 Monitoring Centers
  • Local Nationwide Service Network
  • Superior Technology – Voice Control Available
  • Broad Home Automation Compatibility
  • Nationwide Relocation Program (certain restrictions apply)
  • $500 Theft Protection Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)
  • 6 Month Service Guarantee (certain restrictions apply)

*$99 charge for parts & installation with monthly monitoring services. Termination Fee Applies. For New Customers Only. (See T&Cs Below) So if you are looking at professionally installed  home security systems, you should definitely investigate what has made ADT the #1 name in the home security!

Get More Info on ADT Monitoring

Read our Full Review on ADT Home Security

Call For FREE Quote- 888-495-9434

Summary – ADT Stickers and ADT Signs are fine…


…..BUT, used alone,  they aren’t enough to effectively prevent crimes.

While posting ADT stickers and signs(or any security company)..or even fake security signs might  deter some would be burglars, they really should be just one small component of a more comprehensive home security strategy.

Combining them with some of the other free security tips above is a start, but for real peace of mind, we recommend a professionally monitored security and home automation system.

To see just how affordable it can be, check out some of our top recommendations.

Home Security Systems are far more affordable then they once were….and they can provide a whole laundry list of benefits there far exceeds the dollar or two a day investment required to help keep your home and family better protected in a troubled world.

Thank you for visiting. Please share your thoughts on Do just ADT Stickers and Signs prevent crimes?

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