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So I started to list the Top 10 reasons to purchase a smart home security system….and found that the list grew beyond 20 (and will likely keep growing…as readers contribute their reasons), but basically fell into 4 basic categories- Protection, Comfort, and Convenience, the ability to Observe and Monitor events, and Financial Considerations. All of these features and benefits of the modern home security and automation system are great reasons to consider investing in a system…and ultimately provide the one single most important reason to get a security system…to achieve Peace of Mind.

Top 20 Reasons to Own a Security System!-Infographic

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While most of us think of a security system as an alarm system, the reality is that the technological developments introduced in recent years have resulted in the evolution of home security into a more comprehensive security, energy, and home management system. The modern-day system is a futuristic technological tour de force that is actually more user-friendly and offers a quantum leap in features over its predecessor.  Following is a partial list of features and benefits that home security buyers can enjoy when they decide to invest in a home security system.



  • Protection Against Break-ins– Statistics indicate that you are 3 times less likely to be broken into with a professionally monitored home security system.  Even the most basic security systems would Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Home Security System- Protectiontypically provide multiple layers of defense.  A yard sign and window stickers to deter would-be burglars, perimeter sensors at the doors and vulnerable windows to discourage them from gaining entry, and interior sensors such as motion detectors and glass break sensors to detect when an entry has been gained.

Activating any of these sensors will trigger a local alarm and alert the central station of a security breach if the system is monitored.

  • Safeguard Against Fire– According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), a fire breaks out every 24 seconds in the US.  In 2014 there were almost 1.3 million fires reported, resulting in over 13,00 injuries, almost 3000 of which were fatal, and resulting in nearly 10 billion dollars of property damage. A monitored home security system ensures that heat, fire, and smoke are detected at the earliest possible time and that authorities are immediately notified whether you are home or not.  You may not be there to protect your home, pets, and loved ones…but your security system will ensure that help is on the way.


  • Monitor CO Levels-Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas created by inefficient combustion.  Fumes from running car engines, gas stoves, generators, improperly maintained heating systems, and burning wood or charcoal can all be deadly if undetected.  While it is common for one suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning to become nauseous, dizzy, disoriented, and too confused to summons emergency assistance… your security system won’t be.


  • Guard Against Freezing Pipes– Live in an area where the temperatures begin to plummet below freezing in the winter months?  A low-temperature sensor can protect against the prospect of pipes freezing if the heating system were to fail.  The system will notify you if the temperature drops below 40 degrees.


  • Protection Against Flooding– A water sensor can be placed in the basement or laundry room to alert you of potential flooding issues from plumbing issues to leaking roofs to wet or flooding basements.


  • Medical Emergencies– Medical alert pendants or watches allow the elderly or those with special needs to immediately summons help in the event of a fall or medical emergency.  These wireless panic alert buttons will typically work within about 100’ of the base unit, and enable the user to speak directly with the monitoring system when equipped with 2-way voice communication.


Smart Home Security System Benefits Video- Protection



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Top 10+ Reasons to Purchase a Smart Home Security System

The following 2 sections will outline more than 10 reasons to purchase a smart home security system that focus on the benefits owners of the modern-day smart home system enjoy when they upgrade from a more traditional alarm system.

Comfort and Convenience

  • Manage Thermostat-Now you can easily automate temperature settings and control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  The thermostat timers can be set up to fit your normal lifestyle…and be adjusted automatically when you arm or disarm your system.  Want the house toasty warm or cool when you arrive home?  The system can be adjusted manually from your smartphone with interactive applications.

Home Automation-Z-wave

  • Manage Lighting– Set lights to turn on automatically when you rise in the AM…and turn them off when you set the alarm at night.  You have total control right through your security system


  • Control Appliances– Can you imagine being able to turn the coffee on from your bedside keypad?  Or start the pot roast from the office?  Well. Now you can with Z-Wave appliance modules that can be controlled through your interactive security system.


  • Unlock Doors Remotely– Now you don’t have to give a spare key to the dog walker or the plumber coming to fix that leaky faucet.  You can unlock the door when they arrive…and lock back up again when they leave.  No more lost keys or changing locks when a roommate leaves. Access is all controlled through the security system.


Observe and Monitor

Benefits of wireless home security cameras

  • Monitor Child Care– A wireless video camera can be set up to observe child behavior and monitor child care remotely from any computer, tablet, or mobile device through the same user interface that you use to control your security system.


  • Keep an Eye on Pets– Ever wonder what Rover does when you are away from the home? Video cameras such as Blink and Ring, allow you to remotely monitor and observe everything that goes on when you are away. Some cameras even allow for 2 way communication. Keep an eye on your pets…and more.


  • Verify Package Delivery– Mount a motion-activated outdoor security camera and you’ll know who’s knocking at the door and can even receive an e-mail notification with a video clip when a package has been delivered.


  • Check On  Arrival of Latchkey Kids – Even without cameras, most systems will provide you with text or e-mail notifications when the system is armed or disarmed when the kids get home from school.


  • Monitor Gun Cabinets and Sensitive Areas-You can monitor valuables and particularly sensitive areas without actually activating an alarm by using door sensors and setting them up as non-reporting zones, that won’t set off the alarm system, but that will trigger an e-mail notification.  This will notify you that someone has accessed a gun cabinet, liquor cabinet, office drawer, safe…or any other sensitive area that you might want to keep an eye on.


  • Pool Gate Notification– Special outdoor wireless sensors can be set up in a similar fashion and attached to pool gates to alert you that someone has entered the pool area.  There are even special sensors that can detect activity in the water…


  • Door/Window Notification-From toddlers to teens, your security system can help you keep tabs on the whereabouts of the kids.  Each protected door or window can activate a chime feature to alert you that a door or window has been opened-whether the system is armed or not. Helps you keep toddlers from wandering out onto the street….and teens from embarking on late-night adventures.  (I sure am glad they didn’t have this technology available when I was in high school!)


  • Take Stock of Medications– Sensors can also be set up to notify you in the event that they are not activated.  For instance, a sensor could be attached to the medicine cabinet and set to notify you if the cabinet was not opened by a specific time. This helps you keep track of when medications are being taken…and apprise you if they are not…


Financial Considerations

  • Minimize Losses In Break In-According to the FBI, in 2012 the average loss in a residential burglary was over $2,200.  While having a home security system does not guarantee that a home won’t be broken into…it stands to reason that losses will be substantially reduced when an alarm is blaring away and the intruder know that the authorities have been notified.  Insurance companies recognize this and that is why…


  • Reduce Insurance Costs– Insurance companies provide substantial discounts on Homeowner Insurance companies when the home is protected by a monitored home security system. While discounts vary from company to company and the scope of the coverage-typical discounts range Reasons to Invest in a Home Security System- Financial Considerationsfrom 5-20% depending on the type of system and the level of services that are provided.  Make sure that the insurance company is aware of whether or not the system is monitored and whether things like fire, flood, and freeze protection are included in your system.  Your company should provide a certificate of installation detailing the types of services for which your system is monitored.


  • Lower Energy Costs– By setting up an automated Home Energy Management System, you can reduce fuel and energy costs significantly.  By optimizing your lighting and heating schedules one can reduce consumption and costs by as much as $200 a year.


  • Increase Resale Value– While difficult to attach an actual value, most prospective home buyers perceive a security system as a desirable feature that could be considered a fixture that adds significant value to the home.  For some buyers, it is a “must-have” and provides many “bells and whistles” that add to the emotional appeal of purchasing a “smart” home.


  • Affordability– Most people are surprised at just how affordable the modern, wireless home security and automation system can be.  While it used to be that even a basic security system would cost thousands of dollars, companies like Frontpoint, Link Interactive, and Vivint security have made comprehensive security and feature-rich home automation systems affordable for almost anyone!


PEACE of Mind

You can’t put a price tag on it…but, the number one benefit most people are looking for when considering a smart home security and automation system is…Peace of Mind.  They sleep better knowing the family is protected…and that they have total control of the home whether they are home or away.


To find out just how affordable peace of mind can be..check out our Top Alarm Companies.


Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to share your comments on the Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Smart Home Security System and let us know what your favorite reasons are!

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