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Frontpoint Security Cost, Equipment and Plans

Frontpoint Security Cost and Pricing Considerations


When considering a home security system, there are a multitude of factors to consider.  This article is designed to help break down and simplify the Frontpoint Security cost and prices, Frontpoint equipment and Frontpoint  Security Plans of one of the highest rated home security companies.


How much does Frontpoint Security Cost?

Frontpoint Security Equipment Pricing


  • Basic System – $99.00
  • Shipping- $0
  • Installation – $0
  • Activation- $0


The  Frontpoint Security Cost for the basic equipment package is just $99.00….pre-configured and shipped right to your front door.  As the system is a completely wireless, cellular DIY alarm…there is no cost for installation, nor is there any need to schedule an installation date, take time off from work or have a complete stranger come to your home.

Frontpoint takes a very straightforward approach to home security.  Unlike most companies who require a 36 to a 60-month contract, Frontpoint gives customers the option of a 12 or 36-month agreement. Frontpoint discounts the equipment $300 for homeowners who subscribe to the monitoring for 36 months.

The Frontpoint security prices for monitoring do not incorporate additional equipment costs-which essentially inflates the monthly monitoring bill after the equipment has been paid for.  And unlike many companies, there are no additional charges for shipping or activation fees.

The basic home security consists of:Frontpoint Simon XT Wireless Home Security System

  • GE Simon XT Control Panel
  • 2 Wireless Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensors
  • Battery Back Up
  • Instruction Manual
  • Yard Signs
  • Window Stickers


The system is fully customizable and can accommodate up to 40 zones and sufficient Z-Wave compatible devices to properly secure virtually any home


Frontpoint Cost for Monitoring


Frontpoint offers 3 different monitoring packages from $34.99 to 49.99….

  • Protection – $34.99
  • Interactive – $44.99
  • Ultimate – $49.99


The Interactive packages include full security and home automation remote management control with their app…which also includes renowned premium services such as Crash and Smash Protection and Geo-Location Services.


    Grontpoint Security Review- Logo

Available Options

  • 100% Wireless-Cellular
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Life Safety Monitoring
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Crash and Smash
  • Geo Location Services
  • Remote Access and Control
  • E-Mail and Text Alerts
  • Remote Lighting Control
  • Remote Small Appliance Control
  • Image Sensor
  • Remote Video Observation
  • Motion Activate Video Recording
  • Remote Door Lock Control
  • Energy Management Control


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For more details visit our complete Frontpoint Review.


Frontpoint Security Prices for Control Panels


The standard Frontpoint control panel is the GE/Interlogix Simon XT.  This iconic Z-Wave compatible panel has an extensive track record for reliable performance and can be customized with up to 40  sensors.

It is equipped with a  cellular communication module,  24 hour back up battery and has voice annunciation- providing an audible alert to identify the nature and location of any  problems.  It is standard as part of the basic $99 starter package, with a 3 year monitoring agreement.

The Qolsys IQ is available as an upgrade to the Simon XT, and has all the bells and whistles of a next generation primary control panel.  The gorgeous 7″ touchscreen display can not only control the entire repertoire of alarm and home automation functions, but it can display a 5 day weather forecast and video camera feeds.

It even has a built in camera that captures images when the system is armed and disarmed so that you can see who has been accessing the system.  While all of this might sound complicated….the system is extremely intuitive and user friendly- with a touchscreen user interface that is as easy to use as the I-phone.


GE Simon XT



  • Included in Basic Starter System
  • 40 Zones
  • 100% Cellular
  • Z-Wave Capable

Qolsys IQ


  • Optional Upgrade
  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Integrated Camera
  • Z-Wave Capable
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Image Sensor Compatible
  • Live Video Feeds

Frontpoint Security Prices – Intrusion Detection


Frontpoint offers a full line up of intrusion sensors.  In addition to the standard door/window sensors, they offer recessed door contacts for the more ambitious do it yourselfer who wants to preserve the aesthetics of the entryway.  These sensors are embedded into the wood framework – hiding them from view.

Another noteworthy addition to the Frontpoint equipment line-up is the image sensor.

Combined with the Qolsys IQ panel, this sensor combines a motion detector with a camera, which captures low-resolution images when motion is detected…and can even be set up to send e-mail notifications without having to subscribe to the more expensive Ultimate Monitoring plan.

Note:  Individual sensor pricing and descriptions are listed with each sensor depicted …just click on the “arrows”.

Door/Window Sensor



Wireless contacts that will alert you when a door or window is opened.

Glass Break Sensor



Detects the frequency of breaking glass. Great for homes with larger pets and rooms with lots of windows.

Recessd Door Sensor



Concealed in door frame for improved aesthetics.

Garage Door Sensor



For use on overhead garage doors. Senses the tilt angle of the door and is activated when opened.

Motion Sensor



Pet friendly sensor that detects movement over 40 lbs.

Image Sensor



Combines a still motion camera with a motion detector.  Captures image when motion is sensed.

Frontpoint Cost for Environmental and Life Safety Protection


The Frontpoint Home Security System can be expanded to provide more comprehensive protection against environmental and medical emergencies by including fully monitored and supervised items such as:

  • Smoke and Heat Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Water/Flood Detectors
  • Freeze Detectors
  • Medical Pendants
  • Additional Remote Keypads with Panic Buttons


A home security system isn’t just about stopping break ins….it can be configured to provide a complete umbrella of protection over your home and family.

Smoke/Heat Sensor



Detects smoke or fast rising heat for maximum fire protection.

Low Temp Sensor



Detects the frequency of breaking glass. Great for homes with larger pets and rooms with lots of windows.

CO Sensor



Detects dangerous colorless, odorless Carbon Monoxide gas.

Keychain Remote



Arm/disarm the system, turn on lights…includes panic button.

Talking Touchpad



Full featured remote wireless talking touchpad…with panic buttons.

Water/Flood Sensor



Detects water from leaky pipes or flooded basements.

Panic Pendant



One touch panic button for emergency or medical alerts.

Frontpoint Security Cost for Home Automation Equipment 


In today’s home security marketplace, consumers are not only seeking protection…they are looking to be able to harness technology to be able to provide additional comfort and convenience and manage and automate the household in one integrated system.

Frontpoint bridges the gap between hardware and a variety of technologies on their Interactive and Ultimate plans with the Mobile App.  This app provides a sophisticated, but user friendly platform that enables remote security and home automation management on iPhones, Android phones, iPads, Blackberry phones, Pebble, Kindle Fire, Apple Watch, and Windows based phones and web browsers.

With the use of Z-Wave communication technology, the system can also control Kwikset and Yale door locks and GE, 2Gig, and Trane Thermostat and Energy Management systems

For a complete list of recommended compatible home automation equipment, visit the Frontpoint site.



Z-Wave Door Locks

Call for Details


Frontpoint uses Z-Wave technology to control compatible Z-Wave locks.

Light Control



Control lights and small appliances attached to this Z-Wave module.

Z-Wave Thermostat

Call for Details


Frontpoint Z-Wave control enables remote energy management of compatible smart thermostats.

Frontpoint Security Prices for Video Surveillance Cameras


With a complete line-up of wireless video cameras, you can stream live video remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer…and record and save images and video clips with their Ultimate Monitoring service.

New to the Frontpoint equipment portfolio is the Skybell doorbell camera that not only lets you see who is at the front door, but hear and talk to them as well…right from your mobile device!

Frontpoint security pricing for cameras start as low as $99 when on sale.

Indoor Video Camera



Fixed position indoor wireless video camera with “night vision”.

Outdoor Camera



Wireless outdoor camera with “night vision”

Doorbell Camera



This Doorbell Camera enables video and audio communication via Z-Wave.

Frontpoint Security Cost Summary


Frontpoint is a leader in home security for a number of reasons.  In addition to providing a world-class customer experience, they offer a full range of products and services to meet the security and home automation needs of even the most demanding customers.

Their products are state-of-the-art and extremely competitively priced…and are backed with a solid 3-year warranty.

The system is set up and pre-configured before it is shipped out…so all you have to do is mount the sensors…and call in to activate.

But…don’t take my word for it.  See why so many customers rave about their Frontpoint experience.

You be the judge.

You can try it risk-free for 30 days.  If you are not completely delighted…your money will be refunded- no questions asked.  No activation fees…No restocking fees…They even take care of the shipping- both ways.


So what have you got to lose?

Try out Frontpoint Risk-FREE for 30 Days…or

Call 844-688-2894, today!



Frontpoint FAQs

Is it essential to obtain an alarm permit to set up a Frontpoint alarm system?


Strictly speaking, you don’t need a permit when the system is not professionally monitored. However, as your Frontpoint Security system must be monitored,  a lot of local towns will demand a permit, So you will need to factor that into your total Frontpoint Security Cost.

Typically, this requires basic enrollment with your community police or sheriff’s department combined with a moderate payment. One will probably also be asked to give you the name, address and phone number of Frontpoint Security, together with the monitoring station, as the two agencies are different.

Where ever permits are expected, most municipalities will require some sort of 1-time fee to register an individual’s burglar alarm, even though cities and towns demand an annual renewal as well. These fees should be calculated into your overall Frontpoint Cost though its supplemental to the overall Frontpoint Security prices.

Within municipalities with high criminal offense combined with false alarm rates, failure to register can result in a refusal to respond to locations which don’t possess a security alarm permit…although this can be somewhat exceptional. Nonetheless, you may well be subjected to supplemental penalties if police, fire or emergency medical assistance end up being dispatched to an address without a permit located in municipalities in which one is expected.

Even though a license is acquired, almost all towns are going to assess penalties when it comes to numerous false alarms. The majority of cities currently have plans put in place in which the first One to two dispatches usually do not demand penalties and fees. Subsequently, after that fines usually rise from $25-50 for the initial enforceable offense…to $100-200 for subsequent recurring infractions. it is important to be aware of this…as frequent false alarms could exceed the Frontpoint security equipment cost.

That is why, it’s critical that Frontpoint alarm system customers phone his or her own neighborhood police department, discover what permits will be required, get a comprehensive comprehension of the neighborhood policy and make certain that they take into account the important guidelines to prevent false alarms that could add significantly to the overall Frontpoint Security cost.

Can I lower Frontpoint Security Cost with landline monitoring?


Frontpoint pricing for monitoring includes cellular service. Frontpoint equipment comes standard with a cellular communicator and landline service is not an option. If you are looking to reduce monthly monitoring rates, Protect America offers landline service for just $19.99 a month. 

Frontpoint Equipment – Arming Options included in the Frontpoint Security Cost


Frontpoint Security equipment allows you to arm your system in a variety of modes:

OFF – Even when your Frontpoint equipment is turned off, many of the features and sensors still operate to protect your home and family.  Your system will still chime to let you know if a door or window is opened. This often comes in handy when it comes to keeping track of the whereabouts of little ones.

Additionally, Frontpoint Security prices include 24/7 monitoring of life and environmental safety systems (i.e. smoke detectors and low temp sensors) that are connected to the Frontpoint control panel. So…even if the system isn’t armed, if a fire breaks out, your system will still alert the central monitoring station. This 24/7 protection is an important feature included with the Frontpoint cost.

Stay–  You can arm just the perimeter protection at the doors and windows by arming your system in the “stay” mode.  This gives you moderate protection while still allowing occupants and pets to roam freely within the home.

Away–  For additional protection, the away mode will activate any interior motion detectors as well as the doors and windows.

Instant – You can eliminate the entry delay on your Frontpoint equipment by arming it in instant mode.

Duress –  You can even set up a special duress code that will notify the monitoring center that there is a potential hostage situation. If someone were to physically force you to disarm the system, this special code will trigger immediate emergency response. This does not require any additional Frontpoint security equipment and is included in the monthly Frontpoint security cost.

All of these features are included in the standard Frontpoint pricing and don’t require any specialized Frontpoint equipment.


Frontpoint Equipment – Will a pet trigger the motion sensor?


Motion sensors can be an important part of your home security system. A motion detector is a great way to lower the initial Fronpoint Security equipment cost.

Instead of placing a sensor on each window, a motion sensor can be strategically placed to cover a large area.

Properly positioned motion detectors will screen out small pets under 40 pounds.

In the event you’ve got a larger pet…there are sensors that could screen out pets around 80 lbs.

Or might even create a “pet alley” with certain sensors.

And lastly, you may wish to think about a glass break detector as an alternative.  Your Frontpoint security specialist will be able to offer you a number of alternatives to help minimize the initial Frontpoint security cost and help you secure your home with the right Frontpoint equipment at the most cost-effective Fronpoint pricing.


Frontpoint Cost for Monitoring


From the outset, the Frontpoint security prices have included cellular service.

Cellular monitoring is built into Fronpoint pricing to enhance security by eliminating phone or cable wires that can be cut to prevent an alarm signal to the monitoring station.

While some Frontpoint security reviews might complain about the additional expense of a cellular connection, many owners are defraying Frontpoint security prices by eliminating the landline completely.


Frontpoint Security Cost for Renters


Are the Frontpoint Security prices different for renters?

Unlike many companies out there…Frontpoint is available for renters and homeowners alike.  Frontpoint security prices for the Frontpoint equipment is the same.  However, most renters opt for 1-year agreements so the upfront Frontpoint cost will be higher.

However, if you are looking to keep the initial Frontpoint security cost down, you may want to inquire about the Frontpoint pricing availability with a 3-year agreement.


Thank you for visiting.  Please feel to comment on Frontpoint Security Cost, Equipment and Plans or let us know how you feel about Frontpoint Security prices and costs.

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